A story book.

A city's underground lost civilization

Occurring on February 19, 2011, this well-recalled (90% in tact) long-lasting dream is a favorite and a very well-liked story. The story is 92% in tact and the scenery is 85% in tact. I didn't use my mind game to enhance the story.

This dream kind of feels like a video game, but I'm in it and doesn't seem that way. I don't recall the details that well. I do recall needing to figure out a mystery. Something strange was going on above ground and the cause was unknown I set out to investigate. I didn't have the usual special abilitites, but I could really run fast (25 mph) and jump fairly high (4 feet).

I recall a room where I walked on a fence. It was very solid - I didn't "sink" or anything. About 20% of the fence texture was a whole. The other 80% was a medium-dark gray metal. The texture repeated over a small area meaning small holes (about 1/8 to 3/16 inch). This path split in 2, with 35 offsets. Taking the left route was forbidden (classified). The right led to a different area that I don't recall any scenes of. I ended up returning to this area 6 times or so.

The only outdoors area known had tall, fairly dimly lit sky scrapers, around 15 floors in the main area, though some in the background reached about 60. The main area was basically on top of a hill, rising 120 to 150 feet above the main area.

After some exploring, often revisiting areas unknowingly, especially that fence Y-split room I heard news of a major flood hitting this area. I recall entering a room with deep water that had a strong blue color but was also very crytal clear. I could see through it for several hundred feet, even at a fairly odd, highly horizontal angle. With the flood, new areas became accessible such as that left route. I was now able to enter it. I felt a bit worried going in there, but, when I did, I learned of a secret area far below the city where water was always below. A lost civilization of sorts was present there. I didn't know how to access it, but, as I watched, I discovered the cause of the city's problems above - a monster of sorts. It looked like the bottom was 400 feet down from what I could tell. I was looking through a metal plate with holes in it, much like a drain of sorts. It was about 1 foot wide by 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. I saw several metallic platforms with a color of HSV (180, 100%, 60%). I couldn't see the details that well.

Through further exploring, now going into dangerous areas via the forbidden left route, I made a discovery that would get me into the lower section. The room with the Y split was now dimmer (15 lux instead of the original 100ish). It also lacked some red light, causing things to look slightly bluish. From getting sucked up a secret vent on the left (70% certain it was the left - there was one on the right too), from a vacuum, I eventually entered the undercity area.

I was faced with a tricky platform-hopping setup. I had to work my way down, a lot down. I was kind of scared here, being both an unknown area and also being dangerous. One slip and it was a very long fall. At first, things weren't bad. The first 300 to 350 feet required fairly little effort. There was an area in a corner with narrow walls and moving platforms. One of the natives was in this area. At the height I had, I could easily see the texture detail in the crystal clear blue water. It appeared to be 4 feet deep for the most part, with areas going even deeper, but they were much further away. The entire room was something like 1200 feet on a side and 400 feet high. The water texture resembled that of typical Playstation 1 textures - simple and moving horizontally (a lot like the water texture in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's Aquatic Mine level, only 1/4 opaque).

I spoke to the one I saw in that corner area. He told me that there was nothing to be scared of. The monster in the central area has caused the water to disappear and is causing electrical surges (50% certain on the latter case). It was causing no one to go in the water.

With courage increased, I made my way back, now less scared. I worked my way over to the central area. Here, I was but 10 feet above the water. I don't recall how it happened, but the monster got destroyed. I have no clue what the monster looked like. The flooding went away, the water in the underground area got much deeper, about 20 feet deeper. In the end, I was whizzing by areas I had trouble with on my first visit. I was going like 70 mph and jumping 8 feet high. It seemed as if this part was 10 years later or something. I seemed very well-acquainted to the area, almost as if I had lived here for a decade or two.

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