Supernatural Olympics - gliding above the clouds
Gliding just above the clouds faster than the speed of sound.

What are The Supernatural Olympics?

Last updated: Jun 19, 2006

Ever wonder what it's like to go the speed of sound or cruise the stratosphere? The Supernatural Olympics is a high-speed action game that allows you to do both!

Built with exacting mathematical accuracy and precision, The Supernatural Olympics allows you to travel fast and high and customize virtually every aspect the game. With 8 challenges, 4 difficulty settings, and absolutely no adult content, kids of all ages and experience levels can share in the fun.

This 2D game of exploration and challenge is loaded with features including: a horizon indicator, time control, frame advance mode, an interactive tutorial, and several special effects including the realistic darkening of the sky as you climb higher with realistic perspective effects and fog.

The Supernatural Olympics: coming to you at the speed of sound!

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