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With common objects or toys around the house such as dice, marbles, paper, or coins, there's a seemingly unlimited number of games that can be created with them. These are some games I've known about since the mid-1990's. Some construction may be needed, especially for cards or a ramp, but Hit-a-bump version 6 requires the most complex construction. Most games require simple construction, simple enough that a 7-year-old wouldn't need help. Almost all of my games can be played solo (single-player), but quite a few support multiple players. Multiplayer, however, has not been thoroughly tested (simulated in my mind game though).

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1 Tips and tricks - From math shortcuts and tricks, and using the computer, to food and drink, and tips to save money, I have tips and tricks to make things easier and better. (note: some documents in here haven't been updated since 2003 (or 2005 for a select few)).

2 Help promote my site - If you like my site, feel free to promote it using the banners I've created. Instructions for using them are given on the page. Caution: These haven't been updated since 2002 (!) and do not apply to my site anymore now....

3 Features - my mind game, Color System, the frequently used work-in-progress compatibility/motive system, and other reports.

4 About Me - things about me such as my rapidly-growing dream journal, my history, and my blog.

5 Games index - Games you can make and play using common household objects like dice, paper, and marbles. My games often allow for solo play, but can be multiplayer as well. Caution: These documents haven't been updated in a long time (from 1 to 3 years), but are still generally correct.
5.1 Game creation history - Want to know the history on my game creation and it's possible future? Click this link to learn all about it. Warning: very outdated

5.2 Gazintas
5.2.1 Gazintas - A game in which you multiply or divide fractions or mixed numbers.
5.2.2 Gazintas' development history - History of Gazintas' development.

5.3 Dice Game 7
5.3.1 Dice Game 7 - A dice game in which you roll for big scores.
5.3.2 Dice Game 7's history - The history of development for Dice Game 7

5.4 Y-battle
5.4.1 Y-battle - A toy car game in which you smash other players' toy cars in hope to get their cars upsidedown.
5.4.2 Y-battle's development history - History of development for the game Y-battle.

5.5 Ten
5.5.1 Ten - A counting game called "Ten" where the number involved with almost everything is ten.
5.5.2 Ten's development history - A counting game called "Ten" where the number involved with almost everything is ten.

5.6 Hit-a-bump
5.6.1 Hit-a-bump - A targeting game involving rolling coins, throwing rocks and cards, and rolling marbles short distances. There's six versions of play in all, five you can see. The first page is the history.
5.6.2 Hit-a-bump version 1 - The earliest of the Hit-a-bump versions, and most simple. Must be played outdoors.
5.6.3 Hit-a-bump version 2 - An indoor, and somewhat better version of version 1 involving cards.
5.6.4 Hit-a-bump version 3 - Same as version 2 only with scoring involved.
5.6.5 Hit-a-bump version 4 - Involves rolling marbles down a ramp.

5.6.6 Hit-a-bump version 6 Hit-a-bump version 6 - The most experiencing version of all of Hit-a-bump, near commercial quality! However, you need a specialized board that you can make from wood. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction - The page that lists whether you want to have measurement units in either inches or millimeters. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction in inches - How to build and prepare the specialized board for Hit-a-bump version 6 in US measurements [inches]. Hit-a-bump version 6 construction in millimeters - How to build and prepare the specialized board for Hit-a-bump version 6 in metric measurements [millimeters].

5.7 Criss Cross
5.7.1 Criss Cross - Criss Cross is a word game that can support an unlimited number of players, provided you make enough cards, all easy to make.
5.7.2 Criss Cross' history - The history on how Criss Cross came to be as it is now.

5.8 Marbles: Lights Out
5.8.1 Marbles: Lights Out - Marbles: Lights Out is a game that combines artwork, marbles, strategy, and destruction. The ultimate goal is to clear every marble in the field without running out of marbles. This is one of my greatest masterpieces and it's highly original.
5.8.2 Marbles: Lights Out (old version) - The old version of Marbles: Lights Out

5.8.3 Marbles: Lights Out's history - History of Marbles: Lights Out

5.9 Marble Pool-ball
5.9.1 Marble Pool-ball - This is another marble targetting game that derived from Hit-a-bump version 4. It's setup and needs are of the most simple of any of the other games. Setup can be done in less than a minute!
5.9.2 Marble Pool-ball's history - History of Marble Pool-ball

5.10 Factors - This math game deals with factoring numbers and how to find some pretty big prime numbers. You only need a calculator and some paper [paper for scoring [or remembering the number as some calculators don't have a memory function decent enough]].

5.11 What Would You Do If...? - This thinking and logic game tests your knowledge in any case or event. The history is very short and it's on the bottom of the page. Requires two or more players to play.

5.12 Random Colors - A game of thinking and skill where you try to block other's moves by placing your legos so their colors don't touch one of an existing color.

5.13 Race to the Center - An archery racing game in which I learned while in 7th or 8th grade. You shoot arrows toward the outermost ring and work inwards.

5.14 License Plate Math - A math game where you use license plates on cars for scoring. The numbers are multiplied together and letters give bonuses or take points away.

5.15 The Product T Game - This is a game of fast searching where speed is the name of the game. You find products with a special, not-so-common type of small t.

5.16 Jigsaw Puzzle Scoring Game - a game that makes you think while working on jigsaw puzzles to add to the challenge. Caution: modifications needed

5.17 Survive the Flood UNO - This is an UNO-based strategy card game meant to be played solo. Both UNO cards and regular cards can be used and the rules are explained here.

6 Stories - a collection of various stories, especially The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, The Secret in the Basement, and details of very well-recalled dreams.

7 Ulillillia City website FAQ - Frequently asked questions for my website in general - the main FAQ page and a glossary of commonly-used terms. For the FAQ related to music, my animations, or my 2D game, see the relevant pages.

8 My animated GIF collection - I make complex-behaving animations, many of which from my mind game. The bulk of my animated GIFs are here. This document is quite likely to be dumped.

9 Game development
- My computer games I'm making, featuring my 2D action game, The Supernatural Olympics (view update checklist), and my 2D platform game, Platform Masters

10 Other - things that don't fit any other category well such as experiments, how I process my music, video game screenshots section or even a behind-the-scenes look at how I update my website.

Site map - the content of all categories put together in one expanded out.