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What is your history like?

Last updated: Dec 15, 2005

1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days

The "Wonderful Adventure" days where the times in which my story-writing has begun. Ten episodes were planned for it, but never got beyond episode 4. They started in 1996 with the rise of my Status System and ended in 1999 due to very rapid changes to my Status System. I often refer to the story as "WondAd".

1.1 A 16-page story

Sixteen written pages doesn't seem like much. In 1996, this was the first story I wrote. I have lost all direct traces of it and thus I lack details.

1.2 The first episode

The first episode was officially titled "The Story of the Wonderful Adventure: the Adventure Begins".

1.2.1 Writing

After that 16-page story was written, I wanted a longer story so I rewrote it. It became 79 pages long and I have the very original version of it. The story basically features my "guardian spirits" going on a long drive to my favorite place. The action was low, but the story was quite funny. This story was in the style of a play. On the left side, you had the character names. On the right, you had dialog with actions in parentheses.

1.2.2 Typing

I typed the story out entirely. The story is only 45 typed pages and I've made several print outs of it. The typed version had some small changes to the original, however.

Around 2002, I retyped the entire story to enhance its quality. I have printouts of this as well.

1.2.3 Recording

About the one thing I did the most often was tell the story to my tape recorder while it was recording. It was covered on 5 tapes and I very often drifted off topic. I come across a detail, I make a comment, then it drifts off into a lot of otherwise unneccessary information. I have no traces of it on tape as far as I know (and with 50 or so cassetts, searching for any traces would be extremely time-consuming.

1.3 The second episode

The second episode was officially titled "The Story of the Wonderful Adventure: the mega flood".

In 1997, I started the second episode shortly after I finished the original. It was 81 pages long, two pages longer. The story was about my "guardian spirits" having to stop an evil force which was causing the weather in the new home to go haywire. I don't recall much details about it, but this story had a little more action in it, lots of UNO (the card game), and just as funny.

I did type the second episode, but only about half way or so completed. I may have recorded it, but highly doubtful that I completed it.

1.4 The third and fourth episodes

The third and fourth episodes were started, but never completed in writing them. The third episode is almost entirely forgotten, although I still have it. The fourth episode featured strange beings causing problems on Earth, but don't recall much about it either. The third episode got to around page 110 or so and the fourth got to around page 130 or so.

1.5 The future of the WondAd series

The first two episodes will likely be typed up in full copying my original then, with Gamestudio, made into a machinima (a movie running through a computer). The third and fourth episodes may be as well. Although I had ten episodes planned, it'll be unlikely I'll process those.

2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days

"The Rise of Atlantis" was the first of my major stories. It has undergone more changes than any other story I have.

2.1 First run

2.1.1 Writing

Being 384 pages long, this story was nearly 5 times longer than my first story and surprisingly, it was completed in full. Started in June of 1999, it featured strange events going on in the world due to some very powerful evil force in the future and strange monsters popping up all over the place. The team had to go around the world and save the masters of each of the nine elements (there were nine at the time the story was written). Along the way, a strange land mass rose up from the Atlantic about 10% larger than Australia referred to as Atlantis. The first version had a lot of weird content in it that really didn't belong.

2.1.2 Typing

I did get around to typing this extremely long story. I only got out to act 9 (out of 17), but, for some unknown reason, stopped. It would be nearly 4 years later before I began typing the story again. I gained my interest in it again because I wanted to know what happened in the story. I typed up the story from where I left off in my original document, act 9 and finished making it the longest single document I've ever typed. I've made several edits to it and sent it to copyright for registering it.

2.2 The second run

The first run, having too much unneccessary content, was sort of dull. I wanted to seriously enhance the story. I rewrote the entire story from scratch. The story sounded nearly 8 times better and was almost half as long. I editted that and sent that version to copyright. After that, I tried submitting my script to companies that make movies with. One of which told me that it was in the wrong format. I also renamed the story to "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters" as this title seemed to fit a lot better than before.

2.3 The third run

With the second run being in the wrong format, I had to change the format and basically was the third run at editting the story. The story was almost the same, just with a few things added and a few others deleted. The third run was eventually sent to the company requesting it the modified version. They rejected it because they felt that it was too complex for them to do. A second try to getting my script as a movie officially ended in "no response" and even over a year later, I still haven't got that response.

2.4 The future

2.4.1 A fourth run

Well, how does a fourth rewrite of the entire story sound? I've had intentions of doing just that every now and then. The third version still seems to have some unneccessary content, but no where near that of what the first version had.

2.4.2 A book maybe?

I've had some intent on making this story as a book. I've made a few attempts at it, but lost interest in doing it. This might be the most likely case. I've looked into book publishing and it seems that the price is rather high. I've seen it for around $400 and beyond.

2.4.3 Making the movie myself

One further possibility is making and animating the story myself. 3D Gamestudio seems to be a great tool for doing this, but first, before doing it, I need to gain more experience with using it. I'm getting to that point, however, where I can make the entire story myself: scenery, character movements, most character voices, and special effects, but doing music and sound will be the absolute hardest things to do.

3 One other story

3.1 The unnamed story

Although not officially named, I have yet another story. This story is 400 pages long, the longest single document I've written by hand. What this story is about is kept secret as it'll be used in one of my games I've got in the works.

3.2 This story set many records

Writing this story set many new records. Oddly enough, I wrote this story faster than I wrote any other story, even though it's longer. 400 pages were written in about 8 or 9 months. The 384 pages were done in a whole year. Another record is that I wrote 21.6 pages in one single day. That's the most I've written in one go. I had 1/4 of the story written in under a week at one time. I'd only need two weeks at the absolute minimum to write a 400-page story (calculated estimate) and could be done in just one month.

4 No more story writing

As sad as it seems, I'm no longer writing stories as I used to. With my odd sleep-wake cycle going on, it was extremely difficult to do that. Typing stories, however, is more likely though. Writing details on my dreams and my blog is about the only thing I do related to this, but this is usually just a page a day, not 5 pages per day (or 20+ as with the record-setting story).

5 My sources of ideas

5.1 My mind game

My mind game is my most complex system for getting ideas from, but the most used and most useful. If I, for example, have a case where some bad aliens are coming out of a space ship, the first thing would be playing the scene again and again. In one scene, I'd likely use the flash attack straight at the aliens. In another, I'd use ultima6 to seriously disintegrate everything (converting it to pure energy). In another, I'd use the speed blast. Other scenes would have me doing screwy things to the space ship or the aliens themselves. With my mind game, I can almost get a thousand scenarios for a small ten-second scene.

When such mind game events are decided upon as being the best, I transfer them into my stories converting them to match the setting, but keeping the basic ideas used, even if it means running at mach 2 through mountain valleys.

5.2 My dreams

With over 300 dreams in stock (as of Dec 11, 2005), who knows what ideas I can get from those. Some things in "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters" were based on dreams that I've had. They are processed in a similar way as my mind game. The downside to dreams is that they are rarely much more than half recalled unlike mind game events. The sheer quantity covers this, however.

5.3 Actual events

The least used method of ideas is from actual events that I've had. In "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters", the school party scene was almost entirely like that of an actual event I had. Much of what happens with me is minor and boring and really doesn't offer much and thus the cause of the infrequent use.

6 The future (general)

With my 2D game in the works, I'm gaining scripting knowledge. It'll likely be until my first major 3D game (George Game 13) is half done before attempting to make any of the stories I've written. I'll only first do simple, short ones such as a race scene. I'll then recreate my dream scenes, my favorite dreams in particular, expanding fully on details. The two most likely are the two best dreams of all time. The one featuring the mud/water carnival will be one of them (but likely the second to be done) and the underwater cave race will be the second (but likely the first one to be done as it has the best known story; see my fun dreams category for further details on).

Until after George Game 13 is completed and part way into the other game in the works, then I'll begin turning my "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters" story into a movie. By then, likely in 2007 or 2008, I'd have gained enough knowledge on doing it.

The most common new stories being added will likely be dream stories and, less frequently, mind-game-created (or mind-game-enhanced as in some cases) stories.

4.1 About me home - General overview and background
4.1-1 What this is
4.1-2 My current life
4.1-3 The future
4.2 Dream journal - My dreams I get while sleeping - contains over 500 dreams and grows rapidly
4.2-1 Introduction
4.2-2 Special notes
4.2-3 Dream stat descriptions
4.2-4 Dream statistics
4.2-5 The categories
4.3 Favorites - What I like and dislike most
4.4 Imaginary friends - Learn what my imaginary friends were like and their special abilities
4.4-1 History
4.4-2 In depth descriptions
4.4-3 The future
4.5 Video games - My history with video games and the many bad things they caused
4.5-1 The beginning
4.5-2 Too much video game playing
4.5-3 Making my own games
4.5-4 The future
4.6 School - Learn what school was like for me, how the classes went, and other events related to school
4.6-1 Elementary school
4.6-2 Middle school
4.6-3 High school
4.6-4 Filling my need for education
4.6-5 My education future
4.7 Special events - Learn about how YMCA camp, tours, and other special events went for me
4.7-1 Triangle YMCA camp
4.7-2 Touring my home state with my friend
4.7-3 Shakespearian play
4.7-4 The state fair
4.7-5 The antique car club
4.7-6 Trip into Canada
4.8 Math skills - I can work wonders with numbers and perform calculations in my head at a blazing fast speed
4.8-1 Well beyond most everyone else
4.8-2 I became unforunate
4.8-3 Super fast mental math
4.8-4 If object gets numbers, I get a formula
4.8-5 The future
4.9 Special abilities - The special capabilities I have outside mathematics
4.9-1 General
4.9-2 Hypercount
4.9-3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math
4.9-4 High-res vision
4.10 Developed systems - Status System, Spell System and other systems I've developed
4.10-1 My Status System
4.10-2 My Spell System
4.10-3 Color system
4.11 Stories - The birth of my story-writing efforts
4.11-1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days
4.11-2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days
4.11-3 One other story
4.11-4 No more story writing
4.11-5 My sources of ideas
4.11-6 The future (general)
4.12 Online activities - The history of my website and the usage of online forums
4.12-1 Online forums
4.12-2 My website
4.13 Music - My history with music - learn the origins to why I listen to songs at different speeds for thousands of loops at a time
4.13-1 History
4.13-2 The present
4.13-3 The future
4.13-4 Music FAQs
4.14 Major fears - My list of fears, problems, and obsessions, both past and present
4.14-1 Introduction
4.14-2 Current fears
4.14-3 Old fears that have been overcome
4.14-4 Current problems
4.14-5 Old problems that have been overcome
4.14-6 Current obsessions
4.14-7 Old obsessions
4.15 Major issues - Major issues I have in my life at the moment
4.15-1 Fears, problems, and obsessions
4.15-2 Sleep-wake cycle
4.15-3 No transportation
4.15-4 Showers are rare
4.15-5 My annoying nose
4.15-6 Limited choice of foods
4.15-7 Getting a job
4.16 TV and movies - How I am with watching TV and movies, both past and present
4.16-1 History
4.16-2 The present
4.16-3 The future
4.16-4 FAQ
4.17 Food and drink - My history with food and drink, including past meals I made, as well as the present and future
4.17-1 History
4.17-2 The present
4.17-3 The future
4.18 Travel and vacations - Past vacations and travel, as well as the current case of 6+ years without a vacation, including places of interest
4.18-1 History
4.18-2 The present
4.18-3 The future
4.18-4 FAQ
4.19 My senses - Things involving my 5 main senses - strong, high-res vision, but very weak smell to name some
4.19- [document yet to be created]
4.20 Doctors and meds - My past involving doctor visits and meds to fixing my issues as well as the present
4.20- [document yet to be created]
4.21 Hobbies - My hobbies, including things I was involved with in the past not in any other category
4.21-1 History
4.21-2 Computer
4.21-3 Sports
4.21-4 Collecting
4.21-5 Television
4.21-6 The present
4.21-7 The future
4.22 Game design - My history of game design as well as the present and possible future
4.22-1 History
4.22-2 The present
4.22-3 The future
4.23 Noncomputer games - Backgrounds on various noncomputer games, such as throwing cards to play Hit-a-bump and other things, including past games not listed on my website, as well as general evolvements and what caused me to create them.
4.23- [document yet to be created]
4.24 Other memorable events - General events I recall unusually well, but not anything special
4.24- [document yet to be created]
4.25 Other things - Dates, marriage, having kids, friends, religion, holidays, and various other things
4.25- [document yet to be created]
4.26 Myself in the year 2050 - How I envision myself and a day in the year 2050
4.26- [document yet to be created]
4.27 My greatest wishes - Activities I would love to do

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