This is what I looked like on September 19, 2008 during a vacation. Duluth is in the background.

What is your history like?

Last updated: Nov 22, 2006 (first version)

When one thinks of vacations, one may think of going to some foreign area, a camp ground, or just time off from work. It's rare that I get vacations and it's been since July or August of 2000 since I had my last vacation. Despite the major lack of vacations, I've gone on a few trips.

1 History

1.1 Vacations

Before July or August of 2000, I typically had one vacation every 18 to 30 months on average, either during the summer or during the winter. Every time I had one, it was always to Minnesota somewhere near Minneapolis. I know of at least 5 vacations and I think I'm omitting one just before the time I went to Square Lake due to the rather large gap in the time. 3 were during the summer and 2 during the winter. I only recall a few events in each, except the later ones.

1.1.1 The first recalled vacation

Probably around 1989 to 1991, and during the summer, I went to a family member's house. I vaguely recall it, but I recall 4 events. One event I recall is playing video games at someone's house. There was this Mickey Mouse game for the NES, a hot system during the time. One of the levels involved the ocean where waves came up out of nowhere and if you were hit by them, you'd lose a heart (or something). I also recall using water-based paints where you dip a paint brush into water, then the color you want (such as green or gray), and brushed on a piece of paper and when the color was to change, you cleaned the brush in the water and chose another. A third event I recall, which occurred during the time I played that Mickey Mouse game for the NES, is where, in order to play my games again, I had to go into a pool of water. It had a fairly strong bluish look to it. I don't recall if I had the issue with blue water or not back then, but knowing that I do recall going in it and just standing there otherwise doing nothing, I don't think I did. The last thing I recall is when I was walking barefoot in the grass and stepping onto a nail in the grass getting hurt from it. I don't recall which foot it was, however.

1.1.2 Log-cabin-like building in dense woods

Occurring in 1992 to 1993, the first of the winter vacations I recall, I was in a dense forest-like area as there were many trees placed very close to each other. I was in a 2-story log-cabin-like building, but I recall other buildings. I don't recall anything that happened, other than playing Mario 3, but just the basic setting and scenery.

1.1.3 The second winter vacation

Although better recalled, the third known vacation occurred around 1994 or 1995 during the winter. I recall having several marbles and I had an addiction to the PC game Zeliard at the time. I used the marbles as the "almas" the game had. I also recall being heavily involved with the Talkboy tape recorder and it was around here that I first slew my songs down. I was supposedly at one of my relative's houses and it was during the Christmas holidays.

1.1.4 Triangle YMCA camp

During 1997 and on 1998, I went to Triangle YMCA camp. See the "special events" section of this report for a more in depth look at it. I consider it as a vacation as the two criteria for one are met: I'm away from my usual activities and away from home (especially my home town) for more than 36 hours. This lasted 5 1/2 days, 132 hours and since I wasn't doing my usual activities, it qualifies as a vacation.

1.1.5 The second summer vacation and Square Lake

Occurring during the summer of 1998 (if it was 1998, it wouldn't be from in late July for sure due to the fact I was at the YMCA camp, most likely in August), I had the second known vacation during the summer and the fourth recalled one. I recall quite a few events during this time. One of the events was my first visit to the Mall of America. I went shopping a lot with my parents and relatives and even went on the various rides. "Paul Bunyan's raft", or whatever it's called, was my top favorite. I went on almost every ride, including the roller coaster.

Another thing I recall is going to Square Lake, a place often depicted in my mind game. Although not all that well recalled in terms of exactly what I did, I recall 3 things. The first thing I recall is using a transparent inflatable raft that was about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. I had a lot of fun with this thing. What I did was that I set it up to drift in the water near the shore then, in a high-speed dash, I dashed toward it, began to lay flat while horizontal with the ground going about 12 to 14 mph, and landing on the raft. The raft skipped over the water and it felt as if I was gliding as I know the special ability commonly depicted in my mind game today. The raft soon came to a stop and I dragged the raft, walking in the water, to the shore and repeated it a few times. Another thing I recall is a log in the water where one tried getting on it without falling off. I made a few short attempts, but the water was rather deep. Another area was a wooden deck far out in the lake. I couldn't get to it as the water was deeper than I was tall and I still had another 15 or so feet left to go. There were many others that did go on it, however. If it wasn't for going to YMCA camp, a visit to the lake like this would not have been possible at all and thus I'm more certain on the date. I don't recall if I brought my video game systems with me though.

1.1.6 The last vacation

In July or August of 2000, I went on my last vacation. During my last vacation, I went to Avon, Minnesota near Pelican Lake in some cabin. I recall having some roasted marshmellows at a campfire and playing my game systems, mainly the Sega Genesis. I had Bubsy if I recall correctly, and some other games that I don't recall. Unfortunately, due to a bunch of aquatic plants I was afraid of, I almost never went in the lake and I was disappointed about that. Another thing I recall is a pathway near the area I was at where it was a very dense forest. I never bothered going in here or looking around, but I was somewhat tempted to. I also brought along my Hit-a-bump board and a few hundred of my pennies so I can play Hit-a-bump Version 6, of which I was addicted to at the time. I didn't play it that much as I didn't have a decent spot, except the bathroom. It was the rather small amount of noise the game made and I tended to play it at night that caused me to use the bathroom to play it. When funny or strange things happen (such as getting a line drive, dicing two dice at once, then getting a big tilt score causing a big overall score from the multipliers I get as a result of this), I tend to laugh which can get very noisy. It was during this time that I went to the Mall of America for the second time and again, I rode many of the rides.

1.1.7 No vacations for 6 1/3 years and counting

Assuming July 22, 2000 was the last time I went on vacation (of which I don't know the exact date), it has been 200 million seconds since I last went on vacation, 6 1/3 years ago (as of Nov 22, 2006). Although discussions about possibly going on one have come up, it just suddenly goes away not happening. It would be a year later since this time that first get E-mail, hear about internet forums and even started my website. This kind of time frame is hard for me to comprehend for a time without a single vacation.

The closest I've had to one since is while I was on the tour through North Dakota, but since I wasn't away from my usual activities for any more than 36 hours, it doesn't really count. Other close ones are my trip to Canada on June 20, 2005 then my trip to Wishek, ND in May of 2006, but they don't qualify as I wasn't out for even 12 hours and I need at least 36 for it to qualify as one.

1.1.8 Transportation methods used

When going to Minnesota, I either went on the train, at least twice and always during the night, or my parents drove all the way there. I've never been on an airline nor a bus or even a cruise line (ship). The closest to an airline I've been is a small plane with seats for 2. The closest to a bus that I've been is one of those classic yellow school buses. The closest to a ship or cruise line that I've been is the paddle boat near Bismarck, ND.

1.2 Travels

Although closely related to vacations, I haven't been much of anywhere. The time where I went on a tour throughout North Dakota was where I went to many places, but it's a relatively small area.

Places I've been (medium-large cities (to me) are listed, except if far from any such city*):
Florida - I was supposedly born here, but I don't recall any single bit of it at all and thus really doesn't count.
Minot, ND - This is my home town.
Garrison, ND - for visiting a power plant in the area and for Triangle YMCA camp somewhere west-southwest from the power plant
Bismarck, ND - a common turning point on the way to Minnesota
Dickenson, ND - mainly for the Medora Musical while touring ND and is one of the two hilliest place I've been as far as I know
Williston, ND - During the tour through ND, I went on a train to here and was to visit a fort further west, but due to the train being late, that never happened.
International Peace Gardens - right on the US/Canada border and I've been here twice
Brandon, Manitoba - the first deep visit into Canada I had and the furthest north I've been
Fargo, ND - often along the way to Minnesota
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN - This is the biggest city I've been to, but the visit was very brief and very vaguely recalled. It is also the furthest east and south I've been.
Square Lake - a lake somewhere in Minnesota around Minneapolis.
Pelican Lake near Avon, MN - the place I went to during my last vacation in July or August of 2000
Wishek, ND - to get something with my dad and is the closest I've been to South Dakota

List footnotes:
* To me, a medium-large city is any city with at least 30,000 residents. A large city is one with over 60,000 residents. Huge cities like Minnapolis are otherwise foreign to me as I don't live near any such city.

Places I'd love to go to:
Denver, CO - Because I've never seen mountains for real (outside internet, TV, etc.) and it seems to be featured often in some of my dreams, this is a place of interest. I'd like to climb some mountain and get photos from high above everything. I generally don't care where in Colorado, Denver just happens to be the one in my hundreds of dreams.
Tennessee - As with Denver, I want to see mountains, but is otherwise of less interest.
The place hosting Nextfest - because I have a great interest in technology and stuff, especially futuristic stuff, and this place is often where you'd find futuristic technologies, this is one main thing I'd like to see at some time. Unfortunately, I don't know where it is....
Hawaii - This is one of my top two favorites that I want to go to, not just for the beaches or seeing the ocean since I've otherwise never seen the ocean (outside internet, TV, etc.), but the scenery in general. The only thing that bothers me here are the volcanoes and the various monsters in the ocean (sharks, jellyfish, sting rays, etc.). It's quite common that I'm there in my mind game, but usually high above the ground going a few hundred mph.
Bahamas - This is otherwise the same as Hawaii, but the fact that it's a foreign country and, from what I've seen on the net, different languages are involved.
United Kingdom - Although of low interest, I've always wondered what the area is actually like. I'm sometimes there in my mind game, but in an area like Ireland or Scotland instead of England.

Given the chance, I'd rather go almost anywhere in the world than where I'm at, even Texas, Las Vegas (of which I have little interest in Casinos), Kenya of Africa, India, you name it, even if it's not one of my highest favorites.

2 The present

2.1 No sign of any vacation any time soon

Sure 200 million seconds (6 1/3 years) is a long time without a vacation, there are no vacations in the foreseeable future, even though I've been trying to get my parents to go on one (and to some place other than Minnesota, even if it's not one of my highest favorites or even a moderate favorite). Until I can somehow get my parents to go on a vacation, the 6 1/3 years time gap from the last one will just continue on increasing.

2.2 Even a trip to the grocery store is decent

Strange as it seems, I have more motivation to going to the grocery store, even if I don't need to go, or some other place in town like a second-hand shop, than to working on my computer in almost every case. Places of no interest, like a bar or casino, don't give a high enough motive, but the simple drive there and drive back is the main motivating part. Even the trip to Wishek, ND that I took had a very high motive and I even went through the effort of having to stay awake for 30 hours just to go. That gives you an idea on just how tempted I get for such things. By the time I left, I was already awake for 18 or so hours (see my blog for May of 2006 for a more precise time).

3 The future

As far as I can tell, it may go on to 7 years before I get to go on vacation or, hopefully not, even longer yet. In the distant future, I may go the various places in the world, including the places of highest interest such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, the place hosting Nextfest, and/or even Colorado. Knowing I want to go to Hawaii, travel by car, bus, or train is not possible unless some sort of transpacific tunnel is built, of which I doubt. I'd have to use a form of transportation I've never used before - either an airline or a cruise ship.

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