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What do you do behind the scenes when you update your website?

Last updated: Sep 26, 2006

Ever wonder what I do to update my website and what's going on behind the scenes? In this part of my blog, you'll see just what I do and the various issues I may encounter that you otherwise would never see (or, if you're lucky enough to visit at the same time I update my website, some of the bugs from editting). This article is rather big so it's been broken up into multiple pages. Because I can't just take photos, as they often don't turn out right, let alone having the camera readily available, screenshots are the next best method. The screenshots shown on the pages are scaled down. To view the full-size version, just click on the image.

Editting the headlines of the blog
Editting the dream journal
Creating images
Adding the daily blog entries
Final touchups before uploading
Uploading and testing