What kinds of animated GIFs do you have?

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This document is extremely outdated. However, the more updated version containing many more animations and new features is here.

1 Introduction

I make all kinds of animated images, and now I'm starting to get into 3D animation using the same 2D field I've been using for a long time. My latest animation is of an view of jumping off of a cliff and using the so-called "fall-glide". I currently have 11 animated GIFs in stock.

Unlike most animated GIFs, these animated GIFs are often in excess of 60 frames. Some of which actually have even 300 frames. Usually, a 300-frame animated GIF is well out of the question, but I could make a 1000-frame animated GIF in high detail in about a week (though, a file size of 3 MB or so may pose problems with bandwidth). My animated GIFs are more complex than you may first think. Usually, it may be of a few things changing on a background (in the simplest, more common case) or just a single object being moved around. My animated GIFs are far more complex than most you'll find. If you could imagine filming something with your camcorder, this is basically what I make. They aren't recorded videos, they are a series of drawings, originally as bitmap files, but saved as GIF files when finished. To top that off, my animations have a lot of realistic 3D effects and a lot of math behind it. I still can't do perspective (the shrinking and growing of objects as you increase or decrease your distance from them) as I don't have the formula. My animated GIFs are basically of things related to cartoons. One example is where you're in a rocket and jump off of it while going 550 mph and making big puffs (dust clouds) and successfully stop without any trouble. Another example is of a race where you cross a river quickly and the speed blast is used to float run 300 mph across the river then coming to a full stop. A third example is where you jump off of the top of a hot air ballon, reach 800 mph in falling with the flare effect occurring, then bouncing to a full stop. Not only do I just have videos of things like this, I have various other things too like a ferris wheel at night and the brilliant lighting patterns used, and even a cartoon featuring credit cards and credit card debt.

I'm at the point in which I can make real cartoons and with 3DGamestudio at my hands, making 3D animations is even easier. I can almost just make movies! I even plan on making a movie based on one of my few hundred dreams I've got listed (see category 4 on the main index).

Because these files tend to get very large, especially the later ones, I'm only listing 5 per page. To those really big ones (like over 250 KB), I'll just provide a link to them instead of displaying them on the page.

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