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1 Tips and tricks - From math shortcuts and tricks, and using the computer, to food and drink, and tips to save money, I have tips and tricks to make things easier and better. (note: some documents in here haven't been updated since 2003 (or 2005 for a select few)).

1.1 Money savers
1.1.1 Battery trick - This trick involved merely weighing batteries to determine duration, but this is false and thus this has been removed.

1.2 Math tips, tricks, and shortcuts
1.2.1 Addition tips - Need to do some addition faster? 4 tips are available, one dealing with standard addition, decimals or whole numbers, and three shortcuts dealing with adding and subtracting fractions.
1.2.2 Address trick - Do you ever wonder how it's possible to find distances given only an address and no map? Not only can you find distances without the need for a map, you can find the place on a map without ever leaving your home! This trick shows you how all these can be done! Though, this trick, like some others, have limitations.
1.2.3 Calculator trick - Ever wonder how many digits the Windows calculator truly holds and how to reveal them all [well all would be a long time doing so]? This trick makes any calculator, including Windows calculator reveal these secret digits.
1.2.4 Group multiplication - Ever wonder if you can multiply more than 2 numbers at once since you can add more than 2 numbers at once? It is very possible! This challenge will show you how it works and give a new look at multiplication as well.
1.2.5 Divisibility trick - Need help factoring numbers? This tip will tell you exactly how it's done.
1.2.6 Eight ways to speed up multiplication - Wanna quickly solve that tough multiplication question? Here's 8 ways to really kick up the power in that engine!
1.2.7 Fraction trick - Need some math help with fractions? This tip will help you improve your accuracy with adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing fractions.

1.3 Internet tips 'n' tricks
1.3.1 Bandwidth trick - Need help lowering your site's bandwidth consumption? This tip/trick will be mighty handy to you. Needs to be updated
1.3.2 Connection trick - Ever wonder why some pages, even if you've just viewed it, take a wide variety of times to load from a few seconds to a minute and more? This tip tells you exactly what's going on and how you can tell.
1.3.3 GIF, JPG, and PNG image tip - Do you know what type of image file to save that image you just created? These tips will give you something to think about. Needs to be updated
1.3.4 Internet form trick - Did you just lose all that work typing something because something went faulty with your internet connection or browser? This tip will help prevent that from happening again.
1.3.5 URL trick - What's with the %20, %2b, and the related in many internet URLs? This explains it all and tells you how to encode URLs yourself.
1.3.6 Computer safety - Viruses and spyware always spell trouble. Learn some techniques on how to keep your computer safe from disaster.

1.4 Food and drink tips 'n' tricks
1.4.1 Bottled soda trick - Do you keep spilling your soda because the bubbles churned up? This trick will nearly, if not always prevent it from happening again.
1.4.2 Fat Removal trick - This trick will teach you how to eliminate your meat and pizza fat content by up to 98%.
1.4.3 Meat trick - This was removed as it is very unwise to do.

1.5 General tips 'n' tricks
1.5.1 Days in month trick - Can't tell which months have 30 or 31 days without looking at a calendar? This trick will help with that.
1.5.2 Minesweeper game guide - Can't figure out Minesweeper on Windows? This guide will help you win with a high chance [includes a tutorial game!]! Needs to be updated
1.5.3 Mowing speed-up - Does mowing that tall grass or your yard take too long? I have a way to reduce the need for it and still keep those engine RPMs high.
1.5.4 Creating custom jigsaw puzzles - Would you like a custom jigsaw puzzle with your own image? This trick tells you how.
1.5.5 Determining jigsaw puzzle difficulty - Did you know that the number of pieces in a puzzle isn't the primary factor in determining difficulty? This tip explains why.

2 Help promote my site - If you like my site, feel free to promote it using the banners I've created. Instructions for using them are given on the page. Caution: These haven't been updated since 2002 (!) and do not apply to my site anymore now....

3 Features - my mind game, Color System, the frequently used work-in-progress compatibility/motive system, and other reports.

3.1 My main documents - my mind game, Status System, and the ten elements
3.1.1 My mind game - all about my mind game from it's history to how it works and what I use it for. Mind game home - the introduction to my mind game What my mind game is "Example" of my mind game being played Common questions about my mind game Playing my mind game History - the history of my mind game from birth to it's possible future The precursor to the birth My mind game was born Examples of long-term activity My mind game today The future The main view - how I "see" things in my mind game A typical example of activity The main "screen's" info Playing my mind game Special abilities - the commonly used special abilities such as the flash attack, float run, glide, and stomp Introduction List of special abilities Special ability statistics Menus - the menus in my mind game Menu screen basics The menu items Menu usage How I do things in my mind game - Explains common scenarios and what various things I do with them Introduction Sports Common tasks mind game style Movies and TV Dream worlds and other things When I play my mind game - story-like cases of typical things I do in my mind game and how I do it Introduction The concert visit Sky diving without a parachute Detective work made very easy Olympics made easy Being in high school Story-creation with my mind game - how I use events in my mind game and put them into my stories My story's plot Using my mind game for ideas The side effects Uses of my mind game - what uses my mind game has The pros The cons Funny things I do - strange and bizarre things I've done in my mind game for humor and/or entertainment Playing my mind game - how you can get a taste of what my mind game is like What is this game? The editions System requirements Returns, submissions, and beta versions The future Videos of things I do in my mind game in AVI or GIF format - my collection of animations of various scenes in my mind game in the form of animated GIFs Introduction About the videos How to view the videos The list of available videos Mind game FAQ - frequently asked questions related to my mind game Playing my mind game Using my mind game History and evolution

3.1.2 Status System - Learn about my Status System from it's history to how it works. My Status System is very rarely used today, except compatibility. Status System home - The introduction to my Status System About the Status System report The most important pages to read History - the history of the Status System from birth to today and it's possible future Status System's birth Changes were slow at first The biggest leap forward Progress slows down drastically Primary Status - how the Primary Status works and the meaning of the terms it uses Introduction The individual stats Very large or very small numbers Formulas Primary Status Laws - laws, theories, and hypotheses for the Primary Status (and not the others) Introduction (Attack) minus defense law Theory of maximum values The laws of hit points Secondary Status - the defense system and how it works What the Secondary Status is An example of its purpose A relationship with Primary Status laws Tertiary Status (compatibility) - what compatibility is and how it works Introduction Tertiary Status basics Formulas Quaternary Status - various other statistics like pulse, weight, or eye color Fifth Status - what status abnormalities are is and how it works Introduction The colorings for condition Warnings Sixth Status - how ability-learning works Introduction Sixth Status common terms A short story Sixth Status laws and theories Seventh Status - what events are and how they help What the Seventh Status is The three types of events Event properties The story continued Eighth Status - levelling up abilities What the Eighth Status is Eighth Status common terms Level experience groups How much EXP is needed? Properties of levelling up abilities Plus abilities Eighth Status laws and theories Ninth Status - equipping abilities for learning and use What the Ninth Status is Use of the Ninth Status Summary - a brief summary of the report Primary Status Secondary Status Tertiary Status Quaternary Status Fifth Status Sixth Status Seventh Status Eighth Status Ninth Status Formulas Glossary - glossary of the terms used About the glossary The glossary terms

3.1.3 The 10 elements - Explains the ten elements, fire, ice, thunder, etc. in very high detail.
3.1.3-1 Elemental basics
3.1.3-2 The 10 elements
3.1.3-3 Elemental defense

3.1.4 The compatibility and motive system - This explains the frequently-referred-to compatibility and motive system I use in easy terms.
3.1.4-1 About this document
3.1.4-2 Brief history
3.1.4-3 The basic system and scale
3.1.4-4 About compatibility
3.1.4-5 About motive
3.1.4-6 Laws and theories

3.2 Other documents
3.2.1 Spirit report - The report on spirits in general including my guardian spirits. Warning - very outdated Guardian Spirit report - The report on spirits in general including my guardian spirits. Spirit basics - Explains the basics of spirits to what I know of. Speed's database - A database on my guardian spirit, Speed. Knuckles' database - A database on my guardian spirit, Knuckles. Sliat's database - A database on my guardian spirit, Sliat. Speed's home planet, Korona - Database on the planet Speed built 4.9 billion years ago called Korona.

3.2.2 The spell system - how the spell system works and how technology could allow for such a system; spells are often used in my stories and occasionally in my mind game. Included are animated GIFs showing the various spell effects.
3.2.2-1 Introduction
3.2.2-2 Spell basics
3.2.2-3 Spell effect animations
3.2.2-4 AVI animation troubleshooting
3.2.2-5 A small list of some spell series
3.2.2-6 How spells work
3.2.2-7 About "spell failed" notices
3.2.2-8 How to cast a spell
3.2.2-9 Obtaining a spell yourself
3.2.2-10 How much spell power?
3.2.2-11 Pros and cons about spells

3.2.3 Animation creation tutorial - how I make my flash-like animated GIFs to the finest detail Introduction - The indroduction and tools needed Introduction Tools used History - The history of my animation creation The AVI days MSPaint and early animated GIFs GIMP and my latest animations Automation leads to extreme complexity Discoveries made along the way The future Glossary of terms and common formulas - Common animation-related terms and common formulas involved with art Glossary Commonly used formulas Planning - Forming the plan - what the animation will do and how to set up the spreadsheet The base plan The main plan The detailed plan Creating the scenery - Making the scenery - how to optimize it and work with it Some important notes The easy stuff The mountains Making the character Adding the obstacle and speed data Animating - Processing the frames - using the spreadsheet data to make the frames of the animation Important notes Doing the text objects The first scenery frames Further scenery frames Testing - Testing the animation - how to test the animation to spot problems Compiling the animation Testing the animation Tips and tricks - Tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make animation-creation easier and faster FAQ - Some commonly asked questions and help to common problems

3.3 Articles - written articles showing my knowledge on things I know most.
3.3.1 The color system and it's many uses - learn what the hexadecimal color names mean and what advantages there are to using such a system
3.3.1-1 Introduction to color basics
3.3.1-2 The hexadecimal coding
3.3.1-3 Converting between hex and decimal
3.3.1-4 Averaging and dithering
3.3.1-5 Putting averaging and dithering to use
3.3.1-6 Going beyond 6 digits
3.3.1-7 The pros and cons of using numeric color names
3.3.2 Understanding music fundamentals - If you've seen sheet music, it's quite confusing with all those lines, dots and other strange markings. Learn what all of that means in this very detailed article on music fundamentals. Caution: outdated and not fully certain

4 About Me - things about me such as my rapidly-growing dream journal, my history, and my blog.

4.1 About me home - General overview and background
4.1-1 What this is
4.1-2 My current life
4.1-3 The future
4.2 Dream journal - My dreams I get while sleeping - contains over 500 dreams and grows rapidly
4.2-1 Introduction
4.2-2 Special notes
4.2-3 Dream stat descriptions
4.2-4 Dream statistics
4.2-5 The categories
4.3 Favorites - What I like and dislike most
4.4 Imaginary friends - Learn what my imaginary friends were like and their special abilities
4.4-1 History
4.4-2 In depth descriptions
4.4-3 The future
4.5 Video games - My history with video games and the many bad things they caused
4.5-1 The beginning
4.5-2 Too much video game playing
4.5-3 Making my own games
4.5-4 The future
4.6 School - Learn what school was like for me, how the classes went, and other events related to school
4.6-1 Elementary school
4.6-2 Middle school
4.6-3 High school
4.6-4 Filling my need for education
4.6-5 My education future
4.7 Special events - Learn about how YMCA camp, tours, and other special events went for me
4.7-1 Triangle YMCA camp
4.7-2 Touring my home state with my friend
4.7-3 Shakespearian play
4.7-4 The state fair
4.7-5 The antique car club
4.7-6 Trip into Canada
4.8 Math skills - I can work wonders with numbers and perform calculations in my head at a blazing fast speed
4.8-1 Well beyond most everyone else
4.8-2 I became unforunate
4.8-3 Super fast mental math
4.8-4 If object gets numbers, I get a formula
4.8-5 The future
4.9 Special abilities - The special capabilities I have outside mathematics
4.9-1 General
4.9-2 Hypercount
4.9-3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math
4.9-4 High-res vision
4.10 Developed systems - Status System, Spell System and other systems I've developed
4.10-1 My Status System
4.10-2 My Spell System
4.10-3 Color system
4.11 Stories - The birth of my story-writing efforts
4.11-1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days
4.11-2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days
4.11-3 One other story
4.11-4 No more story writing
4.11-5 My sources of ideas
4.11-6 The future (general)
4.12 Online activities - The history of my website and the usage of online forums
4.12-1 Online forums
4.12-2 My website
4.13 Music - My history with music - learn the origins to why I listen to songs at different speeds for thousands of loops at a time
4.13-1 History
4.13-2 The present
4.13-3 The future
4.13-4 Music FAQs
4.14 Major fears - My list of fears, problems, and obsessions, both past and present
4.14-1 Introduction
4.14-2 Current fears
4.14-3 Old fears that have been overcome
4.14-4 Current problems
4.14-5 Old problems that have been overcome
4.14-6 Current obsessions
4.14-7 Old obsessions
4.15 Major issues - Major issues I have in my life at the moment
4.15-1 Fears, problems, and obsessions
4.15-2 Sleep-wake cycle
4.15-3 No transportation
4.15-4 Showers are rare
4.15-5 My annoying nose
4.15-6 Limited choice of foods
4.15-7 Getting a job
4.16 TV and movies - How I am with watching TV and movies, both past and present
4.16-1 History
4.16-2 The present
4.16-3 The future
4.16-4 FAQ
4.17 Food and drink - My history with food and drink, including past meals I made, as well as the present and future
4.17-1 History
4.17-2 The present
4.17-3 The future
4.18 Travel and vacations - Past vacations and travel, as well as the current case of 6+ years without a vacation, including places of interest
4.18-1 History
4.18-2 The present
4.18-3 The future
4.18-4 FAQ
4.19 My senses - Things involving my 5 main senses - strong, high-res vision, but very weak smell to name some
4.19- [document yet to be created]
4.20 Doctors and meds - My past involving doctor visits and meds to fixing my issues as well as the present
4.20- [document yet to be created]
4.21 Hobbies - My hobbies, including things I was involved with in the past not in any other category
4.21-1 History
4.21-2 Computer
4.21-3 Sports
4.21-4 Collecting
4.21-5 Television
4.21-6 The present
4.21-7 The future
4.22 Game design - My history of game design as well as the present and possible future
4.22-1 History
4.22-2 The present
4.22-3 The future
4.23 Noncomputer games - Backgrounds on various noncomputer games, such as throwing cards to play Hit-a-bump and other things, including past games not listed on my website, as well as general evolvements and what caused me to create them.
4.23- [document yet to be created]
4.24 Other memorable events - General events I recall unusually well, but not anything special
4.24- [document yet to be created]
4.25 Other things - Dates, marriage, having kids, friends, religion, holidays, and various other things
4.25- [document yet to be created]
4.26 Myself in the year 2050 - How I envision myself and a day in the year 2050
4.26- [document yet to be created]
4.27 My greatest wishes - Activities I would love to do

5 Games index - Games you can make and play using common household objects like dice, paper, and marbles. My games often allow for solo play, but can be multiplayer as well. Caution: These documents haven't been updated in a long time (from 1 to 3 years), but are still generally correct.

5.1 Game creation history - Want to know the history on my game creation and it's possible future? Click this link to learn all about it. Warning: very outdated

5.2 Gazintas
5.2.1 Gazintas - A game in which you multiply or divide fractions or mixed numbers.
5.2.2 Gazintas' development history - History of Gazintas' development.

5.3 Dice Game 7
5.3.1 Dice Game 7 - A dice game in which you roll for big scores.
5.3.2 Dice Game 7's history - The history of development for Dice Game 7

5.4 Y-battle
5.4.1 Y-battle - A toy car game in which you smash other players' toy cars in hope to get their cars upsidedown.
5.4.2 Y-battle's development history - History of development for the game Y-battle.

5.5 Ten
5.5.1 Ten - A counting game called "Ten" where the number involved with almost everything is ten.
5.5.2 Ten's development history - A counting game called "Ten" where the number involved with almost everything is ten.

5.6 Hit-a-bump
5.6.1 Hit-a-bump - A targeting game involving rolling coins, throwing rocks and cards, and rolling marbles short distances. There's six versions of play in all, five you can see. The first page is the history.
5.6.2 Hit-a-bump version 1 - The earliest of the Hit-a-bump versions, and most simple. Must be played outdoors.
5.6.3 Hit-a-bump version 2 - An indoor, and somewhat better version of version 1 involving cards.
5.6.4 Hit-a-bump version 3 - Same as version 2 only with scoring involved.
5.6.5 Hit-a-bump version 4 - Involves rolling marbles down a ramp.

5.6.6 Hit-a-bump version 6 Hit-a-bump version 6 - The most experiencing version of all of Hit-a-bump, near commercial quality! However, you need a specialized board that you can make from wood. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction - The page that lists whether you want to have measurement units in either inches or millimeters. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction in inches - How to build and prepare the specialized board for Hit-a-bump version 6 in US measurements [inches]. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction in millimeters - How to build and prepare the specialized board for Hit-a-bump version 6 in metric measurements [millimeters].

5.7 Criss Cross
5.7.1 Criss Cross - Criss Cross is a word game that can support an unlimited number of players, provided you make enough cards, all easy to make.
5.7.2 Criss Cross' history - The history on how Criss Cross came to be as it is now.

5.8 Marbles: Lights Out
5.8.1 Marbles: Lights Out - Marbles: Lights Out is a game that combines artwork, marbles, strategy, and destruction. The ultimate goal is to clear every marble in the field without running out of marbles. This is one of my greatest masterpieces and it's highly original.
5.8.2 Marbles: Lights Out (old version) - The old version of Marbles: Lights Out

5.8.3 Marbles: Lights Out's history - History of Marbles: Lights Out

5.9 Marble Pool-ball
5.9.1 Marble Pool-ball - This is another marble targetting game that derived from Hit-a-bump version 4. It's setup and needs are of the most simple of any of the other games. Setup can be done in less than a minute!
5.9.2 Marble Pool-ball's history - History of Marble Pool-ball

5.10 Factors - This math game deals with factoring numbers and how to find some pretty big prime numbers. You only need a calculator and some paper [paper for scoring [or remembering the number as some calculators don't have a memory function decent enough]].

5.11 What Would You Do If...? - This thinking and logic game tests your knowledge in any case or event. The history is very short and it's on the bottom of the page. Requires two or more players to play.

5.12 Random Colors - A game of thinking and skill where you try to block other's moves by placing your legos so their colors don't touch one of an existing color.

5.13 Race to the Center - An archery racing game in which I learned while in 7th or 8th grade. You shoot arrows toward the outermost ring and work inwards.

5.14 License Plate Math - A math game where you use license plates on cars for scoring. The numbers are multiplied together and letters give bonuses or take points away.

5.15 The Product T Game - This is a game of fast searching where speed is the name of the game. You find products with a special, not-so-common type of small t.

5.16 Jigsaw Puzzle Scoring Game - a game that makes you think while working on jigsaw puzzles to add to the challenge. Caution: modifications needed

5.17 Survive the Flood UNO - This is an UNO-based strategy card game meant to be played solo. Both UNO cards and regular cards can be used and the rules are explained here.

6 Stories - a collection of various stories, especially The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, The Secret in the Basement, and details of very well-recalled dreams.

6.1 My script
6.1.1 Script-writing main page
6.1.2 My general story-writing history
6.1.3 This script's long history
6.1.4 Self-created storyboard Scene 1 Note: these are no longer up-to-date. Scene 2 They relate to version 4 of the story instead of the current 5. Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8 Scene 9 Scene 10 Scene 11 Scene 12 Scene 13 Note: not available yet Scene 14 Note: not available yet Scene 15 Note: not available yet Scene 16 Note: not available yet Scene 17 Note: not available yet Scene 18 Note: not available yet Scene 19 Note: not available yet Scene 20 Note: not available yet Scene 21 Note: not available yet Scene 22 Note: not available yet Scene 23 Note: not available yet Scene 24 Note: not available yet Scene 25 Note: not available yet

6.1.5 Script summary
6.1.6 My old version

6.2 School-assigned stories
6.2.1 The Mysterious Sound - a small group of kids try to find out the cause to a mysterious flapping sound inside an apartment.
6.2.2 The Runaway Bus - A thief has a plan to spoil the enjoyment of a bus ride that takes the passengers quite some distance.
6.2.3 The Unusual Camping Trip - A family goes out camping an encounters what they think is a ghost playing around with them.
6.2.4 The Legend of the Hidden Jewels - A family follows a set of clues and follows whereever they lead including some secret passages wondering where this'll take them to.

6.3 Mind-game created stories
6.3.1 The Endless Mud Lake - Based on a dream I had long ago, I retold the story of what happened using my mind game.
6.3.2 A class in Spookville - Based on a dream I had I retold the story using the power of my mind game. Features a class on a normal day going through an unknown portal to an area that's really haunted.
6.3.3 The family trip to Bismarck without me - My family doesn't want me to go on a day-long trip to Bismarck and I use some secret abilities to get there on my own; based on a dream I had.
6.3.4 The big, special underwater race - Faced with having to practice the race course for the championship using my well-familiar special abilities, and an unknown secret to the raceway, I struggle to find out how to win. The races take place in a strange cave that is flooded underwater. Will I come in first place or will I end up dead last?

6.4 Dream-based stories
6.4.1 The Canoe - A vacationing family goes on a canoe trip, but oncoming storms force them to race to their vehicle.
6.4.2 The mud pool, the farm, and the class - A class is on a farm exploring the area with a pool of mud below them; like jumping from platform to platform.
6.4.3 The Weird Competitive Vacation - I'm with a group going into a large underground cavern featuring a pool of water and mud.
6.4.4 The Master Minds - I'm trying to take two master minds down from the sky using my glide ability.
6.4.5 The Super Bullies - On a despirate rampage to escape from numerous bullies, I head far from home in hope to escape it all.
6.4.6 No breaks for brakes - With a truck growing a mind of it's own, I had to escape from bad guys and get home by gliding around my home city. This dream story was a lot of fun, minus the power lines.
6.4.7 The haunted restaurant - A mysterious restaurant is haunted and tries to get flooded. A friendly, Indian guy plays around outside a little later and explores. Big cats present a bigger problem.
6.4.8 The magical potions with an evil side effect - Potions give me some special abilities, but strange things start happening when they are drinked.
6.4.9 The mud river walking tradition - A tradition in India where humans walk in rivers of mud for a challenge begins and I save one of the competitors
6.4.10 The escape from a weird home that cracks apart - A weird type of funhouse begins cracking and I try saving those in there.
6.4.11 Water town - A trip through a town with water all around becomes a disappointment and need help.
6.4.12 The alien school - Taking a strange pathway to a distorted area leads to an alien school that starts off nice, but ends with a major disappointment
6.4.13 The unusual circus act - A unique type of circus with rather unusual circus acts involved.
6.4.14 River water slides and a park - Swimming in a river that turns into a very unique water slide along with a few other water-related activities.
6.4.15 Amazon tribal region fun - A strange boatride using tracks out of the water and fun with natives of the Amazon region makes this dream where almost all scenery is recalled in full, bizarre and fun.
6.4.16 "Ski ball" championship game and Mrs. Summers - A Skiball game turns ugly and a lady once friendly turns mean and often gets in my way.
6.4.17 Lost in a building with a big party - A huge party is going on, but I get lost, losing the group, but I still have fun exploring the building.
6.4.18 Unusual fire drills and the small cave - Odd fire drills take me through a weird cave system to a hill and back.
6.4.19 Odd office building and the human beast - I'm in an odd office building with strange puzzles and a large, powerful human-like beast comes and I fight it off protecting others.
6.4.20 A school building water party - I'm in a school that has water for hallways and a big, deep wave pool in the basement, of which is the starting point for the main events that come in the dream.
6.4.21 The video store, tilt pool, and the unusual gym guard - I repeatedly follow through a course through an alleyway with a video store, tilting pool, and a strange gym guard.
6.4.22 Walking with a friend and sister around the Yucatan Peninsula area - I'm walking with my sister and a friend through jungles exploring "attactions" along the way, ultimately heading for NE South America.
6.4.23 Finding and losing mom in a large building in Borneo - I visit an otherwise fictional area called Borneo
6.4.24 A city's underground lost civilization - I investigate a city's mystery and discover a civilization hidden far below the city in a secret area.

6.5 Other stories

7 Ulillillia City website FAQ - Frequently asked questions for my website in general - the main FAQ page and a glossary of commonly-used terms. For the FAQ related to music, my animations, or my 2D game, see the relevant pages.

8 My animated GIF collection - I make complex-behaving animations, many of which from my mind game. The bulk of my animated GIFs are here. This document is quite likely to be dumped.

9 Game development
- My computer games I'm making, featuring my 2D action game, The Supernatural Olympics (view update checklist), and my 2D platform game, Platform Masters

9.1 Projects - these are projects I've had, are being worked on, or for sale
9.1.1 Old project - the RPG game that has been abandoned. Old project screenshot gallery - a collection of 1024x768 screenshots from the old project.

9.1.2 George Game 13 Overview and development progress What George Game 13 is Screenshot gallery Progress FAQ George Game 13 screenshot gallery: Screenshots 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 41-70 | 71-80

9.1.3 The Supernatural Olympics - a high-speed action game
9.1.3-1 What is the game? - an introduction to the game
9.1.3-2 Feature comparison chart - a quick overview of the features
9.1.3-3 Scenery features - features related to the game's scenery
9.1.3-4 Special features - features rarely seen in games
9.1.3-5 On-screen information - features related to the data shown around the display
9.1.3-6 Special abilities - explains the various special abilities
9.1.3-7 Special effects - explains what the various special effects are
9.1.3-8 Challenges - details about the challenges
9.1.3-9 General features - other features
9.1.3-10 System requirements - what system requirements there are
9.1.3-11 Support, returns, updates, and upgrades - how to obtain support
9.1.3-12 Ten reasons to upgrade - the top ten reasons to upgrade to the full edition
9.1.3-13 Future plans and features - features planned for the future and the game's general future
9.1.3-14 Update checklist - an in-depth checklist for things I need to do before the next release becomes available
9.1.3-15 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - some common questions that may be asked
9.1.3-16 How to purchase - how to buy the game and complete the upgrade.
9.1.3-17 End-user license agreement - Read this first before using the software or it's components.
9.1.3-18 Download - Download the game and game manual (and any updates).
9.1.3-19 Version 3.0 overview - An overview of the upcoming version, 3.0.

9.1.4 The Supernatural Olympics version 3.x - the highly enhanced full remake of my high-speed action game
9.1.4-1 What is the game? - an introduction to the game and it's features
9.1.4-2 Feature comparison chart - a quick overview comparing each editions' features
9.1.4-3 Going 2.5D - the numerous advantages for taking a 2.5D approach instead of 2D only
9.1.4-4 Scenery features - features related to the game's scenery
9.1.4-5 Special features - the game's special features
9.1.4-6 Special abilities - explains the various special abilities
9.1.4-7 Special effects - explains what the various special effects are
9.1.4-8 Tournaments and challenges - details about the tournaments, challenges, and ranks
9.1.4-9 General features - various other features
9.1.4-10 System requirements - what the minimum and recommended system requirements are
9.1.4-11 End user license agreement - read this first before using the software or it's components
9.1.4-12 Ten reasons to upgrade - the top ten reasons to upgrade to the full edition
9.1.4-13 Buy, download, and install - how to buy the game, download it (including the manual and old versions), and install it
9.1.4-14 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - some common questions that may be asked frequently
9.1.4-15 Support, bug reports, and updates/upgrades - how to obtain support, file bug reports, and what updates/upgrades are
9.1.4-16 Development progress checklist - an in-depth checklist for things I need to do before the next release becomes available
9.1.4-17 Future plans and features - features planned for the future and the game's general future

9.1.5 Platform Masters - The fast-paced, action-packed 2D platform game
9.1.5-1 Introduction
9.1.5-2 Features
9.1.5-3 Gameflow
9.1.5-4 Worlds
9.1.5-5 Frequently asked questions
9.1.5-6 End user license agreement
9.1.5-7 System requirements
9.1.5-8 How to buy
9.1.5-9 Downloads
9.1.5-10 Development history - multiple pages
9.1.5-11 Progress checklist

9.2 Gamestudio Tutorials - (note: Gamestudio has been abandoned since about May of 2006)
9.2.1 WED Tutorials (using the world editor)

9.2.2 MED Tutorials (using the model editor) How to create precise circles and spheres - Circles and especially spheres are tough to make and often imprecise just by plotting points and moving them around. This tutorial makes circle and sphere creation very easy, very precise and quick. How to make levels in MED - Making levels in MED has many powerful advantages, but can be tricky to do. This tutorial makes it easy and supersonic fast due to my devotion toward speed. Caution: somewhat outdated - needs to be rewritten Introduction Planning Plotting the points Skinning Finalization The pros and cons Downloading the model

9.2.3 Graphics Tutorials (texturing, skinning, and otherwise drawing BMP files and the related) Image font tutorial - If you want to make your own fonts as image files (BMP, PCX, or TGA), this tutorial will explain some techniques on how to do so as well as a trouble-shooting guide in case you run into trouble along the way.

10 Other - things that don't fit any other category well such as experiments, how I process my music, video game screenshots section or even a behind-the-scenes look at how I update my website.

10.1 Theories

10.2 Experiments

10.3 Music-related
10.3.1 Full list of all my songs - Ever wonder just what songs I do have? Well, this is the full list of the songs I currently have and there's less than 100 of them.
10.3.2 How I process music for my MP3 player - I'm far different when it comes to music. From an original WAV file, I explain the process I use to get songs on my MP3 player.

10.4 Video-Game-related
10.4.1 Screenshots and videos Screenshots - I do all sorts of weird things in games whether adding spikes for the fox in Sonic to help it drown, or getting tossed up at 2400 mph in Super Monkey Ball 2 and trying to land on the stage again safely. These screenshots show various bugs and weird encounters I've had. Videos - [to be created when 2 or more videos are available]
10.4.2 Sonic fox drowners and removers Carnival Night Zone fox drowner - Love drowning Tails the fox on the classic Sonic games? This is a fully-tested, small design I made to drown Tails in the blue water of Carnival Night Zone on Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Hydrocity Zone Act 2 fox drowner - Because I love drowning Tails the fox in the game's blue water, I often use debug mode to make small areas where Tails the fox could drown. This is one of the first I created, but hasn't been very extensively tested, though well-tested. Mushroom Hill Act 2 fox remover - Getting rid of the fox outside drowning it is less exciting, but, after having found a bug with the battery blimp in Mushroom Hill Zone right after the boss, I thought of an ingenious way to remove the fox to get a more extreme case of the bug. This design is fully tested.
10.4.3 List of games I've played - this is an extensive list containing many of the video games I've played, thost only rented, once owned, and currently own. Several remarks are given.

10.5 Computer-related
10.5.1 My best Windows screenshots - Since around July of 2001, I've been snagging screenshots of funny encounters, software glitches, errors, and other weird phenomenon in Windows 98. This is a collection of my best screenshots.

10.6 Other things
10.6.1 How I update my website - a behind-the-scenes look at what I did to get the August 19, 2006 update, covered in great detail with 41 screenshots, and most of my tricks and shortcuts for speeding things up.