The Supernatural Olympics v3.x - Screenshot of development progress on Mar 23, 2008
A screenshot of the scenery (as of Mar 23, 2008) viewed from about 6500 feet above ground in very early development.

What is version 3.x of The Supernatural Olympics like?

Last updated: Aug 25, 2008 (level 9 update - intro rewritten, copied from help file with classified elements removed)
Level 1 update on Oct 25, 2008 (a few minor adjustments here and there)

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Ever wonder what it's like to go the speed of sound or be in the stratosphere? By joining the Supernatural Olympics, experiencing supersonic speeds and heights beyond the stratosphere is easier than ever! There are 48 (very likely 56) challenges in all. Each challenge has a dedicated rank to determine the difficulty. From the easiest that pretty much anyone can win to a great challenge for true masters, there's something for everyone.

There are numerous special abilities that make gold-medal Olympic athletes look weak. With these abilities, mountains can be scaled in minutes rather than days (or weeks), the high jump measures in miles rather than feet, and the speeds easily exceed that of commercial airlines, instead of 25 mph. There's even time control, insta-teleport, and gravity-manipulation as well.

The scenery is richly detailed and very 3D-like. From the close-by pathway, city, highway, and small forests to the distant hills, lakes, and mountains, the mountain-side village is both detailed and realistic-looking. Drifting in the wind are cumulus humilis (fair weather) and cirrostratus clouds.

The foreground landscape is vast and varied. Cruise through level plains and deserts and climb the highest mountains reaching over 4 miles high. Dash along rolling hills and zip through small forests. Leap through a swamp, give "island-hopping" a new meaning, or dive to the bottom of the deepest lakes. With numerous supernatural abilities, every type of landscape is easily accessible and easy to move through.

Many of game's aspects can be configured. While some settings are obvious such as quality, resolution and windowed/fullscreen, many other aspects not normally seen can be changed as well such as the heights and speeds of the clouds, the visibility and use of special effects, or the layout and verbosity (detail intensity) of the onscreen information. What's more is that there are few limitations to what can be set.

There are numerous other features as well such as a horizon indicator, time control, time advance mode, terrain map display, and several special effects that add to the realism. Plus, an interactive tutorial is there to get you started in just 5 minutes.

The Supernatural Olympics is suitable for anyone, even someone as young as 5. Violence is hardly present (the shockwaves from the pound stomp is about as violent as it gets), and there's no other adult content (I'm actually against having adult content in games), including the use of foul language (the so-called "curse words" or "cuss words").

Interested? Let's get a broad look at the features of the available editions.

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