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What have you been up to in March of 2007?

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Mar 29, 2007

Mar 29, 2007: I finished FF6 and found it surprisingly easy. I got 5 new songs as a result. I returned to game design, but not programming games. A new future is also in store for my 2D game, different than I was originally thinking during late 2005. 2 more hardware components failed and I got an external hard drive. Another special ability has been thought of, hinted by the last of 9 new dreams. I caught another cold. A new trick for divisibility by 11 has been added due to an E-mail (thanks!).

#1 FF6 - it was too easy!: From my last blog entry, I mentioned of a game I first saw 11 years ago (I mentioned it as 9, but calculations plus known details put it at 11 or 12). My two friends were struggling a lot with some areas. When I played the game, I frequently thought about them. When I got to those scenes I recalled, I thought strongly of what I recalled seeing 11 years ago. Unlike my friends 11 years ago, I found the parts they had a lot of trouble with surprisingly easy. So easy that I didn't have to cure anyone, even Banon (well, using eyedrops, but otherwise nothing else)! When I got to the scene with the house on fire and the fire sprites, rather than avoiding the fire sprites, I deliberately ran into each and every one of them and even with that, I still didn't have to cure anyone as the whole thing was just unchallenging. I found it very surprising that my friends from 11 years ago struggled with something I found so easy that, even on the first run, I was using self-made challenges to amplify the difficulty. The main was having only a set few users to using magic. The others must not. Combined with using active battle mode, this self-made challenge, and the lack of familiarity with the game, I still found it extremely easy, even the final boss which only got to make one action. The only challenging battle I had was with an enemy called "Bracosaur". I tended to have "meteor wars" with it and other dinosaurs in the same area. By that, I mean having the magic users using the meteor spell and the dinos using it as well. Much more challenging than the game's battles was figuring out what you're supposed to do next. The case with Locke, my second-favorite character, who needed to escape from South Figaro, was the most difficult part of all, taking almost 6 hours to figure out and it was extremely frustrating, probably about as much as those friends 11 years ago had with the battles. Then, late in the game, it was figuring out what I'm supposed to do next that was very difficult. Even solo, I had little trouble with fighting those guards (even the powerful armored ones) while in the South Figaro episode. Fighting one of them things was much easier than figuring out what I'm supposed to do. FF6 has since became my 4th completed game in the series. In order from most favorite to least favorite character of the top 5, they are: Edgar, Locke, Celes, then Sabin/Cyan (they're tied). Gau is the least liked due to his extremely poor fighting style (lack of control outside using spells).

FF6 - Octopus boss and big hit on characters

This is a screenshot of one of the two scenes I recalled from 11 years ago. My friends from 11 years ago had 500 or so HP for their characters (Banon just shy of 400). I, on the other hand, due to my extreme like of fighting enemies, have one character with over 1000 HP. See the "video game screenshots" section for other screenshots and a basic explanation on how I played the game.
#2 Returned to game design, but not programming: It's been since August or so of 2006 that I last worked on game design and January of 2007 that I got any progress with learning C for game design. However, the two roadblocks aren't going to stop me from planning and doing artwork needed for games. Unlike my 2D game, The Supernatural Olympics, the latest project is a 2D RPG game. It is of the visions that have been taunting me for a long time, since even before getting FF6. Could you imagine doing 7-figure damage to an enemy? How about having 7 million hit points and climbing? How about 3 million spell power and spells doing 8-figure damage? How does getting to level 3000 sound and still go higher? I've never seen these things and the game I'm making will allow for this and much more. As of this update, I've worked out the character development system. I've also got a good start on the game's world map, which is also unique to what I've seen. As from my visions, I've already worked out like 90% of the game's mechanics and design so it's only programming them and testing them. The two roadblocks are the timing of frame updates and telling whether or not a key on the keyboard is pressed or not. Resolve these and there's otherwise nothing stopping me from continuing. The timing issue is because of the major lack of precision I seem to have. I can pop in an old 2D PC game and it would run very smoothly at 60 fps without any problems. I get jerky motions when I use the clock() function to get timing, about as jerky as my 2D game made with Gamestudio is. That function is only precise to 1/64 second. That seems very precise, but when refresh rates of monitors are 75 Hz, this would mean having to duplicate frames and for 60 Hz, skipping frames. Something precise to 1 millisecond would be enough (I could probably go with 5 milliseconds precision at the lowest precision, but 16 2/3 is far too imprecise.
#3 2D game as freeware?: Seeing the title of the headline, you may be thinking of the free edition. I'm actually referring to the full edition. That's right, the full edition, the one without limits. No it won't be open source, it would be closed source, but as a free download without any limits or other add-ons. I'm not doing this with the version with Gamestudio, but the one with C. Why am I doing this? The game is ultra simple in terms of complexity. My 2D RPG game is a much more worthy project to go at. Graphics-wise, my 2D game is about that of the mid Genesis to the early Playstation 1 era. Gameplay/programming-wise, it's more around the late NES era to the mid SNES era. These kinds of games are usually either very cheap, like $3.95, or free. Since I have so few challenges, and it's original intent was an enhancement to my first program (The Interactive Animation) that would replicate my mind game, I don't see why it would be $12.95. Even my 2D RPG game may not even be that high, probably $5.95 or something, but this has yet to be finalized and this is only a random guess. I won't know until the game is at least somewhat playable and best when in the final beta-testing. Before having the freeware version, however, I'll need to figure out the two roadblocks to my programming in C as I'm not going to put up with the limitations and annoyances with Gamestudio. C offers so many benefits to it that I see no reason to use Gamestudio, even for my 2D RPG game I'm now working on. Why not open source? The main reason is that users who would edit the program would add things far beyond my level of knowledge and other complex things that would only confuse me and leave me out of the entire project. I looked at the source code for Audacity and found it very confusing. Many things I see in the source code I'm confused at to what it does, what the functions are, etc.. It's way beyond my level of knowledge. Once I resolve the timing issue of frames, and how to tell if a key is pressed or not, I'd have just enough skills to make a game with. Still, anyone would still be able to make or enhance the scenery for their own custom-made worlds, but programming this, at the moment, is out of my realm of knowledge. This is the only reason why I'm not intending to go open source. Complex additions to the code would just confuse me due to my lack of knowledge with it and would otherwise just leave me out of my own project.
#4 Got another cold: It was only a few months ago that I got a cold. This time, it's only a runny nose that I got. Last time, I had a bad cough as well. Everyone in my family ended up getting it and I was the last. I wonder if my extreme isolation played a role with this?
#5 Another special ability for my mind game - Leviburst: The last time I added another special ability to my "collection" with my stories or mind game is around 2005, supposedly the speed blast or flare effect (not sure which). Then, along comes a dream that hints at a brand new fun special ability. Yeah, that's right, a dream. The dream showed very well how it functions and behaves. I could even add it to my 2D game as well. Although I have yet to fully iron out the details, the general idea is 300 mph per second acceleration in any direction with a top speed of 100 mph for all directions except upwards. Upwards is only 2 mph, at least from what I've seen in my dream. I'm thinking more around 3 to 5 mph. As from the dream, the ability is a lot of fun to use. It's main advantage is much better control and acceleration. Gliding has the advantage of intense speed (to 800 mph, which is supersonic), but has low acceleration and a lack of control. By that, I mean instead of 300 mph per second (which is about 13.7 G's), normal gliding only has 5 mph per second. Gliding only allows simple turning and thus, to move to an area just 10 feet to your right at 800 mph, you'd have to spend 4 seconds making a long turn at the fastest possible turn rate, and in the mean while making one huge circle. Gliding also has the gradual descent of 2 feet per second. While in most cases this is hardly a concern, but when only 6 feet above the ground, it's very fast and too short, enough for only 15 mph of speed from stopped. The new "leviburst" ability, as I'm calling it, has much faster acceleration and the speed can be focused in any direction. Thus, if I'm going 100 mph due north and want to go another 10 feet toward the east to evade a tree, it takes but a tiny fraction of a second to get that distance. The speed north slows, but returns once the shift is done, only 1/7 of a second later. That's fast! The leviburst ability has no gradual decent, unless you want it so it can be used from anywhere, even if only 8-foot jumps were the highest possible. Both gliding and this new ability allow for staying in mid-air forever (it's not readily apparent with gliding, but it's entirely possible) and both don't work in mediums at 1.4 atmospheres' density (thus, it won't work in water, which is 600 times denser than the abilities allow). Both gliding and leviburst are about equal, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.
#6 Another 2 hardware failures - keyboard and microphone: While processing videos (cropping and brightening them), just out of nowhere, functions like control+Z or control+shift+left suddenly stopped working and while holding the control and shift keys, a beep sound came from the case. I first encountered this when I was using Audacity to convert a stereo track from a video into a mono track and reducing the sample rate. I almost never see anything creep above 2000 Hz so this gives an 8x clearance. I noticed it from trying to use control+Z to undo an "amplify" effect. Since I couldn't "zee it", I had to use the menus. Then, when it came to saving the file, it wouldn't let me use the control+shift+left to get rid of "orig" in the file name and change it to "arch" for "archive". I first thought it was one of numerous bugs in Audacity, but when I tried it in a forum, I thought the issue was more serious and that I may have got a virus or something. I ran a virus scan and spyware scan, but nothing turned up. I then rebooted my computer and it was still happening. Even copying and pasting didn't work so I was forced to use right-click menus just to do it making the problem even worse. I later found out that it was the keyboard that failed on me and it was used a lot during the 7 1/4 years, especially during the last 5 to 6 years. This is about the time I went heavy on typing my stories (about 4 million key strokes) and typing 20,000 or so forum posts (4600 or so from HSW, 3500 or so from HWW, almost 7000 at Gamestudio, and even 3000 to 5000 in other forums such as Winamp, Gamespot, or the Mozillazine forums; about 2 million key strokes), my entire website a few times over (each update giving 100,000 or so keystrokes; this is easily about 12 million keystrokes). There's games, programming, and several other documents that could add another 5 to 7 million key strokes. So, yeah, it's quite a workout, around 25 million key strokes. I got a temporary replacement that was noisy, but served it's purpose for a while while I ordered a replacement waiting for it to arrive. The last hardware failure was the power supply. In addition to the keyboard, the microphone was also starting to act up. At random times, it would suddenly cut off causing pure silence when it normally wouldn't. It would still record, but it was happening more and more frequently and even a 2-minute recording was a pain to do as a result. I ended up having to get a replacement microphone. Both the keyboard and microphone were 7 1/4 years old. What's next? The floppy drive, which is probably 8 or 9 years old (but rarely used)?
#7 A third piece of hardware as well - external hard drive: Unlike the previous headline where hardware failed, this was not due to failure, but rather for other reasons. With GameBridge, I can record videos, plenty of videos, and videos are often very large in size. The original MPEGS are 32,000 kilobytes per minute, or roughly 31 megabytes per minute. My hard disk was getting cluttered with these large videos. On top of that, running Winzip on all those videos would only cause a very long processing time. By processing the videos, as explained a few headlines below, I can drastically reduce the file size and have otherwise no detectible visual quality loss. I could even go with quality 8 with the XviD codec and still not detect much of a visual quality loss. I use 3.5 for archiving, but even then, it's only 5.8 megabytes per minute instead, less than 1/5 the original size. Even with the archived versions at 1/5 the original size, that's still 2 or so gigabytes of AVIs, let alone 10 GB of original MPEGs. Audio, as for my MP3 player, is different. Sure I end up getting 90 MB WAV files, but that's nothing to videos and when zipped up, it's likely reduced to 40 MB, or even less. This maximizes practically everything. Although I have yet to test the maximum potential write speed (55 MB per second on average, sustained, for my internal hard drive), I've seen it going at 30 MB per second on average, sustained. By "sustained", I mean for at least 5 seconds. The peak is about 59 MB per second on my internal hard drive, spanning a half second. Testing it is easy - load a huge file entirely into memory and dump the entire contents several times over (under different file names of course) onto the hard drive, something required for me to process my music to begin with. I just wanted to get these off my hard drive and processed and thus I got the external hard drive. It's a 250 GB Western Digital "My Book" hard drive. 250 GB in videos, in my case, works out to about 232.83 GiB (as it's actually called - gibibytes), or 685 1/9 hours of video (28 6/11 days), assuming my average of 5.8 MiB per minute (it's all over the place, from even 4 MiB to 7 MiB). Fractions are, of course, to the nearest common fraction. In addition to videos and audio, another intention is for side backups. It also could be used as temporary side backups (still, burning ZIP files to DVD's is still better in case I need to wipe out/reinstall everything on my internal hard drive and as an alternative backup) and for my music, mainly the base WAV files (likely zipped up).
#8 Another mirror - phone and a door blocked, but temporarily: Yet another dumb thing my parents did, dumber than the last case. Last time, a mirror was placed in an area where it blocked my primary passageway to the phone and TV. This time, another one, perpendicular to it, blocked off a significant portion of the living room. It has many disadvantages to my parents. First, I would no longer be able to let the dogs out since that door is blocked. Second, I couldn't answer the phone since it, too, was blocked. There was still another phone I could get to, but due to "toxic waste sticks" as I call cigarettes, I have negative motive for getting to that phone making it completely impossible to even answer it. On top of this, if my dad needed help with the computer, I wouldn't be able to see what he's doing or seeing since I have no idea what he's seeing and I couldn't see it short of having about 10 or so feet of distance, so far away that messages, errors, etc. are unreadable. Then, something came up that made me have to use the computer to resolve an issue. Since I was blocked, I couldn't get to it. The only way I could was to get someone else to rotate the mirror so I can get to it and remove all other troubles it adds. Why they are ignoring my warning, I don't know, but they should be getting the idea by now. Put a mirror up that blocks my access to some areas of the house, they just face the hardships, annoyances, etc. it causes for them, but has little effect on me (due to my high resistance to the effects). Fortunately the mayhem that mirror caused was only lasted 6 days. I haven't reached enough countermotive to doing something about the other mirror as it's very rarely causing problems. Worse yet, I got word of a plan of my parents of putting another one of those mirrors like the first one just a few feet across. This mirror would block access to the phone entirely. I don't know if that's the case or not, but if I ever see the product or it being installed, they will almost certainly get warned. If it is installed and the phone rings, and they ask me to get the phone, I'd almost certainly have to reply that I can't get to it as it's blocked off. The other phone is in a smoke-filled room that I have to hold my breath just to get into it and grab the phone. This mirror would likely cause enough countermotive to attempt to rotate that first one (plus it would end up causing a lot of problems for my parents as well - their fault for doing it).
#9 Another program for task automation: Just as I did with the WAV files to get the various speeds for my MP3 player, I wrote yet another program to automate a task. This time it's for videos. The program crops bitmap frames and brightens them as needed. I do this to maximize quality and minimize file size. Although the original videos are MPEGs, I use VirtualDubMod to delete the unnecessary frames (crop the frames out), and save as a segmented AVI uncompressed. I then use Virtual Dub to save the audio and image sequence. Next, I use the program to read the source BMPs, brighten them, crop them so they're all the same size, then write the output in another folder. Next is using Audacity to convert the sound track to a lower quality. Rather than stereo at 16-bit and 48,000 Hz, I reduce it to mono (since the two stereo tracks are exactly identical), and 16,000 Hz since sounds beyond 8000 Hz are otherwise never seen. I rarely see anything pass 2000 Hz giving a 4x clearance. 16,000 Hz is the most commonly used on my MP3 player. After saving the output audio, it's then using Virtual Dub to open these frames then assign the updated audio track. I save the updated video as a segmented uncompressed AVI, then open it. After opening, I save it under the final name, only with the XviD codec. 10 is used for internet-related stuff (and even then, you can't tell much of a difference from the original), 3.5 for archiving. The lower the number with the XviD codec, the better the quality is. I took a screenshot of the video processing program to show you what it looks like. It's not that exciting. It just tells you what frame it's currently processing as well as the percentage complete. I only need to modify the lines marked with green on the left side of the text. The top line is the number of frames, which simply happens to be the largest number in the file name sequence. In this case, it's "14325.bmp" as the file name thus I put 14325 into this area. The red text inside the quotes (not including the quotes) is the title of the video. Line 156 is used to indicate how much to brighten an image. The number in parentheses, a parameter, is what amount to multiply pixel color values by. The color 40C000, my favorite green, would become 44CC00 if 1.1 was used and 80FF00 if 2 was used. I have it set up so that any overflow (such as 384 in this case) is reduced to the maximum allowed, or 255, which is FF in hexadecimal. I don't use multiplier factors that are that extreme though, but this was only an example. The last area editted is how many pixels on the left, top, right, then bottom I crop out. Due to some video codecs requiring video dimensions to be a multiple of 4 (and the BMP file format adding "padding" to get a multiple of 4), I always have it so that the amount cropped is a multiple of 4 on each side. I use the rectangle select tool in The GIMP to do the measuring since it's the most precise method of all the tools. If I get a 26 and 20 for the left and right values, which adds to 46 and not a multiple of 4, I subtract 1 on each to get 25 and 19 giving 44 which is a multiple of 4.
#10 5 new songs added: From playing FF6 and some of FF5, I got 5 new songs. The world map music from FF6 early in the game (after the Castle Figaro event) is the best, especially the first half of part 2. The battle music from FF6 (which has a similar start to FF9's battle music, of which I named "Battle Zone", a song you may recall from older blog entries that I went at for 46 days in a row) is best only on my computer and parts 1 and 3 are the most liked (tied since they are identical). Only these 2 songs are the most liked. FF5 has 3 songs. One of which is from visitting Castle Walz. The others are from Kerwin Town and North Mountain. Only the castle one is actively listened to. FF6's battle music, of which I just refer to it as "FF6 Battle", isn't anywhere near as good as Battle Zone, but it's the most liked of the 5 new songs. FF6's early world map music is a very close second just 1.2 times lower than the battle music.
#11 Gamespot - the buggiest site I've ever seen: I remained at Gamespot for a while without too much trouble, then many problems with the site suddenly came up. First, I could no longer upload videos for Super Monkey Ball 2 saying I needed to be a plus or total access member (and I was well within the limits of free users). Gamespot then changed the text edittor which prevented me from copying and pasting due to something with Firefox and rich text, something I've never seen in the 2 years I've used it. A new update for Firefox was released right at the same time as well so I thought this was a new feature, so I went back and installed older versions and even as far back as version 1.5, I still got it thus pointing to Gamespot as problematic. There's the glitch with levels being set to 1 temporarily, the glitch with emblems disappearing (and it was only until I got the first video uploaded that I got a second emblem), and several others. I've never seen a website this buggy. I thought the fact that webmasters defining text as dark gray and not defining the background was bad, Gamespot is buggier than that. I gradually lost interest in Gamespot and the case with the text edittor was the final straw as it was extremely annoying. I'd rather face up to Gamestudio's limits and annoyances than deal with that text edittor flaw.
#12 Divisibility by 11 trick - thanks for the E-mail!: Someone sent me an E-mail about a trick for division by 11. By adding every other digit then repeating it for those not included in the first run, if their difference is a multiple of 11, the number in question is a multiple of 11. I updated the "divisibility trick" document as a result. Thanks for the E-mail!
#13 9 new dreams: It's been several months since I last recalled 2 dreams in one night, but I had such a case fairly recently. Usually, I have a 1 in 15 chance of this happening, but even after 60 or so dreams, I didn't have a single case of it. What's more, I had 3 dreams in just 2 consecutive nights, but then a week long span of having not recalled a single dream. The rate of recalling new dreams has seriously dropped. I've only recalled another 9 dreams, an average of 1 every 3 days. The 9th dream in the group, however, had a big surprise for me. No, it's not a record-setter, far from it, but it's hinted at a new special ability to add to my "collection".
#14 Oversensitive parents with sleeping - it gets very annoying: This is one thing that gets annoying to me. My parents want me to take a shower, but the only time I can at times is when they're sleeping. They don't want me to do so while they're sleeping because doing so makes it hard for them to sleep. Then, on top of this, when I cook my pizza at 2:00 AM, which is nothing unusual to me, I need to have a light on, something 70 or so feet away from the room and only a 40-watt light bulb enclosed in a yellowish casing is used. I also filter the light by opening a door to block the brunt of it. I can work very well with such little light, but even then, my parents are bothered by it. To add further, even the mere act of going through their room very quietly to use the only accessible bathroom (the other one has a mirror blocking the toilet, one thing I warned them on several years ago not to do) causes them to occasionally get annoyed by it (it's what they get for ignoring my warning). This gets very annoying. Unlike my parents, I can sleep in a huge range of conditions, far broader than they even estimate. Whether it's pure dark or broad daylight with my room's 1500-lumen light on (26-watt compact flourescent, as bright as a 100-watt oridinary light bulb), I can sleep with that without any problems. One can be pounding nails into a wall just 10 feet away and that wouldn't wake me up, not even sanding in an area 30 feet away! Alarm clocks don't wake me up, even just a foot away, one reason they are otherwise useless to me. I can even sleep when it's 60F or 85F in my room! I'm not sure why my parents couldn't even sleep anywhere near as broad as I'm able to. Maybe it's my extreme resistance to various things? Just recently, my dad was pounding nails in the bathroom I cannot use and when I woke up, he told me he was at it for 2 hours (or something like that), and that's just 6 feet past my doorway!
#15 Record highs and unusually early thunderstorms: On March 12 then later around March 25, unusually high temperatures in my area were present and March 28 had thunderstorms sweeping through my area with an intensity like that of early or mid May. March 12 had a new record high in nearby areas. Then, on March 25, my room crept up to 84F. I'm comfortable from 75 to 77F and it has reached 90F in my room once, but 84F is a bit higher than I usually go after. Somewhat surprisingly, I was able to sleep with that kind of room temperature. It got into the 70F air temp area that day and my heat-generating computer (Prescott processors do that ya know) rose my room's temperature up quite a bit.

Daily Events

Mar 1: First it was eating and watching TV. Then it was checking the forums and E-mail. Then, it came! The game I got finally arrived. I went at FF6 right away. From that case 9 years ago, and that only a few scenes were recalled, no story, characters (except Banon), nothing. I was at my usual tricks. The music for the world map has quad-figure compatibility and is definitely worth getting. It's not quite as much liked as FF1 World, but the mega plus side is that it's liked 95% of the way through compared to just 20% in fragments. When I got to the part with the log raft going down the river, I almost immediately recalled the event I saw 9 years ago. The event was that, 2 old friends had major trouble with the octopus where Banon fell 8 or so times (HP ran to 0). I, on the other hand, practically didn't have to cure anyone. 9 years ago, I asked if I could try but they wouldn't let me. given that I find the game almost unchallenging (it's far more difficult figuring out what you're supposed to do than even boss battles). I spent 3 hours trying to figure out the case of escaping a town (with Locke, one of my favorites). I spent only a small fraction of time at FF1 World compared to other songs for the day and thus the streak this time is almost a month long, passing even Wither Land's 27-day streak. Woke up at 9:47 AM and went to bed at 2:50 AM.
Mar 2: I first got the music from FF6's world map. I then processed it for my MP3 player. Once on it, I ate watching TV. It sounds best around true speed. All day after, I was at the game. I had little progress with the story as I was going heavy on battling enemies. I got the first espers when 2 characters were on level 31. Since yesterday, I haven't gotten any new characters than the 8 or so I have now. Once I got the espers, it was back at battling enemies. I'm also involved a lot with FF6 World and likely already have over 700 plays. My top 3 favorite characters at the moment are, in order of best to worst, is Edgar, Locke, and Cyan. The game clock shows I'm 17.6 hours in. Woke up at 11:27 AM and went to bed at 4:04 AM.
Mar 3: I woke up around 10:00 AM on my own but had a hard time going back to sleep, taking almost 40 minutes. I slept another 4 hours on top of the previous 5. I first ate watching TV. I went right at the game again finishing up what I was after yesterday. I continued with the story a bit afterwards. I got more espers and, again, I was at battling enemies for the remainder of the day. Yep, 2 hours dedicated to progressing with the story, and 5 2/3 at battling enemies without any intention of progressing with the story. I'm now 25.3 hours in and just finished the part on the southern land and I'm at level 41 as well. I know, I spend like 3 times more time battling enemies than progressing with the story. This is normal to me. I so rarely use spells that I even went at 200 consecutive battles with 3 to 5 enemies each without using one, just potions and tonics that Locke takes from enemies. I'm also getting interest in the battle music - parts 1 and 3 are the main good ones. Woke up at 2:42 PM and went to bed at 4:27 AM.
Mar 4: I first played FF6, now passing 1 million GP reaching level 42. 2 hours later, I ate watching TV - space stuff. Afterwards, I returned to the game and went at my usual. I continued on with the story and, unlike yesterday, progressed with it a lot. It's one reason I was awake for just over 20 hours. I got to the second major recalled scene/event from 9 or so years ago - the burning building with the flame sprites, that, if ran into, causes a battle with them. There was also a big fireball that, when I watched my friend got at it, they struggled a lot. I, with my huge interest in fighting enemies (and the battle music), deliberately ran into every moving fireball I came across and the boss was practically unchallenging. I didn't have to cure anyone at all. Then again, now that I actually saw the scene, I recall a spell or something used that involved bubbles and did 700-some damage. One of my regular physicals does 2000 damage. I was getting 3600 on the enemies from running into a fireball, and that's not even with the strongest weapon either. By then, I was around level 50 where, 9 years ago, the friends were probably in the upper 20's or low 30's. That gives a good sense on just how much I'm into fighting enemies. The well-liked battle music also helps, especially parts 1 and 3 of it (which are identical). I could almost have just kept at fighting enemies until even level 80 and with the world map music changed to something slightly below neutral compatibility, tempting enough for even level 99! By that point, I could well be doing 5-figure damage, if "the nines" limit isn't present. Getting only 300 experience per battle at the average could mean taking 20,000 battles just to level up at just 50. It's a wonder what I'll need by level 90. If observations are correct, I'd need 4 times the experience to double the level. That's around 1.8 million total or 6000 battles at this average. It takes 70 just to level up at level 51.... Woke up at 1:52 PM and went to bed at 9:17 AM.
Mar 6: What happened to my dream recalling rate? I first went at the game. I ate about 5 hours later. I progressed a bit with the story until a big surprise - an area with very good enemies worth 1700 experience on average, nearly 6 times that of what I get with the fastest method beforehand. I knew I should stick with them for quite a wile. Considering a 7-ranked song was playing instead of the -1.6 one, this helps, but I'd much prefer the old 1300-ranked one (spiking to 2200). The battle music is the same at 1300 (spikes at 1600, but longer sustained). After eating, I took a shower to prevent my parents from complaining. I went at the game and did nothing but fight enemies until 3 characters were at at least level 62. By then, I was rather tired - being cold from the shower makes me sleepy, even though I'm 3 hours earlier than my usual. I'm 43.2 hours in now. My MP3 player plays back the good world map music on FF6 at 90% true speed - 85 to 100% seems best. Woke up at 6:52 PM and went to bed at 8:02 AM.
Mar 7: Yay! The first time in 2007 - 2 dreams recalled in one night. I first ate watching space stuff on TV. I returned to the game and fought enemies until level 75. I progressed a little with the story, but spent around 3 hours at it - knowing what to do next slew me down, way down. I spent time trying to figure out how to get my "powerhouses" back (and favorites). I also encountered the annoying damage limit, 9999, or "the nines" as I tend to call it. In my envisioned 2D RPG game, 7-figure damage is possible, provided you can figure out how. "No stubborn limits" is one of my biggest goals in all my games - it comes from the player freedom goal, my most important. I got my top favorite character, Edgar, to level 77 by the time I went to bed. Yeah, I should head for 99 before I do anything else with the story. MP3 player still has the old FF6 World song, 92.5% true speed. Woke up at 6:51 PM and went to bed at 9:53 AM (1 minute).
Mar 8: Yes! The third dream recalled in 2 days - a page in details too! I first ate, watching TV for 3 hours. I then checked my E-mail since I haven't in a week. I returned to the game afterwards and only battled enemies - no progress at all with the story, but did reach level 91. I found a way to do battles without having to cure anyone for 4+ hours' game play, and no cheats required. I also found a 15% faster way to level up, almost 2000 experience on average. My MP3 player is still at 92.5% true speed, but changed to 2/3 true speed (66 2/3%) when I went to bed. I'm 56.45 hours in, according to the game's clock. Woke up at 8:56 PM and went to bed at 10:56 AM (2 minutes).
Mar 9: Rats! No dream! I first ate watching TV. I returned to the game right after. By 58.7 hours' gameplay, 3 1/4 hours later (seems more like 3 2/3), I watched Assignment Discovery. I had level 98 on 3 characters. Edgar is 2/3 of the way to 99 (and 89,000-some is needed). I returned to the game for the rest of the day. I got 4 characters to level 99 with Edgar being the first with Celes and Setzer only a battle apart (Celes first). Terra is 3 hours further away. Cyan is almost there. I also found an enemy I have quite a bit of trouble with - bracosaur. It's the only battle in the entire game so far (and it's not even a boss) that is more around my skills. The 9999 damage limit that I ever-so-hate makes it more of a nuisance, along with the slow motion kicking in at random. Some attacks could do 20,000 damage, within the limits of even a signed short, since it's never negative, 65,535 would be more appropriate as the most extreme I could do is only 35,000 or so, barely half that. In my envisioned RPG game, even 65,535 isn't the upper end. I made small progress with the story late in the day. I'm now 64.6 hours in. 2/3 true speed still plays on my MP3 player. Woke up at 10:11 PM and went to bed at 1:23 PM.
Mar 10: I first ate watching 2 1/2 hours' TV. I went at the game for a few hours progressing with the story, then took a shower so I could go grocery shopping. An unexpected delay meant 30 minutes of waiting. I checked my E-mail then went to do my stuff. First it was doing torch-related stuff - I had very little involvement. Then it was another grocery store, not my main target. My main target was next. Dropping off an engine, a quick stop at Menard's for duct tape, then getting gas finished the day out. I returned home and went at searching for memory cards for the Playstation 1. I was sidetracked by FF6 World and studying the best part. At true speed, by amplifying 250 to 550 Hz, I can maximize the way the best part sounds. This is part 2's first 4 measures, starting just after part 1's very long span (almost half the song). I resumed the hunt for memory cards and got some. I went to bed shortly after. Woke up at 1:51 AM and went to bed at 4:10 PM (2 minutes).
Mar 11: I first ate, then checked Ebay for the status of the memory cards. I returned to FF6 and made quite a bit of progress with the story. I got more espers so I went to the area with the dinosaurs. I progressed a bit more with the story until I hit a snag - what do I do next? For the last 5 hours, I got involved with the dinos making Mog learn the various spells - meteor is my favorite and with Tyrano, sometimes a "meteor war" occurs. My 2 dedicated magic users use meteor on the dinos and the dino uses meteor on the characters - that's what I call a meteor war. Celes' cure3 spell does "the nines" in cure to 3 out of 4 characters on average, sometimes 2 or even all 4. My other dedicated magic user, Terra, does 7500 in cure on all. By the end of the day, Edgar, who hasn't used a spell at all (not even cure), has 4.6 million experience. He's toward physicals and has his vigor maxed out. I've also maxed out the GP - seven nines. I've got 150,000 steps and still counting. I still have the same song and speed on my MP3 player (later changed to 72.5% true speed a half hour after going to bed), but computer has 80% true speed. I'm 73.45 hours in. Woke up at 4:55 AM and went to bed at 7:03 PM (1 minute).
Mar 12: Yay! A 5/4-page-long water dream! It's also a bit weird. 70's for highs today in my area, record highs! I first ate watching TV. I then checked Ebay and E-mail. Again, I went at FF6 doing nothing but battling dinosaurs (and having occasional meteor wars with them). I maxed Mog out and brought in Sabin, another one I've dedicated to physicals, but not a top 5 favorite. Whlie the two magic-users battle out the meteor wars, the two nonmagic users keep to their usual physicals. Only Terra, Celes, and Mog, have used spells. All others have not. I have yet to find Strago and Shadow and there's supposedly 2 others yet to obtain, given reviews saying of 14 playable characters. Late in the day, I recorded some videos in hopes of getting screenshots and getting one of those meteor wars. I processed one such video at the end. MP3 player still has 72.5% true speed. 78.8 hours in. Woke up at 4:21 AM (2 minutes) and went to bed at 9:08 PM.
Mar 13: I slept 11 hours, a bit unusual. I first ate watching TV. I then went at FF6 levelling up Relm and getting every spell I had. Yep, meteor wars with dinos occurred, especially with Bracosaur. After maxing out, I attempted to continue with the story, but the snag I hit 2 or 3 days ago caught on - what do I do next? I spent 2 hours visitting every town and seeing if I could get anything new. I found a few things I missed. The only other things were 2 towers and a colosseum. The colosseum was of no interest as it was an auto-battle - I have no control. That's the only reason. I'm better off with Bracosaurs than that, even two of them. I couldn't enter one tower but I could the other and finally found Strago, but still not Locke. Once I got Strago, it was off to levelling him up and learning the spells - more meteor wars with dinos. I, at theend of the day, had two consecutive meteor wars with the first one being a first-class one. Both dinos (Tyrano) used meteor. First, the dino on the left used it, then Celes doing 9999 damage on both taking the left one out. The dino on the right used it right after, then Strago who recently gained it a few dinos earlier, finishing the dinos off. I found that case very funny. The next battle had another meteor war. Gau is the only other one not on level 99 - he's at 69. His poor fighting style is the main reason - no "fight" command. "Rage" causes him to no longer be controlled. My memory cards arrived as well, rather early. I'm 86.2 hours in. My MP3 player is still at 72.5% true speed. Woke up at 8:50 AM and went to bed at 10:18 PM.
Mar 14: I first ate watching TV. I then checked Ebay and E-mail. I returned to FF6 going through the tower I found Strago in and just kept on using meteor for everything and otherwise had little trouble. With no other ideas left on what to do, I went to the final area and finished FF6. I finished it at 10:53 PM. The final boss was easier than Bracosaur, and I took it out in a very short time span - the main final boss only made one action. I then went at FF5. FF5 has weird-looking characters and a strange battle design. Again, I'm at my usual - battling lots of enemies. Woke up at 9:50 AM and went to bed at 4:12 AM.
Mar 15: Yay! A video game dream, 1/3 page detail though. I first played FF5 for 40 or so minutes then ate. By then, semi-good stuff was on on TV, the reason I played FF5 first for a rather short duration. After eating, I returned to FF5. I soon began losing interest in playing in. It's rather weird in design and doesn't have much good stuff to it. Neutral-liked world and battle music hampers it quite a bit. It takes 50+ battles just to level up and even then, the enemies take 1/3 of your HP away. On top of that, there's almost nothing in the way of character customization. 12 hours in and I lost almost all interest. There are, however, 2 good songs I want to get, the one in a castle and a certain town. The castle one is the best one in the game. I'm thinking of playing FF6 again. Near the end of the day, I added the only 3 screenshots I got from FF6 to my site, then posted a note on Gamespot. being so buggy, I've otherwise lost quite a bit of motive. It's the buggest website I've ever seen. If one thing is acting up, it's another following shortly after. There's like 50 or so bugs that I've seen so far. On top of this, there's several annoyances. This has taken my motive down to almost neutral taking any chance of upgrading to a paid subscription to it out with it. The bugs, flaws, and especially the annoyances (even the distracting flash ads are small in comparison to the main annoyances) will soon put my motive into negative territory for even visitting and thus I may abandom Gamespot. The latest is that I couldn't post an image in my blog there when I could before. Woke up at 12:32 PM and went to bed at 4:58 AM.
Mar 16: I slept for 11 hours. I first ate watching TV. I then briefly checked the forums and E-mail. I went at FF6 again with a new game. this time, I'm using GameBridge to record things and get screenshots. I got a few screenshots already and some videos. The videos are meant for archiving only and/or for screenshots (taking stills from them). I got an external hard drive that I can use to store my archived videos on. I got to level 21 already - my new screenshots show the key area I'm doing it at. Woke up at 4:48 PM and went to bed at 3:50 AM.
Mar 17: 4/5 page of details make up the new recalled dream. Eating was the first thing I did. I then briefly checked forums and E-mail then returned to FF6. Along the way, I recorded videos and got several screenshots. 24 is my current known count. Then, trouble hit - the game froze and the second of my memory cards failed and only by copying my game to another memory card was I able to resume. Those new memory cards I got seem useless if thy're doing that, one failing every 2 to 3 days of use. My other 2 near-full memory cards have worked without trouble for 8 or so years. It's the first time I've seen "load failed" messages. There's no "save failed" notice. Yet, even with a backup file that loaded properly before, neither of which would load after some time. I don't get why, by merely copying to another memory card and using the PS1's memory card utility, it suddenly works again. I went through the river scene again, even recording a video of it (for archiving only), and did it without curing anyone, again (except the use of eye drops, but even then, 100% hit rate seems a certainty to occur), and doing over 1600 damage on the octopus, something I've never seen before. Although the video is only for archival purposes, I grabbed a few stills from it. 8.9 hours in.... Woke up at 1:59 PM and went to bed at 5:17 AM.
Mar 19: I first went at FF6 then tried to eat. Annoying parents got me to take a shower beforehand because one is way too sensitive (and this gets on my nerves as well). See news item #xxxxxxxxxx for details on that. I ate afterwards watching something involving time scales from gigayears on the long end to planck time on the shortest. I returned to FF6 for a while progressing quite a bit with the story. I now reached one of the best parts in the game, but I have more yet before the best part. I returned to check Gamespot in 2 separate cases. Late in the day, I processed the Lete River video, both for Gamespot and for archival. One last check at Gamespot and I went to bed. While processing the video, various keyboard commands like copy/paste and control+shift+left suddenly stopped working and a beep at about 300 Hz came from the case. It was a single short beep. 66% true speed is on my MP3 player and 80% true speed on my computer, both of FF6 World. Woke up at 4:05 PM and went to bed at 8:54 AM.
Mar 20: I first ate watching TV. I then checked E-mail and forums spending quite a bit of time on the forums, spending quite a bit of time on the forums. The keyboard shortcut issue is still present and is annoying me quite a bit. Late in the day, however, I extracted 5 songs, 4 new ones. FF6's world map music at the start was one of the previous ones, but supposedly enhanced. The others are covered in news item #xxxxxxxxxx. I processed FF6 Battle and samplers for FF6 World to compare my old version with the new one. For some odd reason, they sound radically different, even for the same speed. One has a stronger bass, the other with a stronger treble. In an E-mail I got, I learned of a trick for telling if a number is a multiple of 11 or not. Woke up at 6:50 PM and went to bed at 8:04 AM.
Mar 21: I first ate watching TV. Then sister got me at touching up one of her drawings. This took around 2 hours. I then checked forums and E-mail. Gamespot's text edittor has now been so messed up that I can't copy or paste anything with it meaning I can't do backups and with the occasional blank pages that site gets and other things, this is a serious flaw. That site is so riddled with bugs and this last one was all I needed for my motive to go negative. I went at troubleshooting the keyboard issue next but didn't get anywhere. This doesn't have anything to do with Gamespot as all programs of all types are affected by it. At the end of the day, with those visions taunting me so much, I began plans for my 2D RPG game that I've been envisioning since late February. I got the 16 main stats and the character development system planned out. Yep, 8-figure damage is within reach (9 and even beyond for the most extreme cases). Almost all day after eating I was using my computer for one thing or another. A few TV breaks and troubleshooting the keyboard issues were slipped in. 80% true speed of FF6 Battle has been playing constantly. Woke up at 8:58 PM and went to bed at 12:47 PM.
Mar 22: I first watched TV but nothing much was on for a while. I hooked up another keyboard and tried it out. I could copy/paste again as well as use control+shift+left! The keys are awkward to press though and the backspace key is very small and I tend to miss it. I ate after this when better stuff was on on TV. I returned to the forums then went at making a world map for my 2D RPG game. This lasted for the last 10 or so hours of the day. I finished the grid (for helping find positions), land, and shallow ocean, and started the various landscapes - forests, mountains, deserts, etc.. I also started marking a few key locations. All day I was at FF6 Battle, at 80% true speed. I ordered a replacement keyboard (and microphone). Prior to eating, I played FF6 for about 50 minutes. GIMP had a record 133 million page faults, the highest I've ever seen it (and the first even being 9-figure page faults). Woke up at 11:58 PM and went to bed at 2:03 PM.
Mar 23: How much longer before I recall a dream!? Much of the day was spent processing videos for archiving. When I first woke up, I received my external hard drive and began processing videos afterwards. I ate very shortly after the first video then returned to processing videos. I got all but FF2 and FF6 (except one of each), and I would like to redo that from Jumping Flash. I still have other games yet and I'd like the full video of Sonic 3 & Knuckles where I'm tossing the fox in the blue and stuff, using debug to make fun of the fox (but not to cheat with). I later processed the redone version of FF6 World for my MP3 player. 90% true speed sounds best on my computer. I then, as with 2 days ago, aided sister with another one of her drawings, taking 4 hours, but enough to get 61.2 million page faults in GIMP. I didn't get to work on the world map I was doing yesterday due to all this. Woke up at 1:37 AM and went to bed at 4:59 PM.
Mar 24: I woke up feeling somewhat drowsy much of the first half of the day. First it was E-mail and forums, then I spent a few hours working on the world map of my 2D RPG game finishing 3 areas of land, about 10% or so. I watched quite a bit of TV, but no eating since I wanted Domino's. I later processed more videos. I took a shower afterwards then resumed processing videos for a bit. I left for the store, but mom wanted to look at stuff. I then went to the store afterwards. I first got things I had in memory - oil, antifreeze, and vitamins. I returned to my grocery shopping and checked out. It was then a 15-minute wait. We left and got Domino's. This time, without having to cancel it (as from 50 or so days ago). I returned home, put perishables away, then ate 1/3 of my pizza, rather small considering I didn't eat for 30 hours or so by then. I then checked the forums and got hooked with Wikipedia. I wanted to add my screenshots to it such as one from FF2, Felix, and some others. I spent 6 hours at it, far longer than expected. While out, I constantly had FF6's Battle music in my head. I started getting a runny nose at the end of the day. My MP3 player is at FF6 World (85% true speed) and my computer is at FF5 Castle (90% true speed). Woke up at 1:59 AM and went to bed at 10:53 PM (1 minute).
Mar 25: I woke up with the left side of my nose plugged - I think I may have caught a cold. I woke up a bit drowsy, again, but due to my nose.... I checked forums and browsed Wikipedia (eating first beforehand). I went to bed again as I was barely able to stay awake. I woke up up after 90 minutes of sleep. I went at rechecking the forums then worked on my world map. I then remains on the forums and Wikipedia. It reached 84F in my room, which isn't entirely unusual, and yet, I hardly sweat. My runny nose caused me to use up 80% of a box of tissues and constantly got annoyed over it. I watched 2 hours' TV at the end and went to bed. FF6 World (85% true speed) is on my MP3 player, FF5 Castle (90% true speed) for first half of the day, then FF6 Battle (90% true speed) on my computer for the second half of the day. Woke up at 6:23 AM, went to bed at 9:14 AM, woke up again at 11:59 AM, then went to bed for the day at 10:01 PM.
Mar 26: Finally a dream recalled, a weird one using a page in details. I swapped between forums, Wikipedia, and TV for the first 2/3 of the day. Only HWW was involved as I otherwise abandoned Gamespot. I expanded on the game Looney Tunes Back in Action on Wikipedia, which had little about it. I also added a screenshot. During the end of this phase, I got my replacement microphone and keyboard. I hooked them up while I watched TV then went at rechecking the forums to see if it worked. It did and I went at updating my site. It was first the divisibility trick update (from an E-mail suggestion), then the major blog headlines. I finished both for what I have. Having received the items a day earlier than expected, I now have a good 4 days to finish the update. The same songs from yesterday play, except FF6 World on my MP3 player is now at 84% true speed. Woke up at 8:14 AM and went to bed at 11:15 PM.
Mar 27: I first checked the forums and E-mail. I then tried to eat but there was grease on the cooker tray adding a 3 1/2-hour delay. I watched TV and checked the forums while waiting. When I finally got to eat, I continued watching TV. When done, I went at processing screenshots of FF6 for my site - 29 now available. I finished that and went at my dream journal adding 2 of 8 dreams. I've got more headlines to add though, new ones I thought of (and whatever else the daily entries have). When the only good thing was on on TV, I processed 2 more videos. I returned to the site update then went to bed. Woke up at 10:22 AM and went to bed at 12:37 AM.
Mar 28: How... unusual... of a recalled dream! For a first in almost 2 years, and a first in my dreams, a new ability for my stories and mind game has been "added". First it was eating and TV. Then it was checking HWW and E-mail. Once done, I continued the site update adding all 9 dreams, all but one of the headlines, and the Feb 28 daily entry. Along the way, I was interrupted, not by 1, but 2 thunderstorms. That's right, thunderstorms. They are very unusual in March. Usually, it's mid April that they start occurring, and early May before they are of the intensity as the ones I had. Also, TV interrupted it a few times, but the storms were a bigger issue. I could still work on the update while the ads were on, but when lighting is on, I can't even use the computer (parental rule). Leviburst is the new ability's name. The same songs played, but I changed to Mountains So Far Away on my computer at 90% true speed later on. Woke up at 10:44 AM and went to bed at 3:19 AM.
Mar 29: I spent quite a bit of time on the website update but later was swapping between TV and the update, mainly doing the update while ads were on. I finished the update a few minutes before midnight leaving a bit more than 2 days to spare. I checked the forums then went at working on my 2D RPG game's plan. This spanned the rest of the day. I explained the character development system and its algorithms. I explained the design of the menus, copying what I see in my very vivid visions (excuse the alliteration). The ability system and battle system have been explained but left out status effects (like poison or haste). Almost everything is within my reach and it's only those road blocks that hold me back. I have yet to explain the field, side quests, and form the lists (items, magic, enemies, etc.). There's the graphics, sound, and programming left, of which the graphics will take quite a while to do. I still got my runny nose but it's no where near as bad. Woke up at 2:48 PM and went to bed at 7:28 AM.
Mar 31: I first checked forums and E-mail. I then ate watching TV. I rechecked the forums then went at the 2D RPG game's plan for many hours. I, when about to go, wanted to test the new microphone. I took out Bubsy and... you know what - OWTLI and Desert Zone. I only did OWTLI using a new detail I discovered. I rechecked the forums and went to bed. Next is April where my luck is only slightly higher than in March and in March, my luck is above average. I switched to my new OWTLI. Woke up at 5:17 PM and went to bed at 11:46 AM.

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