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I'm concerned about my fat intake! Is there a way to reduce the fat intake of fast food?

Last updated: around 2003
Level 4 update on Oct 27, 2008 (introduction section highly expanded on)

Type:              Tip and trick
Reliability:       4 stars - High
Ease of learning:  4 stars - Easy
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1 Introduction

Do you love fast food or pizzas, but worry about the high fat content and gaining weight? I have extremely strong evidence that this works. Even though I don't exercise and I primarily eat cheese pizza, I went from about 230 pounds to 180 in the matter of about 18 months without any changes. I've even dropped as low as 145 and there haven't been any changes. All you need are paper towels and napkins, plenty of them. With this, you can literally cut the fat into 10 pieces where you take only 1 and throw away the other 9! The first doubled paper towel on my Digiorno 4-cheese pizzas, for example, already takes 3 of those pieces out and there is a detectable difference in the weight of the paper towels. The second round, a single, takes another 1 1/2 pieces and the third takes another whole. Upon transfering the cheese to a paper on the box and using more to soak this, I can take another 3 of those pieces out, since the bottom and top are both getting it (now with pressure). I then focus on the particularly bad ones to take out another piece of that. This turns the otherwise 7 grams per serving down to just 1, in a way. This does add a half hour onto my eating time though, but over 2 1/2 hours, that's not that bad, considering the benefits. I don't have absolute certainty since I don't have a way to find out how much of it is really fat, compared to water.

2 Using this trick

2.1 (cheese)burgers

If you like burgers, this method only works for plain. You can simply add the ketchup and mustard without too much of a problem. To order such a burger, tell them that you want it plain and to add the ingredients separately. The science you need is quick ways of absorbing. When hot, fat is usually liquid, so if you have something that absorbs water well, it'll absorb fat very well too. What you do is first, order your [cheese]burger[s] plain. Ask for the extra indredients separately (like lettuce, ketchup, etc.). Then, separate the bun and hamburger in halves. Take several napkins [yes, they absorb water and fat really good], and press it down onto your burger. Leaving the napkin folded is recommended for the first half of degreasing the burger, but after that it is not recommended. Put the napkin on the meat part of your burger and press down on it quite firmly. The liquid stuff coming out of this is the fat and grease (and some water). If that section gets too wet to hold more, move to a different, dry spot on the napkin. If the napkin has no areas to doing this anymore, get a new napkin and continue until barely anything comes out. When this occurs, fat may be reduced as much as 95%, possibly even close to 98% [when barely anything comes out, press down very hard to further absorb the fat]. Instead of like 40 grams of fat it now becomes a far healthier 2 grams [minus the bun].

2.2 Pizzas

For a pizza, regardless of it's size, the above method works the same, except for the following:

  1. Unfolding is not recommended, unless you have a thick napkin or if you use several unfolded napkins overlapping one another.
  2. As above, apply the napkin to the pizza [mainly the cheese area], but don't use as much pressure. If you use more than enough, the sauce may come squirting out the sides. Yet, the napkin may even "stick" to the pizza itself, however, the fiber is good for you. "Beavery careful" when applying pressure.

Pizzas don't have as much grease and fat as a burger does for volume, however, the cheese part is the section where it's especially strong. The bottom part of the pizza is the next part. To cut down on the fat here, simply place a slice onto a napkin and apply a little pressure to the bottom. To speed things up, pick the slice up and put it on the napkin. Then, take another napkin and apply some pressure on it. This'll not only speed the process up, but will reduce fat slightly more. With home-made pizzas, this doesn't work as well. Between burgers and pizzas, if they are pretty much your top favorites, then this trick will come in very handy for really reducing fat. Pizzas get probably 85-93% fat reduction, depending on what you order [triple cheese topping on a large pizza may be as high as 97% with this], and burgers get even 95-98% fat reduction. The only fat that would remain is the really small parts left over that are very hard to cut down on. You can continue the napkin applying process until almost nothing even comes up, even 1 ply thick, but that would take a very long time. With 1-ply thickness and barely showing anything, fat may be reduced by even 99% on both. Pizzas are an exception for tomato sauces and "chambers" where it is very hard to get to. These "chambers" include something like the cheese in a stuffed-crust pizza, like those from Pizza Hut. These have limited accessibility to removing the fat, so "beavery careful" on what you order. The pressure squeezes this up so it can be absorbed. You're not guarenteed to get rid of all of it [unless you can somehow get rid of all the fat molecules, seemingly impossible to do], but it helps to reduce it by huge numbers a lot!

2.3 For optimal results

The best time to degrease something is when it is hot. Because hot objects cool down faster than objects at room temperature, you need to go fast at first. Be prepared for better results yet. For pizzas, use 4 or more unfolded napkins (more especially early on) to cover a large area of nearly equal thickness. Repeat until hardly anything is visible on the top napkin. Reduce the napkin usage to save napkins until nothing shows up on the top and keep continuing until you're down to one napkin. This is the fastest way to degrease something and the best as well as it'll absorb even more than doing one napkin at a time.

* This process even for only 75% reduction can take several minutes to do. For example, for about 95% reduction, on a large 14-inch pizza [one with a 14-inch diameter], it takes me nearly 15 minutes to degrease it to this degree. For 98% reduction, it goes on to about 20 minutes for the same pizza. With the speed optimization, this gets reduced to 1/3 the time meaning 6 2/3 minutes instead of 20 for 98% reduction. This is why the rating is a 1.

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