What are the elements and what are their properties?

1. Elemental basics

Right away when you think of elements, you may think of those in the Periodic Table such as Hydrogen, Helium, gold, silver, iron, etc.. These elements don't refer to those. These include:

  1. fire
  2. ice
  3. thunder
  4. earth
  5. poison
  6. wind
  7. water
  8. holy
  9. gravity
  10. dark

They each have properties as well as symbols and relative colors. The symbols for each are in the picture below and on the top of the screen below the advertisement. They are always an essential to the Status System as well, my mind game, the spells, and my stories. For example, if you go swimming, you're making yourself more resistant to fire, but weaker to ice and wind. If you decide to get out, you are making yourself a bit weaker against fire [after you dry off], but much stronger against ice and wind. There are several examples of each as well.

2. The 10 elements


Fire refers to anything hot, especially over 50C. It does not include the fire caused from chemical reactions, but the objects burning, if 50C or hotter. Attacking with fire means to attack something with a hot object 50C or hotter. The symbol represents a flame. The color for fire is E00000**.


Ice is the opposite of fire. Anything less than 0C is of ice elemental property. Attacking with ice means to attack something with a cold object 0C or colder. The symbol represents a snowflake. The color for ice is 00E0E0.


Anything that carries electricity well is of thunder elemental property. Lightning is purely thunder-based. Attacking with thunder means to attack something with high-denisty electricity [or high voltage]. The symbol represents a lightning bolt. The color for thunder is E0E000.


Earth refers to objects between 0C and 50C and solid. Attacking with earth means to attack with objects of these temperatures and solids, primarily with rocks. In a small sense, punches, kicks, etc. are all earth-based attacks. The symbol represents mountains, a common type of Earth elemental object. The color for earth is 704030.


Poison is of any chemical that reacts easily with other chemicals. Often, poison refers to any objects with a PH greater than 11 and less than 3. Attacking with poison means to use chemcials that easily and quickly react to other chemicals or have a PH greater than 11 and/or less than 3. The symbol represents an NH3 molecule, a type of poisonous chemical. The color for poison is 00E000.


Wind actually refers to anything that is of high speed or anything gaseous from 0C to 50C. It can be a human going 200 mph in an airplane [Both the human and airplane to the other objects would be wind element as well as earth [and water].] Attacking with wind means to attack with molecules quickly rushing over the target. The symbol represents a tornado, a common form of wind elemental. The color for wind is A0FFFF.


Water refers to just about anything liquid from 0C to 50C. Attacking with water means to attack using a liquid [yes, it does mean lava as well, but lava is both water and fire [mostly fire though]]. The symbol represents the ocean's waves. The color for water is 0000E0.


Holy refers to anything that is good and absolutely not evil. Attacking with holy means to use the power of good to defeat evil. The symbol represents the Cross. The color for holy is true white, or FFFFFF.


Here's the 64 million dollar question. What is gravity? That's simple, it's the force that keeps you on the ground! Gravity is of anything very dense and very small or emits an unusually strong gravitational field. Black holes are primarily gravity elemental. Attacking with gravity means to increase the apparent gravity on your target for a time. The symbol represents an arrow pointing toward the ground, the main source of the gravity and where it tries to take you. The color for gravity is 808080.


This element is the opposite of holy. Anything evil, like crooks, robbers, etc. are of dark element. Pure dark element is an object with absolutely no good and entirely evil [neutrals don't count]. Attacking with dark means to attack with evil. The symbol resembles a devil's fork. The color for dark is true black, or 000000.

3. Elemental defense

These ten elements are always "battling" each other. You can get into it too by swimming [makes you more defensive to fire, but weaker to ice and wind] or when it's very dry, things tend to be more vulnerable to fire, and resistant to ice [unless it's hot].

As you probably know, hot objects quickly heat up cold objects, but cold objects quickly cool down hot objects. Using too much power in a machine could short-circuit it. Elements are weak against others in many ways and immune to or absorb other elements in other ways. To summarize the weaknesses and strenghths of each element to the others, this table does so. The table is read across. Here's how to use this table:

  1. Look for the element you wish to attack with or use on the left side of the table. [i.e. fire casted on ice; find fire on the left, or refer to it's elemental color as described in each field's last sentence.]
  2. Find the element on the top side of the table you want to attack [i.e. fire casted on ice; find ice on the top]
  3. Where these two meet is the multiplicative value used in various attacking formulas caused.
  4. This only works when the object attacked is purely of that element and you're attacking purely of that element.


Table footnotes:
Although no marks are found, just to explain things on what this all means. You know that using ice on a hot object cools it off very quickly, right? If you look at the elemental chart here, you can see that fire and ice [either way] do 2.8 times the normal damage. This is noted as "fire is weak against ice", or, conversely, "ice is weak against fire". This is called a weakness or elemental weakness. Now look at fire on poison. Using hot objects on poison [chemicals] can do some damage. I believe that it is a 1 meaning normal defense. Consider fire on earth. Because the value is less than 1 and greater than 0, it takes a fraction of the normal damage. This isn't that common. You probably get the pattern by now. For water on wind, no damage is done. Liquids don't affect gaseous or fast objects [or very minimally] so damage is minimal or zero regardless of defense*. As you can tell, there are quite a few negative numbers. Unlike their counterparts where damage is done, it's the opposite. Consider fire on fire, which is a hot object on a hot object. Because they are both of fire elemental property, they remain hot longer. When electricity flows through something, it gets hot over time. Since fire is any hot object, using thunder on something would, in a sense, "heal" the hot object. Conversely, this isn't true. Using a hot object on a thunder-based object [like a computer] it would heat up more than what is necessary. Because a dense object can conduct electricity better, compressing it using gravity will really help the flow of electricity, thus a large negative value.

* Defense is your defense to physical damage. To learn all about it in more detail, read section 2 here.
** These six-digit hexadecimal codes are used to identify an exact color. They are used in the table above. To find these and any other color, go here.