This is what I looked like on September 19, 2008 during a vacation. Duluth is in the background.

What is your history like?

Last updated: Dec 7, 2005
Level 3 update on Aug 2, 2007 - section 3.6 added, section 4 updated

1 The beginning

When I was about 3 to 5 years of age (most likely 4), I started getting interested in video games. This is when I first started playing video games with the Atari system. I don't know much about this though as far as what has happened. A few things that I can recall was that I was extremely good at these games and could get through so many levels without getting a "game over" notice (or the related). Since the Atari, Iíve been involved with video games.

2 Too much video game playing

For a full list of all games I own or played and details/remarks about them, see the list of my games.

2.1 Nintendo

Of all the systems I've played, between the Nintendo and Sega Genesis, I don't know which I played the most. In the Nintendo system, I had several favorite games. Felix the Cat, Metroid (even to this day, I don't know the main objective for this game, if there is any), Jaws, Mario (except Mario 2), and Blaster Master were my favorites. Even to today, they are still strongly liked. As early as the Nintendo, I had major issues.

During the days of the Nintendo, I was playing my games for ten hours per day on weekends and 4 to 6 hours per day on school days. This caused problems with school. While in school, I was often jumping like crazy (as if jumping on one of those turtles in Mario) almost everywhere I went where walking was involved. Some well-recalled events are these (memory jogged from running events in my mind game):

These pertain to just the Nintendo alone.

2.2 The Super Nintendo

Compared to the original Nintendo, there really isn't much change when it comes to the Super Nintendo. In fact, the only real difference is that I only got three games and I didn't play them often. Details about this at this era are very vague.

The only favorite game I had was Super Mario World.

2.3 The Sega Genesis

Originally coming with Eternal Champions, a game I dislike, the Sega Genesis system itself didn't seem exciting. Then, along comes Bubsy. For days on end, I'd be playing "Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind". This was my top favorite game of all time. It's the only game that I know of from this time where the screen can scroll at even 95 pixels per frame (causing the background to move nearly 3 pixels per frame able to go from the top of the level to the very bottom in just a half of a second). I had many favorite games as well: Taz in Escape from Mars, Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, Sonic 3 & Knuckles (only got around 2003), Crueball (a pinball game), Virtual Pinball (as you can create your own "levels"), the Magic School Bus gets Lost in Space, Ristar (mainly from it's music and realistic-looking graphics), Aero the Acrobat, Vectorman 2 (I was once in a bonus stage nonstop for 5 hours (!)), and finally Tiny Toons in Buster's Hidden Treasure (I liked the game play). That's a lot of games! Yet, strangely enough, I no longer really seemed to be affected by the excessive play and the side effects it induced.

2.4 The Playstation

The Playstation marked the end of my interest in gaming, especially the excessive play. Bubsy 3D (as you may expect) was one of my top favorites along with Skullmonkeys (I liked the gameplay style and the good challenge), Jumping Flash (both versions), and Spyro 2. Although many claim of playing RPG games, I rarely play them and often don't get involved that much. I didn't like Final Fantasy 8 much at all and didn't really get that far. Only the music keeps me going on Final Fantasy 9 (and I'm stuck on the island you start on). However, only Final Fantasy 7 was played through in full. In fact, my "Status System" was actually around before FF7 was even released. Again, not much has really happened from playing the Playstation.

I only gradually lost interest in games from this. By this point in time, the games were less interesting than the classics.

2.5 The Gamecube

Having already lost much of my interest in playing games, the Gamecube didn't seem all that exciting. Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Mario Sunshine are the only two favorites from the Gamecube and Sonic Mega Collection to a limited extent.

2.6 The computer

Computer games normally aren't my thing. That is, games that are played on a computer. The only two favorites were Zeliard (and I've had quite a few dreams featuring this game, even some 3D remakes) and this one ant game where you had to change the ground to get an ant crawl through it and you had to score some points to go on the next level.

2.7 Video games and computer have traded

Before, it was a major addiction to video games. Now, it's the computer (which is a lot more sophisticated than a console). Almost precisely on July 23, 2001, the trade occurred. This was the time I was more involved with using the computer and the internet, especially online forums.

3 Making my own games

3.1 Origins

3.1.1 It came from a sound

If you've played lots of video games, you may have that "want" to make your own games. Origins to this started around 1994 when I was actively playing Zeliard. I was listening to this one sound where, if I crushed an enemy with a platform at speed 5, it caused a strongly-liked sound. I could only get 100 plays of it at once. I since had the dream of wanting to make a remake of Zeliard. I even had plans on paper (drawings mainly). One world was an ocean world. I had a "dino land" as well where the enemies took hundreds of hits to get it to be taken out. Since I had no idea what a game really was (a computer program), I never got around to doing that.

3.2 Jumping Flash revives my interest

Jumping Flash was one of my all-time top favorite games. In it, I couldn't get past the clouds above, although I got extremely close to them (so close in fact, the very first level, looking straight down, shrunk to only 1/4 the width of the screen!). I had the dream where I wanted to go above the clouds.

3.3 Along comes Gamestudio

On Christmas of 2000, I was given this program to create games with. Again, there was programming that I never really understood. I figured, perhaps, I could do the level design part of it. I made a small city area basically like my abandoned project with only a few differences. I eventually lost interest in it and abandoned Gamestudio for almost 30 months.

3.4 I return to Gamestudio

I soon return to Gamestudio around December or so of 2003. I decided to remake my previous project with some changes, mainly in where the buildings were placed. I designed the main parts of the buildings, but that was it. I made a few models and sprites, but nothing else beyond that. I then began a long run of saving up $200 to get the Commercial Edition of A6. I started off saving a little, but I became more despirate so I ended up saving even more. I finally got it around July or so of 2004. I started using the trial version about 15 or so days before. In it, I designed my map again. I kept running into problems and frame rate issues so I almost abandoned the project nearly losing interest in Gamestudio, again.

3.5 That law never failed me yet

I then remembered one of the laws of my Status System. It basically goes like this: "You level up the fastest and easiest by doing things at your own level and no higher or lower". I was only a beginner. The abandoned project was too complicated for me. I needed something simple. I had several ideas for something simple. One of which was a game with Bubsy 3D-like game mechanics where I jumped around on mountains (just as I do in level 2 in the actual game). Another was where I had a multi-layered maze and there was even the idea of a lawn mower game.

3.6 Moving to C programming

3.6.1 Bye bye Gamestudio!

Having released my first real game in August of 2006, I barely managed to finish. The one problem - Gamestudio. What's wrong with it? It's full of limitations and annoyances for 2D games (and some toward 3D). The most common of which was the "var" variable, which has very low accuracy and range. This made it difficult to add many features I've long wanted - slopes, pitched gliding, and other things. With what Gamestudio had, only 1% higher than the absolute maximum possible was enough to cause strange things to happen due to variable overflow (the character, from extremely high, automatically lands since the height goes negative).

3.6.2 Learning C programming

Back when programs for Windows 3.1 were commercially (like in 1994 or something) available at retail stores, I ran across something involving programs. I knew very little about programming or computers at the time, and when I saw the samples, I was confused and didn't return to it for many years. Once I returned, I ran into a problem - the program's disks couldn't be found and I didn't know of any working compilers. This, I think, was in 2003. I didn't get anywhere because of this. Then, I had some good luck.

Someone on the Gamestudio forums pointed me to Visual C++ 2005 Express, a free Windows-based compiler. By then, I could program almost anything with Gamestudio - I could think of and had a solution to something rather quickly. I took the usual first steps of learning the formatting and common function calls like printf and scanf soon making my first C program. Later on, I got a start into Windows programming with a very simple test program and that gradually built up into my first real released C program, The Interactive Animation (this program is licensed as freeware). As of August 2, 2007, I'm now reprogramming my first game in C and to include the long-wanted features. I've still got a long ways to go though but over time, I'd quite likely complete it and more games are thought of beyond this.

3.7 A childhood classic becoming reality

3.7.1 The original concept

I then recalled playing a game where I used the middle and pointer fingers to walk around and "jump" around on objects in stores and the house. This game's name, remembered extremely well, is called "George Game 13". George Game 13 actually originated from looking in books and I still recall the details of this one-finger 2D slider game remarkably well. This game fit everything: simple design, simple user interface, simple concept, and only 3 main goals. This is the birth of my 3D game as it is today.

3.7.2 The limits of the original concept

In fact, the design revolves so strongly around the original childhood version, there really isn't much of a difference. The only exception are the platforms and the later worlds (such as the city or swamp). In the original version, you didn't have platforms or anything to jump around on and you were only restricted to indoor objects. You only had objects in the house or store that you were in. This, however, had limits as to where you can go.

3.7.3 The only three goals I had

One of the 3 goals is ultimately player freedom. You can go anywhere, do anything, and however you want to do it. Many modern games take away such freedoms. You are usually restricted to a tiny area or a pathway. You can't get up on the high hills or really experience much. I find these annoying so my first goal was to allow player freedom, the most important of all.

In many games, there are stubborn, annoying limits like 99 lives or 9,999,999 points. The limits in George Game 13 are so high, even if you could live to a thousand years old, you wouldn't even get close. And for what? 7 extra bytes of memory? Like 7 is anything on 512 megabytes, typical for a low-end system 18 months from now. Think about it. Imagine having about 537,000,000 of something available. Now take just seven from that. It's a difference so slight, and for such a huge difference, why bother? Imagine having 4 billion lives and still have over 73 million to go before maxing out. Imagine a score having 21 digits maxing out over 400 trillion. All that for what? 7 bytes of memory? This is my second goal. It is very close to the first goal in priority.

One of the reasons why I've lost interest in modern games is simply content. Games nowadays have too much bad content. The third goal is to make my game as violence-free as I possibly can, even to get the eC rating if possible (doubtful, but possible - most likely E is what I'll end up getting).

3.8 Current progress

If you'd ever like to know what's been going on, read through my blog for each update on my website. These updates basically explain what the latest developments are. Further details on the 3D game can be found here.

3.9 Smaller side quests

3.9.1 My first program

Programming was still a major obstacle. However, through the use of some side quests, I was able to gain some knowledge. The first side quest was thought of from something on my website. On my website, I featured an article on how I make my animations and it involved terms like scaling, speed, acceleration, and other such things. I wanted an interactive example but since no one would write the script for me, I then thought of a javascript. I got further with that, but got stuck with an error that I couldn't understand and that no one would help me on. So, then comes the idea of Gamestudio. Why not use it to make this very thing? First off, Gamestudio can run at 60 frames per second whereas webpage scripts could only run at ten frames per second. Second, practicing in Gamestudio would help me in the long run for bigger projects later to come. It was this combination that paid off. Plus, Gamestudio had a decent manual available as well. This program basically just allowed you to set the scaling of the objects on the screen (three background layers that only went in one direction). You could also set the speed and rate of acceleration. That was the only form of interaction it had. The purpose was to demonstrate the meaning of scaling and that purpose was served well.

3.9.2 My first game

Having done a search for "ulillillia" in Google (image search that is), I found my screenshot of the old version of the first program. I looked at it and had the idea to make it movable in not just one direction, but 4. With 4 directions, the left and right was okay, but the vertical, however, wasn't. To work around that, I had the idea of jumping and the such that I do in my mind game. I then program the various special abilities and create the 2D images for it. From 3 layers of background scenery to now 7. The scenery was a lot more realistic-looking than the old version. Everything on that 2D game is mathematically accurate. Then, since this interactive animation wasn't all that exciting, I decided to turn it into a game having various challenges. Even these were implemented without too much difficulty (having to find and fix bugs of course, is usually the most difficult part). At this moment, this game is almost ready for sale. You can read about it (and download the free version when released) here. The special thing about the 2D game, however, is not that it is 2D, but that it feels like it was 3D. This is due to all the math I know behind perspective and the such used often in my 2D animations.

4 The future

One of the obvious things in the near future is rereleasing my first game with many highly-wanted features included and putting this up for sale. It'd be programmed entirely in C. Other games planned are a 2D RPG game (of which I've got many detailed plans for), George Game 13 (a 3D do-anything, high-speed platform game), and even a 3D RPG game that I've attempted at a few times beforehand.

My ultimate intention is to fully replicate my mind game on the computer, probably as some MMORPG, only, instead of a fictional setting, the entire Earth would be covered and anyone could glide around the world, battle enemies (fictional ones only), go treasure-hunting, and various other things I do in my mind game. This, however, may still be a decade or more away but it is my ultimate goal.

4.1 About me home - General overview and background
4.1-1 What this is
4.1-2 My current life
4.1-3 The future
4.2 Dream journal - My dreams I get while sleeping - contains over 500 dreams and grows rapidly
4.2-1 Introduction
4.2-2 Special notes
4.2-3 Dream stat descriptions
4.2-4 Dream statistics
4.2-5 The categories
4.3 Favorites - What I like and dislike most
4.4 Imaginary friends - Learn what my imaginary friends were like and their special abilities
4.4-1 History
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4.5 Video games - My history with video games and the many bad things they caused
4.5-1 The beginning
4.5-2 Too much video game playing
4.5-3 Making my own games
4.5-4 The future
4.6 School - Learn what school was like for me, how the classes went, and other events related to school
4.6-1 Elementary school
4.6-2 Middle school
4.6-3 High school
4.6-4 Filling my need for education
4.6-5 My education future
4.7 Special events - Learn about how YMCA camp, tours, and other special events went for me
4.7-1 Triangle YMCA camp
4.7-2 Touring my home state with my friend
4.7-3 Shakespearian play
4.7-4 The state fair
4.7-5 The antique car club
4.7-6 Trip into Canada
4.8 Math skills - I can work wonders with numbers and perform calculations in my head at a blazing fast speed
4.8-1 Well beyond most everyone else
4.8-2 I became unforunate
4.8-3 Super fast mental math
4.8-4 If object gets numbers, I get a formula
4.8-5 The future
4.9 Special abilities - The special capabilities I have outside mathematics
4.9-1 General
4.9-2 Hypercount
4.9-3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math
4.9-4 High-res vision
4.10 Developed systems - Status System, Spell System and other systems I've developed
4.10-1 My Status System
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4.11 Stories - The birth of my story-writing efforts
4.11-1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days
4.11-2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days
4.11-3 One other story
4.11-4 No more story writing
4.11-5 My sources of ideas
4.11-6 The future (general)
4.12 Online activities - The history of my website and the usage of online forums
4.12-1 Online forums
4.12-2 My website
4.13 Music - My history with music - learn the origins to why I listen to songs at different speeds for thousands of loops at a time
4.13-1 History
4.13-2 The present
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4.13-4 Music FAQs
4.14 Major fears - My list of fears, problems, and obsessions, both past and present
4.14-1 Introduction
4.14-2 Current fears
4.14-3 Old fears that have been overcome
4.14-4 Current problems
4.14-5 Old problems that have been overcome
4.14-6 Current obsessions
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4.15 Major issues - Major issues I have in my life at the moment
4.15-1 Fears, problems, and obsessions
4.15-2 Sleep-wake cycle
4.15-3 No transportation
4.15-4 Showers are rare
4.15-5 My annoying nose
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4.16 TV and movies - How I am with watching TV and movies, both past and present
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4.17 Food and drink - My history with food and drink, including past meals I made, as well as the present and future
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4.18 Travel and vacations - Past vacations and travel, as well as the current case of 6+ years without a vacation, including places of interest
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4.18-4 FAQ
4.19 My senses - Things involving my 5 main senses - strong, high-res vision, but very weak smell to name some
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4.20 Doctors and meds - My past involving doctor visits and meds to fixing my issues as well as the present
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4.21 Hobbies - My hobbies, including things I was involved with in the past not in any other category
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4.22 Game design - My history of game design as well as the present and possible future
4.22-1 History
4.22-2 The present
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4.23 Noncomputer games - Backgrounds on various noncomputer games, such as throwing cards to play Hit-a-bump and other things, including past games not listed on my website, as well as general evolvements and what caused me to create them.
4.23- [document yet to be created]
4.24 Other memorable events - General events I recall unusually well, but not anything special
4.24- [document yet to be created]
4.25 Other things - Dates, marriage, having kids, friends, religion, holidays, and various other things
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4.26 Myself in the year 2050 - How I envision myself and a day in the year 2050
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4.27 My greatest wishes - Activities I would love to do

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