This is what I looked like on September 19, 2008 during a vacation. Duluth is in the background.

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1 General

Unlike my mind game where I can jump 90 feet high or run at 200 mph, these are special abilities that I actually have for real. Hypercount, high-speed mental math calculations, and high-res vision are some examples.

2 Hypercount

2.1 What is hypercount?

Hypercount is one of my most used special abilities. I can almost instantly recognize and count 5 of something. Each time a new object is added in, it takes twice as long (generalized - not always true, but considerably close - more around 80% longer). By around 12 objects, I'm better off counting objects one by one rather than using my hypercount ability. To count 12 of something using it, I often need about 12 seconds or so.

A related side-ability of the hypercount (a "downgraded" version of it) is where a repeated action is used to count something. Copy this sentence to the Windows clipboard, paste it into Notepad or Wordpad, and count how many characters there are. How many do you count? I get 119, obtained in about 23.2 seconds. That's nearly 5 counts per second!

2.2 Advantages

Sheer speed - Picture a checkerboard. It's an 8x8 grid. If I didn't know how many squares there were, I'd figure 8 squares in about a second. Counting them individually could take three times longer. Picture 5 coins with their positions mixed up. I'd take but a fifth of a second to count them whereas it could take 2 seconds otherwise.

2.3 Disadvantages

Very narrow effective range - If I were to apply this ability on 16 of something, I'd take an extremely long time to count them using the hypercount ability and counting individually is much faster. The greatest effective range is from zero to ten of something, not including fractional values.

Disorganized arrangement weakens effectiveness - if randomly mixed up and/or not in a straight line, the effectiveness of the hypercount ability weakens.

3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math

3.1 What is this special ability?

Quick, you have twenty seconds. You may only use your mind - no calculator or pencil/paper. Ready? Multiply 5838. Can't do it? I certainly can and I'm almost always correct. Also, under the same conditions, figure out how high you'll go in feet if you jumped 40 mph straight up and decelerated at 20 mph per second. Pretend you know the formula already (of which is mentioned on my website as the distance-acceleration formula). Seem tricky? This is an easy version of this question. There's a good chance I'll get the correct answer in less than a minute, but I must not have my mind randomly drift off. From complex division, multiplication, and general algebraic calculations, I can do most in my mind and considerably fast. Quite literally, if I was given a 4th grade math book, I could answer all questions in the math book with 95% or more of the questions correct using only my mind, and this at a stunning speed. A normal 4th grader would probably take 6 months to do it, even with only paper and pencil allowed. I could do an entire year's worth in about 3 months and only my mind is needed!

3.2 Advantages

The biggest advantage of them all is the fact that I can get an idea if an answer is right or wrong and spot that. With the 5838 question, most would think of rounding it to 6040 to get 2400. Using many of my known tricks, a quick estimate (within two seconds) gives me 2300 and making use of my split-same-number trick, I can get 2204 within about 15 seconds. If the result I get doesn't make sense to my quick estimate, I then recalculate it. If it still doesn't match (extremely rare), I then recheck my quick estimate.

The next biggest advantage is that I don't have to be bringing along extra utensils to figure out the "cheapest by the unit" price for a product and I've even found mathematical errors in the price by the unit tags. I don't have to worry about forgetting paper and pencil, a calculator, or borrowing from someone. The rare exception is for very complex questions or questions that need high precision and are too much for my mind to handle. For high precision, I use "nearest common fraction" (see FAQ for an explanation on this) and calculate things from there for very complex questions. I've helped customers get a better deal from this as well.

Another advantage is that I use my skills to entertain others who often get amazed at how fast I am. Sometimes, I have the answer faster than someone can punch the numbers into the calculator!

3.3 Disadvantages

My ability to concentrate is weak and if I lose my concentration, common when my mind randomly drifts off as it frequently does, I often lose where I am and have to start over. Thus, the disadvantage is that it is extremely demanding on my mind.

4 High-res vision

4.1 What is this special ability?

Try it once. Get up very close to something and look at the detail. I can see so fine, I can measure something to the nearest 1/512 of an inch. How much is that? Take a ruler out once. Look at the 1/16th in spacings. Split that into 32 different parts of equal size. If the 2-inch mark on the ruler was 1/16 of an inch 1/512 of an inch would be the width of one of the 1/16 marks. That's tiny! Printing is normally done with 300 dpi (dpi is "dots per inch"). With this special ability, if I look closely enough, I could see the ink blots from the printing, but barely. I'm in complete focus just 4 inches from the target. I'm not near-sighted either as I can see far moderately well (average).

4.2 Advantages

Being able to see the finest of details has some advantages. In school, sometimes, you might be allowed a "cheat sheet", a single piece of paper containing notes for an upcoming test. With the high-res vision, I could print in font size 3 and have about 5 chapters' worth of detail on a single page! Nope, no trouble reading it either. The smallest I can read is more around font size 2, provided that the printout is very clear and not smeared. Font sizes based on the Arial font, the font used with my website.

4.3 Disadvantages

This special ability has given me a little trouble actually, nothing relating to vision or health though. Rather, because I can see so fine, my parents often complain about something that I can see that they can't when it comes to them cleaning something for me (such as a plate). This special ability has otherwise no other disadvantages that I know of.

4.1 About me home - General overview and background
4.1-1 What this is
4.1-2 My current life
4.1-3 The future
4.2 Dream journal - My dreams I get while sleeping - contains over 500 dreams and grows rapidly
4.2-1 Introduction
4.2-2 Special notes
4.2-3 Dream stat descriptions
4.2-4 Dream statistics
4.2-5 The categories
4.3 Favorites - What I like and dislike most
4.4 Imaginary friends - Learn what my imaginary friends were like and their special abilities
4.4-1 History
4.4-2 In depth descriptions
4.4-3 The future
4.5 Video games - My history with video games and the many bad things they caused
4.5-1 The beginning
4.5-2 Too much video game playing
4.5-3 Making my own games
4.5-4 The future
4.6 School - Learn what school was like for me, how the classes went, and other events related to school
4.6-1 Elementary school
4.6-2 Middle school
4.6-3 High school
4.6-4 Filling my need for education
4.6-5 My education future
4.7 Special events - Learn about how YMCA camp, tours, and other special events went for me
4.7-1 Triangle YMCA camp
4.7-2 Touring my home state with my friend
4.7-3 Shakespearian play
4.7-4 The state fair
4.7-5 The antique car club
4.7-6 Trip into Canada
4.8 Math skills - I can work wonders with numbers and perform calculations in my head at a blazing fast speed
4.8-1 Well beyond most everyone else
4.8-2 I became unforunate
4.8-3 Super fast mental math
4.8-4 If object gets numbers, I get a formula
4.8-5 The future
4.9 Special abilities - The special capabilities I have outside mathematics
4.9-1 General
4.9-2 Hypercount
4.9-3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math
4.9-4 High-res vision
4.10 Developed systems - Status System, Spell System and other systems I've developed
4.10-1 My Status System
4.10-2 My Spell System
4.10-3 Color system
4.11 Stories - The birth of my story-writing efforts
4.11-1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days
4.11-2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days
4.11-3 One other story
4.11-4 No more story writing
4.11-5 My sources of ideas
4.11-6 The future (general)
4.12 Online activities - The history of my website and the usage of online forums
4.12-1 Online forums
4.12-2 My website
4.13 Music - My history with music - learn the origins to why I listen to songs at different speeds for thousands of loops at a time
4.13-1 History
4.13-2 The present
4.13-3 The future
4.13-4 Music FAQs
4.14 Major fears - My list of fears, problems, and obsessions, both past and present
4.14-1 Introduction
4.14-2 Current fears
4.14-3 Old fears that have been overcome
4.14-4 Current problems
4.14-5 Old problems that have been overcome
4.14-6 Current obsessions
4.14-7 Old obsessions
4.15 Major issues - Major issues I have in my life at the moment
4.15-1 Fears, problems, and obsessions
4.15-2 Sleep-wake cycle
4.15-3 No transportation
4.15-4 Showers are rare
4.15-5 My annoying nose
4.15-6 Limited choice of foods
4.15-7 Getting a job
4.16 TV and movies - How I am with watching TV and movies, both past and present
4.16-1 History
4.16-2 The present
4.16-3 The future
4.16-4 FAQ
4.17 Food and drink - My history with food and drink, including past meals I made, as well as the present and future
4.17-1 History
4.17-2 The present
4.17-3 The future
4.18 Travel and vacations - Past vacations and travel, as well as the current case of 6+ years without a vacation, including places of interest
4.18-1 History
4.18-2 The present
4.18-3 The future
4.18-4 FAQ
4.19 My senses - Things involving my 5 main senses - strong, high-res vision, but very weak smell to name some
4.19- [document yet to be created]
4.20 Doctors and meds - My past involving doctor visits and meds to fixing my issues as well as the present
4.20- [document yet to be created]
4.21 Hobbies - My hobbies, including things I was involved with in the past not in any other category
4.21-1 History
4.21-2 Computer
4.21-3 Sports
4.21-4 Collecting
4.21-5 Television
4.21-6 The present
4.21-7 The future
4.22 Game design - My history of game design as well as the present and possible future
4.22-1 History
4.22-2 The present
4.22-3 The future
4.23 Noncomputer games - Backgrounds on various noncomputer games, such as throwing cards to play Hit-a-bump and other things, including past games not listed on my website, as well as general evolvements and what caused me to create them.
4.23- [document yet to be created]
4.24 Other memorable events - General events I recall unusually well, but not anything special
4.24- [document yet to be created]
4.25 Other things - Dates, marriage, having kids, friends, religion, holidays, and various other things
4.25- [document yet to be created]
4.26 Myself in the year 2050 - How I envision myself and a day in the year 2050
4.26- [document yet to be created]
4.27 My greatest wishes - Activities I would love to do