Climbing mountains and high speed movement are a thrill in my mind game.

What is my mind game?

Last updated: Oct 11, 2006

1 What my mind game is

This animated GIF above shows some of the few thrills and crazy stunts I do in my mind game, a futuristic-like video game I play in my mind often. It takes a day or two to climb a mountain 6900 feet high, but in my mind game, with the use of the float run and numerous other special abilities, it takes under a minute. The above animation is in true time and is scaled realistically with very strong 3D effects. The behavior exactly matches that in my mind game. The animation loops forever and lasts about 80 seconds per loop, the time it takes to go up and down the mountain.

This animation only hints at some of the strange and bizarre things I do in my mind game. There are many strange things featured in my mind game that I do almost daily in some way. These are as follows:

  1. Supernatural abilities used in real-world type situations, like climbing up a mountain and jumping a half mile high then crashing into a wall near the speed of sound unhurt.
  2. Intense speeds which allow me to cruise anywhere in small amounts of time. No machines required. Though, making tight turns on a raceway can be difficult.
  3. Fully customizable physics where I can change the force of gravity from 21.9 mph per second to 20 or 80 mph per second. I can constantly speed up forever while falling and when I land from intense speeds, a huge shockwave is emitted, or I may just bounce up at half the speed and weaken the effects of the shockwave.
  4. Run without touching the ground and without using machines at speeds exceeding well past the speed of sound (for horizontal movement, I've reached about mach 2.5 or about 1800 mph).
  5. Extremely large expanse of menus and controls. Though the menus are almost never used, except to check some stats and to view the big map.

2 "Example" of my mind game being played

2.1 The animated GIF

The animated GIF above shows a great example of what I do in my mind game. At the start of the animation, I'm using the float run to head straight up the mountain. At a constant 200 mph, even at the very steepest slopes, climbing the mountain is very easy to do. After getting near the peak, where the slopes get very steep, jumping at the right moment (a 1:4 slope at 200 mph launches me exactly straight up) then using the flash attack is enough to easily add another half mile in height jumping higher than the highest peaks in the background, even from a mountain 1000 feet lower. Once at the very top of the jump, I use the pound stomp. This ability increases acceleration to 80 mph per second. I made a few adjustments to land on the best part of the mountain. From being up so high, it's hard to see where the ground is. Upon landing, I begin to float run down the mountain. Due to hitting a nonparallel slope, the speed of impact is reduced some, determined by the formula "sin(slope_angle_from_horizon)". If I hit a slope with a 30 pitch, the speed is cut exactly in half. I continually charge down the mountain getting ever closer to the speed of sound. I start from 620 mph and reach 745 at the bottom, just 15 mph shy of the speed of sound. I slam into a wall at that very high speed, but the kinetic energy is disepated out into a shockwave rather than cutting a hole into the wall. The character never takes any damage. I then turn around, jump a short ways, use the flash attack to get a quick boost of speed, then accelerate to 200 mph again ready for another long climb up the mountain.

2.2 Common things in my mind game

The animated GIF at the top closely relates to what I do in my mind game. There are several animations I have made depicting my mind game. This is what is featured that is common to my mind game:

  1. Climbing mountains in a minute or two rather than days or weeks.
  2. Being in strange places such as on top of a hot air balloon or a vast mountainous valley above the clouds.
  3. Running around at speeds faster than race cars, sometimes even faster than the speed of sound (760 mph).
  4. Immunity to damage and drag - this allows for extreme speeds, especially when using the pound stomp and falling from a great height.
  5. Playing stories or other things as entertainment.
  6. Using a collection of about ten special abilities, each with unique advantages and disadvantages, the pound stomp, jump 50, the flash attack, the float run, and the speed blast are my most commonly used and my favorites.
  7. Lots of details on my view such as speed and height, my two favorites (in mph and feet respectively).
  8. See the "funny things I do in my mind game" page to see some other strange things I do.

3 Common questions about my mind game

My mind game has many advantages to me, but it also has one known disadvantage. There are a lot of questions you may have about my mind game and they may be any of the following:

  1. What uses does your mind game have?
  2. What do the "looks" look like when you play it?
  3. How did your mind game come to be?
  4. What, exactly, do you usually do in your mind game?

These questions and more will be answered in the report to come.

4 Playing my mind game

If you like the way my mind game sounds, you might be interested in The Supernatural Olympics, my 2D game which strongly mimics it. There are two editions available. There's the free edition, in which you don't have to pay anything for it and you'll get most of the features, often with some minor limitations. The full edition has everything unlimited and a little extra, but costs $12.95 per license (with free updates). See the second-to-the-last link in the list of links below for further details.

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* Spell power is the amount of energy available for use of special abilities. It is explained in more detail in section 3 here.