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Until mid-2004, I've been actively writing stories. The latest stories are from my dreams, mainly very well-recalled ones. Other stories are from school as assignments. Some stories are based on my favorite dreams but enhanced using my mind game. Others are the scripts I've no longer been writing or messing with.

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1 Tips and tricks - From math shortcuts and tricks, and using the computer, to food and drink, and tips to save money, I have tips and tricks to make things easier and better. (note: some documents in here haven't been updated since 2003 (or 2005 for a select few)).

2 Help promote my site - If you like my site, feel free to promote it using the banners I've created. Instructions for using them are given on the page. Caution: These haven't been updated since 2002 (!) and do not apply to my site anymore now....

3 Features - my mind game, Color System, the frequently used work-in-progress compatibility/motive system, and other reports.

4 About Me - things about me such as my rapidly-growing dream journal, my history, and my blog.

5 Games index - Games you can make and play using common household objects like dice, paper, and marbles. My games often allow for solo play, but can be multiplayer as well. Caution: These documents haven't been updated in a long time (from 1 to 3 years), but are still generally correct.

6 Stories - a collection of various stories, especially The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, The Secret in the Basement, and details of very well-recalled dreams.
6.1 My script
6.1.1 Script-writing main page
6.1.2 My general story-writing history
6.1.3 This script's long history
6.1.4 Self-created storyboard Scene 1 Note: these are no longer up-to-date. Scene 2 They relate to version 4 of the story instead of the current 5. Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8 Scene 9 Scene 10 Scene 11 Scene 12 Scene 13 Note: not available yet Scene 14 Note: not available yet Scene 15 Note: not available yet Scene 16 Note: not available yet Scene 17 Note: not available yet Scene 18 Note: not available yet Scene 19 Note: not available yet Scene 20 Note: not available yet Scene 21 Note: not available yet Scene 22 Note: not available yet Scene 23 Note: not available yet Scene 24 Note: not available yet Scene 25 Note: not available yet

6.1.5 Script summary
6.1.6 My old version

6.2 School-assigned stories
6.2.1 The Mysterious Sound - a small group of kids try to find out the cause to a mysterious flapping sound inside an apartment.
6.2.2 The Runaway Bus - A thief has a plan to spoil the enjoyment of a bus ride that takes the passengers quite some distance.
6.2.3 The Unusual Camping Trip - A family goes out camping an encounters what they think is a ghost playing around with them.
6.2.4 The Legend of the Hidden Jewels - A family follows a set of clues and follows whereever they lead including some secret passages wondering where this'll take them to.

6.3 Mind-game created stories
6.3.1 The Endless Mud Lake - Based on a dream I had long ago, I retold the story of what happened using my mind game.
6.3.2 A class in Spookville - Based on a dream I had I retold the story using the power of my mind game. Features a class on a normal day going through an unknown portal to an area that's really haunted.
6.3.3 The family trip to Bismarck without me - My family doesn't want me to go on a day-long trip to Bismarck and I use some secret abilities to get there on my own; based on a dream I had.
6.3.4 The big, special underwater race - Faced with having to practice the race course for the championship using my well-familiar special abilities, and an unknown secret to the raceway, I struggle to find out how to win. The races take place in a strange cave that is flooded underwater. Will I come in first place or will I end up dead last?

6.4 Dream-based stories
6.4.1 The Canoe - A vacationing family goes on a canoe trip, but oncoming storms force them to race to their vehicle.
6.4.2 The mud pool, the farm, and the class - A class is on a farm exploring the area with a pool of mud below them; like jumping from platform to platform.
6.4.3 The Weird Competitive Vacation - I'm with a group going into a large underground cavern featuring a pool of water and mud.
6.4.4 The Master Minds - I'm trying to take two master minds down from the sky using my glide ability.
6.4.5 The Super Bullies - On a despirate rampage to escape from numerous bullies, I head far from home in hope to escape it all.
6.4.6 No breaks for brakes - With a truck growing a mind of it's own, I had to escape from bad guys and get home by gliding around my home city. This dream story was a lot of fun, minus the power lines.
6.4.7 The haunted restaurant - A mysterious restaurant is haunted and tries to get flooded. A friendly, Indian guy plays around outside a little later and explores. Big cats present a bigger problem.
6.4.8 The magical potions with an evil side effect - Potions give me some special abilities, but strange things start happening when they are drinked.
6.4.9 The mud river walking tradition - A tradition in India where humans walk in rivers of mud for a challenge begins and I save one of the competitors
6.4.10 The escape from a weird home that cracks apart - A weird type of funhouse begins cracking and I try saving those in there.
6.4.11 Water town - A trip through a town with water all around becomes a disappointment and need help.
6.4.12 The alien school - Taking a strange pathway to a distorted area leads to an alien school that starts off nice, but ends with a major disappointment
6.4.13 The unusual circus act - A unique type of circus with rather unusual circus acts involved.
6.4.14 River water slides and a park - Swimming in a river that turns into a very unique water slide along with a few other water-related activities.
6.4.15 Amazon tribal region fun - A strange boatride using tracks out of the water and fun with natives of the Amazon region makes this dream where almost all scenery is recalled in full, bizarre and fun.
6.4.16 "Ski ball" championship game and Mrs. Summers - A Skiball game turns ugly and a lady once friendly turns mean and often gets in my way.
6.4.17 Lost in a building with a big party - A huge party is going on, but I get lost, losing the group, but I still have fun exploring the building.
6.4.18 Unusual fire drills and the small cave - Odd fire drills take me through a weird cave system to a hill and back.
6.4.19 Odd office building and the human beast - I'm in an odd office building with strange puzzles and a large, powerful human-like beast comes and I fight it off protecting others.
6.4.20 A school building water party - I'm in a school that has water for hallways and a big, deep wave pool in the basement, of which is the starting point for the main events that come in the dream.
6.4.21 The video store, tilt pool, and the unusual gym guard - I repeatedly follow through a course through an alleyway with a video store, tilting pool, and a strange gym guard.
6.4.22 Walking with a friend and sister around the Yucatan Peninsula area - I'm walking with my sister and a friend through jungles exploring "attactions" along the way, ultimately heading for NE South America.
6.4.23 Finding and losing mom in a large building in Borneo - I visit an otherwise fictional area called Borneo
6.4.24 A city's underground lost civilization - I investigate a city's mystery and discover a civilization hidden far below the city in a secret area.

6.5 Other stories

7 Ulillillia City website FAQ - Frequently asked questions for my website in general - the main FAQ page and a glossary of commonly-used terms. For the FAQ related to music, my animations, or my 2D game, see the relevant pages.

8 My animated GIF collection - I make complex-behaving animations, many of which from my mind game. The bulk of my animated GIFs are here. This document is quite likely to be dumped.

9 Game development
- My computer games I'm making, featuring my 2D action game, The Supernatural Olympics (view update checklist), and my 2D platform game, Platform Masters

10 Other - things that don't fit any other category well such as experiments, how I process my music, video game screenshots section or even a behind-the-scenes look at how I update my website.

Site map - the content of all categories put together in one expanded out.