What information do you have for the ice series?

Ice spells allow you to attack your enemies with ice-elemental properties*. As with any elemental spell, be careful on what you use it on, otherwise you may end up healing your enemy instead.

General spell statistics
CategoryElemental attacking
Elemental property Ice
Magic attack power250
Effective onvery hot objects and things vulnerable to sudden temperature changes
Prerequisits to learning
  1. Be able to convert spell power to shock waves
  2. Have at least 400 spell power
  3. Be able to pinpoint an exact location
  4. (optional)Be able to select an area [for mass-selecting purposes]
  5. Level must be higher than 300
  6. Magic must be higher than 5000*
Equip effects**:Strength and attack go down; Magic and spirit go up a lot, and the rest remain the same
AP cost***1.2 trillion

Table Footnotes:
* These are all status terms. To learn more, go to this page.
** Equip effects are minor changes to your primary stats [and rarely secondary and quaternary stats]. To learn more, go to this page.
*** AP cost is how many ability points the ability will take to learn. To learn more, see this page.

This table below describes the ice spell in very high details including the level-specific details.

LevelEffects when castedAverage damage*Root Value**Video downloads?***
1A small 00FFFF ice block appears over the target; ice block drops suddenly and breaks176,776 7/10400Ice7
Download size: 3139 bytes
full size: 1,961,472 bytes
2Same as level 1250,000800
3Same as level 1353,553 2/51700
4Same as level 1500,0003500
5Same as level 1707106 7/97200
6Same as level 11,000,00015,000
7Same as level 11,414,213 9/1632,000
8Same as level 12,000,00065,000
9Same as level 12,828,427 1/8135,000
10surroundings fade to 1/2 normal brightness leaving the target unaffected; ice forms around the target in 1 second like water froze on him; a 4 by 4 foot sphere of pure ice forms around the target; the sphere explodes with minor force sending particles flying no more than 15 mph; surroundings fade to normal4,000,000280,000Ice12
Download size: 10,440 bytes
full size: 2,883,584 bytes
11Same as level 105,656,854 1/4575000
12Same as level 108,000,0001,200,000
13Same as level 1011,313,708 1/22,500,000
14Same as level 1016,000,0005,000,000
15Same as level 1022,627,41710,000,000
16Same as level 1032,000,00020,000,000
17Same as level 1045,254,83440,000,000
18Same as level 1064,000,00080,000,000
19surroundings fade to 1/4 the normal brightness except the target which is unaffected; a large ice crystal like that of a large quartz crystal appears over the target; ice crystal explodes sending pieces flying off in all directions at starting speeds from 250 mph to as high as 550 mph; ice shards disappear after 3 seconds; surroundings return to normal90,509,668170,000,000In progress...
20Same as level 19128,000,000350,000,000
21Same as level 19181,019,335 59/60720,000,000
22Same as level 19256,000,0001,500,000,000
23Same as level 19362,038,671 29/303,200,000,000
24Same as level 19512,000,0006,500,000,000
25Same as level 19724,077,343 14/1513,500,000,000
26Same as level 191,024,000,00028,000,000,000
27Same as level 191,448,154,687 7/857,500,000,000
28Surroundings fade completely away leaving the target unaffected; a giant ice crystal appears 30% larger than that of level 27; after a second of no activity, 4 progressively smaller ice crystals form every fifth of a second after the pause with the final crystal 3/5 the size of the largest one; view flashes pure white for 1/20 of a second; ice crystals explode sending shards every where; surroundings return to normal after the ice shards have scattered for 4 seconds2,048,000,000120,000,000,000Not yet
29Same as level 282,896,309,375 3/4250,000,000,000
30Same as level 284,096,000,000500,000,000,000
31Same as level 285,792,618,751 12/251 trillion
32Same as level 288,192,000,0002 trillion
33Same as level 2811,585,237,502 24/254 trillion
34Same as level 2816,384,000,0008 trillion
35Same as level 2823,170,475,005 23/2517 trillion
36Same as level 28 except that 11 crystals form inside the large one and the first ice crystal is 50% larger than that of level 27 and the final ice crystal becomes 1/2 the size of the largest one32,768,000,00035 trillionNeeds to be redone

Table footnotes:
* The values indicated in here refers to having a maxed magic stat of 999,999,999. It also assumes no critical hits, the damage variation was always 1, and that the target has normal elemental defense to ice.
** Root value is the amount of spell power it would take to cast that spell if your spirit stat was equal to zero.
*** Because multiple levels share the same spell effects, refer to the download of the lowest level in the group. Look at the Status bar of your browser to make sure it makes sense. If the video doesn't match the descriptions given [aside from the very minor differences like different colors used], alert me with a bug report so I know.
The "00FFFF" is a color notation code. See This report for more information and how to find that exact color.
All decimals are rounded to the nearest common fraction. To explain what "nearest common fraction" is, see the FAQ page.

You might be thinking how you gain newer levels for the spell. Simple, use it enough and/or gain experience otherwise. If you're asking about getting ice2 from ice, the ability needs to reach a certain level. To gain all levels of ice, your ability must be at level 858,993,459,200 or higher. To get level 2, you need to get it to level 50. For level 3, you need level 100, 200 for level 4, 400 for level 5, and so on. Just keep doubling it from there.

* The 10 elements are explained in detail on This page.