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1 Tips and tricks - From math shortcuts and tricks, and using the computer, to food and drink, and tips to save money, I have tips and tricks to make things easier and better. (note: some documents in here haven't been updated since 2003 (or 2005 for a select few)).

2 Help promote my site - If you like my site, feel free to promote it using the banners I've created. Instructions for using them are given on the page. Caution: These haven't been updated since 2002 (!) and do not apply to my site anymore now....

3 Features - my mind game, Color System, the frequently used work-in-progress compatibility/motive system, and other reports.

4 About Me - things about me such as my rapidly-growing dream journal, my history, and my blog.

5 Games index - Games you can make and play using common household objects like dice, paper, and marbles. My games often allow for solo play, but can be multiplayer as well. Caution: These documents haven't been updated in a long time (from 1 to 3 years), but are still generally correct.

6 Stories - a collection of various stories, especially The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, The Secret in the Basement, and details of very well-recalled dreams.

7 Ulillillia City website FAQ - Frequently asked questions for my website in general - the main FAQ page and a glossary of commonly-used terms. For the FAQ related to music, my animations, or my 2D game, see the relevant pages.

8 My animated GIF collection - I make complex-behaving animations, many of which from my mind game. The bulk of my animated GIFs are here. This document is quite likely to be dumped.

9 Game development
- My computer games I'm making, featuring my 2D action game, The Supernatural Olympics (view update checklist), and my 2D platform game, Platform Masters

10 Other - things that don't fit any other category well such as experiments, how I process my music, video game screenshots section or even a behind-the-scenes look at how I update my website.
10.1 Theories

10.2 Experiments

10.3 Music-related
10.3.1 Full list of all my songs - Ever wonder just what songs I do have? Well, this is the full list of the songs I currently have and there's less than 100 of them.
10.3.2 How I process music for my MP3 player - I'm far different when it comes to music. From an original WAV file, I explain the process I use to get songs on my MP3 player.

10.4 Video-Game-related
10.4.1 Screenshots and videos Screenshots - I do all sorts of weird things in games whether adding spikes for the fox in Sonic to help it drown, or getting tossed up at 2400 mph in Super Monkey Ball 2 and trying to land on the stage again safely. These screenshots show various bugs and weird encounters I've had. Videos - [to be created when 2 or more videos are available]
10.4.2 Sonic fox drowners and removers Carnival Night Zone fox drowner - Love drowning Tails the fox on the classic Sonic games? This is a fully-tested, small design I made to drown Tails in the blue water of Carnival Night Zone on Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Hydrocity Zone Act 2 fox drowner - Because I love drowning Tails the fox in the game's blue water, I often use debug mode to make small areas where Tails the fox could drown. This is one of the first I created, but hasn't been very extensively tested, though well-tested. Mushroom Hill Act 2 fox remover - Getting rid of the fox outside drowning it is less exciting, but, after having found a bug with the battery blimp in Mushroom Hill Zone right after the boss, I thought of an ingenious way to remove the fox to get a more extreme case of the bug. This design is fully tested.
10.4.3 List of games I've played - this is an extensive list containing many of the video games I've played, thost only rented, once owned, and currently own. Several remarks are given.

10.5 Computer-related
10.5.1 My best Windows screenshots - Since around July of 2001, I've been snagging screenshots of funny encounters, software glitches, errors, and other weird phenomenon in Windows 98. This is a collection of my best screenshots.

10.6 Other things
10.6.1 How I update my website - a behind-the-scenes look at what I did to get the August 19, 2006 update, covered in great detail with 41 screenshots, and most of my tricks and shortcuts for speeding things up.

Site map - the content of all categories put together in one expanded out.