Welcome to my live gaming

Video games are my specialty. The games I play are from Final Fantasy and Disgaea to Super Monkey Ball, Bubsy, or even Blaster Master. They span both new and old games, though primarily older ones. Not only do I play video games, I also make them (see my Platform Masters section for details). Since I know how to make video games, I know their limitations, designs, and other elements beyond what most nonprogrammers would know.

Due to ESRB ratings of the games, it is advised that no one under the age of 13 watches the live video stream of my game play without parental approval. I never play M- or AO-rated games as I have an extremely low motive for these kinds of games that are actually against my nature.

Do note that, when it comes to advancing game story lines, the live stream will go down temporarily. This is generally pretty rare though since, even with RPGs, I tend to not advance stories for extended times (I'm an extreme powerleveler, if my Disgaea and Final Fantasy 12 videos aren't any indication.). The second case is when I'm getting ready to record a video for posting on YouTube, though this part, as of Jan 11, 2011, is uncertain.

Lastly, I play my games off and on and in spurts. At times, I play 12 to even 16 hours a day for a few weeks straight and at other times I don't play at all for several weeks. When I'm not playing, chances are, I'm either working on Platform Masters, updating my site, or doing something else that's less common. The hours I'm available shift constantly due to my roughly 25-2/3-hour sleep-wake cycle.

Ready? Begin watching the live stream here.