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Last updated: Nov 24, 2006 (first version)

To me, food is of almost no interest, but getting a drink is of much better interest. I have little in the way of variety of foods, but a somewhat higher variety in drinks. I'm almost entirely a vegetarian as I very strongly dislike meats of any kind. As of Nov 24, 2006, I primarily eat cheese pizzas (frozen types) and drink Minute Maid Light Lemonade.

1 History

1.1 Food at home

1.1.1 History overview A varied beginning

At first, at least according to my parents, I ate almost anything - ketchup, peanut butter, jelly, squash, potatoes, green peas, etc.. I don't recall how well I liked meat, but I ate otherwise anything. As time went on, my variety decreased radically. I don't recall any of this very well but this is based on what my parents keep telling me.

As time went on, especially since second grade or so, I gradually moved more and more toward pizzas and a much narrower range of choices. I began rejecting things like peas, squash, and various other things as I almost entirely went with pizzas. When my parents served things like a steak with mashed potatoes, peas, and occasionally biscuits, the only thing I pretty much ate were the biscuits and to some extent, the mashed potatoes. I didn't eat the peas all that much as I didn't have much of an interest but was often forced to eat them. I still had a decent variety until about 1999 or so, even though I rejected much of what I had. Only what I liked

Since about 1999 or so, pizza has been my only main meal I actually ate to any worthy degree. Although I still had the occasional steak, double cheeseburger from McDonald's, and other things, pizza became my only main meal I enjoyed and actually ate. At times, if my family served the "garbage", things like steak, peas, corn, carrots, etc., I'd often refuse to eat it, but I had to in order to satisfy my craving addiction to video games. I often had pizzas like Totino's which I heated in the microwave, often with added cheese since they otherwise came with little on them and at times, it was not uncommon to have a whole cup's worth of cheese on a single pizza. Other things I had were things like Macaroni and cheese, "Silly soup" as I called it (offically, it's Ramen noodles where you'd have a big block of noodles and a small packet containing seasoning for the flavor. These two items were the primary things. I knew how to cook and did so quite well and it was quite common that I ate my "Silly Soup" twice a day. I often ate twice a day, rarely 3 times a day and if "garbage" was served, only once a day and it was not uncommon I'd go without eating for over 20 hours. I still ate plenty of snacks like potato chips, pretzels, crackers, and other things. Pizzas only

Because pizzas were liked far more than any other foods, I preferred them far more than anything else, even an apple, macaroni, and others. By around 2002, my diet was almost entirely pizzas. Around here was yet another change. Rather than pepperoni pizzas, I changed to cheese pizzas which caused a major reduction in the amount of meat I ate. Although I still had potato chips, crackers, and various other things, I had very little variety in a main meal. I had about quadruple the variety for snack foods than I did with a main meal. Since about late 2004 to mid 2005, I've never had a single piece of meat since (as of Nov 24, 2006). 220 pounds - I needed to lose weight

Because of my lack of exercise due to no motive for doing so and the fact I ate a lot of fatty foods and things, I gained weight, and quite a bit of it. From doctor visits near the end of 2003, I found that I weighed as much as 217 pounds. In my past, I could peak 15 mph in a mad dash, but at this time, making even 13 mph was hard enough due to my extra weight. Because I had no motive for doing exercises, other than the mad dash across streets and parking lots when I went to a store, I needed to change my diet. Because pizzas were about the only thing I ate, I utilized my math skills and worked out changes. Each gram of fat is worth 9 calories. A typical serving from a bag of potato chips has about 12 grams of fat which means 108 calories. A typical large-sized bag has about 10 or so servings of this meaning that, if you ate half the bag in a single day, which was common in my past, I'd consume 1000 calories. Each gram of carbohydrates and protein is worth 4 calories. By eliminating potato chips, sodas, and various other things with little in the way of nutrition, or going with the healthier versions, I made a good effort there, but it still didn't help as pizzas tended to be packed full of fats. This is where excessive use of my fat-removal trick came in which literally soaks up a huge fraction of the fat and more of it the longer I use it (and the warmer the food is). I applied the method with the various fast food meals and it was not uncommon to spend a half an hour "degreasing" two double-cheese burgers when it takes only ten or so minutes to eat them. When I did eat at fast food restaurants, I often requested napkins and lots of them. Just how many? A stack an inch high was barely enough for 3 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's as it took 6 full napkins for one such double cheeseburger. Since I hated ketchup, mustard, pickels, and other things, I always got mine plain so that I only had the bun, hamburgers, and the cheese. By ordering it this way, I can much more thoroughly degrease them, to even 98% reduction within the typical 15 minutes spent per item. Plus, if one wanted to add ketchup, mustard, pickels, etc., they can be added separately and included when the degreasing is done. Then, over a year later, when I got weighed again, I was surprised I lost 50 pounds dropping to a more normal 170 pounds. Yet, that's without any considerable exercise (other than the usual sprinting through the parking lot and walking through stores, how rarely I've even done it). From twice a day to once a day

Because I hate having to eat, I wanted to spend less time eating. Because of the annoyance of having to stop whatever I'm doing to get rid of my annoying stomach aches from not eating in a while, I was further prompted to finding a way to eat a main meal only once every day, not my previous twice a day. However, there was no known single meal that could satisfy this need, until I started with those 2-pound pizzas such as the rising crust pizzas from Digiorno or Freschetta. Because these pizzas were actually slightly cheaper than the other 10-ounce pizzas (with the cup of extra cheese), and they were a bit better for me tasting 1.5 times as good, they began to become my primary pizzas and I soon got into the rising crust pizzas. Because these pizzas are mostly crust, it's not the sauce or cheese that has a big influence on the overall compatibility, it's the crust. Since Freschetta has the best crust, it has become my preferred brand. Since then, I've always had one meal per day unless I have something else which isn't filling (like Hamburger Helper - I need 2 1/2 boxes worth). The other times are where I use snack foods instead.

1.1.2 Noteworthy meals and events "Silly Soup"

At one time, during the late 1990's in particular, I frequently had what I call "Silly Soup". "Silly Soup" is just another name I gave for Ramen noodles. All it is a block of noodles about 5 inches long by 4 inches wide and about an inch tall, of which a seasoning packet was included into the bag. I never liked "Top Ramen" and I stuck with just "ramen". At 10 to 13 per bag, it was the cheapest of all meals I had and I sometimes combined two meals in the same package.

I cooked it by first finding the neccessary utinsils - 2 spoons (a bigger one for stirring, a second, smaller one for eating with), a drainer, a pan, and a bowl. If any of these were not available, I had to ask my parents to wash what I didn't have and if no one was available, I had to delay eating until someone was.

When I had all the essential supplies, I began by filling a pan with water and starting the fire underneath. While the water got heated up, I crushed the noodles in the bag being careful not to put a hole in the bag of seasoning. When the water was boiling, usually 0 to 2 minutes after I finish crushing the noodles, I put them in and began a 3-minute timer, sometimes counting the seconds aloud myself to 180. I drained the noodles and rinsed them a little. I put the noodles in the bowl, opened the packet of seasoning, and dumped it all in one spot. I added a little water to the bowl (enough so I could barely see the water, usually 1 1/2 inches deep or so and began mixing the seasoning with the water. I ate it almost in full and when done, I put the bowl in the sink, filled it with a bit of water, and continued on.

I had a few favorite flavors, but wished the flavors were stronger. "Oriental" (blue bag) was one of my highest favorites along with "shrimp" (magenta bag) at a very close second. "Chicken" (orange bag) was a very close third. "Mushroom" (yellow-gray bag) was fourth-most-liked and, when it came out, the one with "creme" in the name in a light yellow-gray bag (Creme of chicken? Creme of mushroom?). I then read a post from someone on a forum I once had a very long time ago that said that "Silly Soup" contained a carcinogen (a cancer-causing agent) and that caused a fear and a sudden huge drop of interest in it. I don't know if this is true or not, but as a result, I haven't had "Silly Soup" in many years. Macaroni and Cheese with "toasty dogs"

At the time, I liked both Macaroni and Cheese and pizzas. In this section, I refer "Macaroni and Cheese" as simply "macaroni". The only downside to macaroni was the fact that the strength of flavor was very low and it deterred me from eating it. Even with the 40% extra cheese sauce brand, it still didn't have strong enough flavor. The regular amount seems to have almost no flavor, likely due to my very weak sense of smell. By adding what I called "toasty dogs" to the macaroni, the strength of the flavor and the compatibility with macaroni was comparable to pizzas. I very often got "Oscar Mayor" hot dogs since they didn't seem to have the hard spots I strongly disliked that almost every other brand had.

As with "Silly Soup" in section above, I first had to find the neccessary supplies and there were a lot of them - 3 spoons (2 large ones for stirring (the first one considered "dirty" and unusable as a result), a small one for eating), a moderately large pan, a small frying pan (6-inch diameter is sufficient enough), a drainer, a spatula, a large plate, a steak knife (the kind with the several sharp edges), and a small plate. If any one of these were not available, I had to ask someone to wash one and if not available, I either had to wait or go with something else instead. If the milk was beyond the sell by date, this meal was not possible since I refused to have milk beyond the sell by date.

For the fastest method, I first filled the pan with water since it takes a while to get the water boiling. I also placed the frying pan on the stove but didn't heat it up. With everything in place, I turned the fire on for the macaroni's water and while the water was being heated up, I began cutting usually 5 hot dog "franks" into anywhere from 14 to 18 pieces, usually 16 since I just split it in half again and again, the easiest and fastest for me to do. By the time I got done cutting the hot dogs into the 80 or so pieces, the water for the macaroni was boiling. I added the macaroni to the water as one normally would (with the sauce packet removed beforehand), and I stirred it. Next, I began cooking the hot dogs. I first turned on the fire at high, then I added some butter to the small frying pan (about 3/16 to 1/4-inch thick) and melted the butter spreading it all around. When almost melted, I add the cut up hot dogs to the frying pan and began cooking them. A few seconds later, when the sizzling from 2 feet away, is about 50 decibels, I turned the fire down to medium-low for the hot dogs and continue cooking them. While I cooked the hot dogs, I stirred the macaroni occasionally. When the hot dogs were done being cooked, where I can see a few black spots, I turned the fire off for them and waited for the sizzling to stop. By the time the sizzling stopped, the macaroni was otherwise done and I drained it. I did a brief rinse then returned the noodles to the pan. I added the milk and cheese sauce to get a cremy look. After stirring up the milk and cheese sauce, I add the hot dogs I just fried, of which I considered "toasted", then transfer everything to a plate. From there, I ate the meal, with one or so hot dog per 5 noodles. By doing this, I don't waste anything. If I ran out of hot dogs, due the lack of flavor macaroni has, I wouldn't eat the noodles. If I ran out of noodles, that was okay, but it was a bit tricky to eat the hot dogs. Compared to macaroni alone, there's a much stronger flavor and compatibility by adding these.

When Oscar Mayor hot dogs got the hard spots in them, I had to resort to other brands, but before hand, both the regular and cheese-filled hot dogs were used. I didn't have all that much interest in this, mainly due to the huge number of supplies it takes to make (and if any one of them is not available, I can't have the meal without it being washed). Pizza "burgers"

Although I called them "pizzaburgers", they were nothing more than miniaturized pizzas with hamburger buns used as the "crust". They tasted nearly three times as good as the other pizzas I was having (Totino's with a cup's worth of extra cheese). They were the only main "homemade" pizzas I had and I often had them once or even twice a week. In a single batch, I'd have about 12 such pizzaburgers. This was the only common self-made meal I made using the oven to cook with. Even to today, they compare quite well with Freschetta, but I haven't had them since 2000 or so.

To make them, I needed relatively few things. I needed at least 6 hamburger buns, a 3-cup bag of mozeralla cheese (I don't exactly recall - go with 4 to be safe if you intend on trying to make such a thing), a bag of pepperoni's (since they were liked at the time I last made them; at least 4 pepperoni's per bun, 5 at the maximum), pizza sauce (I often got Rego's pepperoni-flavored version as it didn't have the big chunks of tomato I strongly disliked), a cookie sheet, butterknife, and whatever toppings were involved.

Because of the different designs of the hamburger bun halves (one being rounded, the other flat), optimizing the space was a bit tricky. The tops tended to overflow a bit as they were rather large. The bottoms were tightly packed. When placed on the cookie sheet, the white, flat part is used of both bun types. I often put the 6 tops on one side and the 6 bottoms on the other. I first used the butterknife to spread the sauce over the buns. Because I didn't like thick sauce that much, I often spread it on just enough so the entire area was covered plus a small bit extra so it could be seen in a blob to some extent. Next was adding the pepperonis. Unlike with normal pizzas were the pepperonis are at the top, the pepperonis are at the bottom to prevent the cheese from "gluing" to the bun. I typically added 4 or 5 pepperoni's per bun. I sort of randomized it. After putting the 54 or so pepperonis on, I preheat the oven to some temperature that I don't recall (400F?). While the oven preheats, I add the cheese to each bun-half, some of which, usually 1 to 3, a lot more cheese. When done, the oven should be preheated and I place the cookie sheet into the oven on the middle rack or the next furthest rack from the fire. I cook them for about 10 to 15 minutes (I don't recall exactly - until about 1/3 to 2/3 of the total cheese area is a golden brown color) and when done, I use one of those pad-like things designed for hot objects and take the cookie sheet out and leave the pizza burgers to cool. About 5 minutes later, I began eating them, often in groups of 3 or 4 at a time, sometimes 7 depending on the plate I had. Some of my family members also had them, but usually 1 or 2.

Since about 2003 or so, I have not had any more pizzaburgers. I lost interest in pepperonis. Without the pepperonis, the cheese tended to stick. I don't recall the real reason why I lost interest but it could be either from excessive use (the most common case with many activities when used or done a lot), lost interest in pepperonis, or some other attribute. Thanksgiving prayer - forget it

Although not well-recalled, this is one thing, occurring around 1994 or so, that I tend to think about once every 2 or 3 months. It was Thanksgiving day and all the foods and things were otherwise done and nearly set up on table. I was otherwise at the table in the chair in my usual way at the time - my right leg pointing up and my left leg laying flat. A prayer was about to occur, something I had (and still have) no interest in and often faked doing. My parents told me to put my knee down but I refused. After a few rounds of attempts, I was told to go to my room and I did. I don't recall anything further outside this one event. Hamburger Helper - no meat allowed

In the early days of me having Hamburger Helper, the meat (hamburger) was often included. At first it was quite a bit, but I soon wanted less and less of the meat but even with half the required meat, I never liked it. I mainly only ate the noodles. When I completely abandoned the meat cooking it in much the same way as Macaroni and Cheese (only with the sauce mixed in right away), not only did I not need the hot dogs I otherwise required before with regular macaroni (see section above), the flavor tasted even better than macaroni with toasty dogs, provided the meat wasn't included. Even to today (Nov 24, 2006), I still have it, but very rarely as it's not all that filling and it requires more dishes than a pizza does.

To make it, I first needed a medium-large pan, the specific meal I wanted (usually cheeseburger macaroni, my top favorite, or cheddar cheese melt), milk without being beyond the expiration date (only the lasagna flavor doesn't require it of my only liked ones), a measuring cup (I usually only need one - my math skills come in handy here, but this isn't required, only recommended), two spoons (a big one for stirring and a small one for eating with), and a plate. As with any other meal, if any one of these is not available, I have to ask my parents to wash it, and if there's no milk (milk beyond the sell by date is considered as no milk being available), I cannot have it unless I use one of the meals that doesn't require it and the only one of decent compatibility is the lasagna flavor (although rather low and no where near my top 5 favorites).

The process for cooking it is nearly the same as macaroni, only with a few differences. I first measure the amount of milk then water I need with the amounts shown on the package. If I needed 2 1/4 cups of water and 1/2 cup milk for something and I only had a 2/3 cup available, short of getting my parents to watch the sizes I need, I use my math skills to get what I need. I use three full 2/3 cups in water and to get the remaining 1/4, I simply divide the amount needed by the cup capacity to get the result of 3/8 and I fill the cup to about 3/8 full. With such large amounts of liquid and that high precision isn't really neccessary, I use my tricks to approximate 3/8 of the 2/3 cup. I usually do this math in my mind and get the result within 10 seconds, longer due to infrequent use of this. The same thing applies with the 1/2 cup where I fill the 2/3 cup 3/4 of the way full. For faster results, I use the laws of mathematics and just get a quick estimate. I might get 1/3 for the case of the 1/4 cup needed which is very close. Anyway, once the liquids are measured out, I put in the noodles and the main sauce. If there are multiple sauces included (usually as a topping), I save those until later. I then cook the meal on high all the way through. At first, I don't have to stir that often, but as the liquids start boiling away, the rate of stirring increases and as the liquids get thicker due to the sauce being mixed into it well, the stirring rate must increase along with it. At the start, it is okay to go without stirring for 40 seconds but near the end, stirring as often as once every 20 seconds is pushing it too long and 15 seconds is about right. In the case of the pan being about 6 inches in diameter, the meal is done cooking when, upon stirring, you can see the bottom of the pan. From there, add up to 2 minutes of additional cooking time, but the longer you go, the greater the chance of it sticking to the bottom and the more frequently you need to stir to prevent this. I usually go about 30 seconds. Draining is not required. I do, however, blow on it to rapidly cool it down and you don't need to blow all that hard. A typical good blow usually lasts about 5 to 7 seconds. If a "topping" is included, less blowing is needed as the milk I later add quickly cools it down. Rather than just being topped with it, I mix it in. I open the bag(s) and pour the contents in. Instead of a measuring cup, I pour what I think is about a fluid ounce' worth in milk (or whatever liquid is used, usually it's milk) into the pan then begin stirring being careful not to get the sauce on the sides where it's otherwise wasted. If more milk is needed, I add more gradually until I get the creaminess I want which tends to be about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 fluid ounces per bag. With the contents now fully cooked, I pour them onto my plate and begin eating it.

1.2 Food at school and other public places

1.2.1 Brief history

If it wasn't the classes that I disliked, it was the school lunches. Very rarely did they have anything I liked. Worse yet, I had to waste often more than 90% of what I got because of the very poor system they had. I strongly preferred not to eat the school lunches at the time but I sometimes had to in order to go outside for recess. At the time, if I did eat the school lunch, I had to have at least 3 things. Because usually 1 or 2 things were of interest, I had to choose something to throw away as a result of this system. It was either that or not eat at all. Worse yet, because the school spoons bothered me (the wide handle with a narrow tip, of which still bothers me today (as of Nov 24, 2006), I was further restricted. Sure I liked pudding, but due to the school spoons, I otherwise never had it. I probably one of the students who threw away the most food. My reason was solely because I didn't like the food at all.

During middle and high school, the situation was much the same only, since recess wasn't possible during these 3 years (grades 10 through 12 are oddballs), I could choose to eat or go to the special classroom and wait catching up on homework. I don't recall if the 3 things requirement was used during my middle and high school years. As before, I frequently chose to not eat anything or take a few bits here and there. Since I had a special case for grades 10 through 12 where I went to school from 3:45 to 4:45 PM, school lunches were not even possible.

Combined with the "garbage" my parents sometimes gave for supper, there were many times I only ate once during the entire day, a mere 3 or so bowls worth of cereal. Breakfast was about the only real meal I had during much of my school year.

When one thinks of eating out at a fast food restaurant, one thinks of just ordering the meal, paying for it, then waiting at a table eating the food right when it comes. This also applies to pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut. I used to be like that at first, until I began actively degreasing everything. Instead of about 5 minutes to eat a double cheeseburger at McDonald's it quadrupled to 20 minutes with 3/4 of that time spent degreasing it. This also applies with pizzas as well. Rather than eating it right away, I spend close to 30 minutes degreasing it before I even take the first bite. This led to one main memorable event as explained in section

At first, when ordering pizzas at places like Pizza Hut (later to become Domino's as my preferred pizza place), I always got the thin crust type. It was until I went with the medium-thickness crust (usually referred to as the "hand tossed" type) that I gained a greater interest in such pizzas as they tasted somewhat better. Thin crust was always crunchy, something I don't like that much. The medium-thickness crust wasn't crunchy (just a little but much more acceptable) and seemed to have a good balance of crust and toppings. At first, I went with two toppings of pepperoni and an extra topping of cheese. Since disliking pepperoni's, I went with 3 extra toppings of cheese (the base topping provided by default then 3 extras on top of that). Because Domino's costed 80% that of Pizza Hut, tastes roughly the same (just ever-so-slightly a bit better), and, unlike Pizza Hut, has always satisfied my orders.

1.2.2 Memorable events Pudding trouble

Answer this (very easy) question: how hard is it to eat at least 1/4-cup's worth of delicious chocolate pudding with the school spoon? To you, it's extremely easy, but to me, I recall it causing a time out lasting 2 days and a lot of problems. The main reason was the school spoon, of which is still something that affects me today (as of Nov 24, 2006). Yep, as soon as I even went to school, I was to go to time out because I refused to eat a small bunch of chocolate pudding. I remained in there all day continuing to not eat and by the end of the day, I returned home. The next day, it was back to the time out room for the same reason. Looking back at this, occurring around 1996 or so, I'm still wondering why I didn't bother eating that small bit of pudding when I could've just used other tricks for eating it (and hey, maybe, if I ate the pudding a different way without eating the spoon, they'd probably have given me more pudding or, worse off, something I didn't like at all. Second bunch of chocolate milk, but only if paid for

Okay, so how exciting is drinking chocolate milk? As a kid, this is a great thing, but, if I could somehow obtain a quarter (or, simply put, 25), then, every Friday when chocolate milk was available, I could get a second thing of it. There were times where I got two things of chocolate milk. End-of-year party

At the end of the school year, on the last day of school, I often was treated to a free pizza from Pizza Hut, one of those small 8-inch pizzas. I otherwise don't recall much else about it in terms of what foods I had. Dining in at a pizza restaurant - pizza wasn't eaten

One of my favorite events is when I was dining in at a pizza restaurant with my mom. It occurred, I think, during the winter of either 2005 or 2006 (check my blog for a more precise date). I don't recall exactly which one it was, but it was likely Pizza Hut or a place called "Godfathers", of which I think is a local restaurant (later renamed to "Bonafelli's"). At first, it starts off normally - going to a table with a menu and when the waiter/waitress comes back, placing the order. A long wait occurs while the pizza is cooked and when done, is delivered as needed. As usual, I ask for a lot of napkins, usually an inch high. This is where things drift far off the normal. Rather than eating the pizza right away, I spend the entire time degreasing it. Because my mother was in a rush to leave, we needed to get "to go" boxes to store the pizzas in. This is where the interesting part occurred. When the waiter/waitress came back with such items, he/she saw that I didn't eat any of my pizza. I recall mentioning that I degreased it and showed the napkins to him/her. Beyond this, I don't recall much. Real Italian pizza

During a vacation sometime around 1995 or so, I was at Minnesota. At one time, I went into an Italian restaurant and, as usual, I got pizza. I didn't know it was an Italian restaurant though until the end where I was told by my parents or something that I had real Italian pizza. At the time, I liked pepperoni quite well so I'm very sure it was a pepperoni pizza. Chicken and things a foot away - where's the smell

Due to my very weak sense of smell, I have a hard enough time smelling food from even a foot away and I'm unable to identify what it is. One thing I recall is when my parents went to KFC to get chicken (and some other things). When in the car again, I was to hold onto the meal. Even after ten minutes and the food being nearly a foot away, I could barely even smell it, but I couldn't tell what any of it was. See the "senses" section of this report for further details about my very weak sense of smell (with very rare exceptions).

1.3 Drinks

1.3.1 Drinks at home Kool-aid - where's the flavor!?

Much before 1994 I don't recall at all in terms of how things were when I drank. Around here, I frequently used Kool-aid drink mixes (the large cans rather than the packets) as my source for water. The major downside with Kool-aid is the serious lack of flavor. The instructions said to fill a cap to the mark where a "1" was indicated since I had a half-gallon pitcher (if I recall these details correctly). By, at first, following the directions, the strength of the flavor was very low. As a consequence, I had to increase the amount to something beyond what is stated in in the instructions and by the time it got to a reasonable value, I had 2 to 2 1/2 times as much as the instructions indicated. This lasted for several years, until my issue with cups came about.

Because I'd only use the same cup up to twice, I otherwise didn't drink much. It was quite common to go through 4 cups per day. With my parents complaining about it, I needed bigger cups and to get my thirst full-filled, I had to drink more liquid in a single go and it was quite common I'd drink a 16-ounce glass in just 30 seconds at the time, but soon decreased to about 15 to 20 seconds. This increased my sudden intake of water, decreased the number of cups I went through, and increased the amount of water I consumed. However, when a cup was not available (all dirty), I had to drink water direct from the tap instead. At times, I could drink nearly 4 or so cups' worth of water direct from the tap (drinking it right as it comes out of the faucet), that of a typical 32-ounce Powerade bottle. Water direct from the tap

At times, probably before 1994, and during the case where I had no available cups for my Kool-aid drinks (second paragraph of section directly above), I'd drink water directly from the tap. I'd often go to the bathroom and use the sink. I turned on the faucet, reached under it with my mouth, and began drinking from the water by sucking the water in. I don't recall how long I've done this, but I use it as a last resort. When the water went out (due to water pipes being fixed), I couldn't drink anything at all. A play in 2002 gives a new option

During June of 2002, I was involved with small acting parts in a play involving some Shakespeare script. Since I was otherwise away from sources of water and I couldn't just leave for water as my part could come in at any moment. My sister suggested getting Powerade/Gatorade while at the local grocery store. Since then, I gradually got into using Powerade and Gatorade. No sodas since January 2004

Now, could you just imagine not having a single soda of any kind for 1 year, or even 3 years? Ever since January of 2004, I've never had a single soda and I even reject sodas (as of Nov 24, 2006). I recall things like "Mountain Dew Limewire" or something like that being released, but I never had a single taste of it nor any of the other products available at the time. Major Powerade/Gatorade craze

As with Kool-aid, I got hooked with Powerade and Gatorade. Because Gatorade often costed 30% more, I was drawn more to Powerade. It was quite rare I got Gatorade and when I did, a sale was present that caused it's price to be lower than that of Powerade. While out shopping, I often got them in bunches of a little over 100. The "lemon-lime" flavor was my top favorite, liked close to twice as much as every other flavor, so I often got twice as much of that flavor than any other flavor. The "Arctic Rush" (the white one) as well as "Green Squall" (the green one), were my top favorites and got a bit more of those than the others (excluding "Lemon-lime"). The "jagged ice" one is my least-liked flavor of all and there were some others. When I went shopping, I set the base to 100. Because I got twice as much of the "lemon-lime" flavor, it had 2 counts. All other flavors had one count. If there were 7 flavors available on the shelf, I'd get a basis of 12 1/2 Powerades. From there, the amount I got was varied among the compatibility. I'd get 25 "Lemon-lime" flavored ones, about 14 of the "Arctic Rush", "Green squall", and the other top favorite I had that I don't recall, 12 or 13 of the "Orange" flavor and the blue one (I don't recall the name), and other moderately-liked flavors, and about 9 or 10 of the lesser-liked flavors ("Jagged Ice" would get 9). In the end, even though the base is 100, I often ended up with more than 100. Why so many? It was to last a month. I quite commonly went around the grocery store with the cart 3/4 full (of which was hard to push and stop due to all that weight (and mass)). Light lemonade

During my Powerade/Gatorade craze, I occasionally got cases of lemonade. At first it was the high-in-sugar type, with 150 calories per can, comparable to a soda. I then went on to light lemonade which has just 8 calories (2 grams of carbs) and was much better than Powerade in terms of the calorie count. At first, I only got one case (12 cans), the smallest available unit. Since I liked it much better than the sugar-packed version, I changed over to it. When I tried getting Tropicana's light lemonade, I liked it twice as much and I quickly got onto it, but then, it disappeared. Ever since around October of 2005, I have not yet seen a single case of it in any store in town, not even the Wal-mart Supercenter when it opened up in July of 2006. Despite numerous complaints to both store clerks and even someone working for the company (Pepsi?), I haven't seen it since and I keep an empty box in my room as a kind of "trophy". Since around May or so of 2006, I wanted it so badly, I'd buy 60 cases of it (that's 720 cans), nearly $200 worth. That's enough to last 4 months! When I see someone in the store who would otherwise stock the item, I tell them that, by not having this particular flavor, they are forcing me to get my drinks from the other company, the one that makes Minute Maid which has since became my primary drinks. When I see someone from the other company, I sometimes tell them that since their competitor doesn't bother carrying the product here, their competitor is helping them as a result. If I ever see it again in any store, I'd certainly clear the whole shelf. They do have Tropicana Lemonade, but it's the much lesser-liked, less-healty, sugar-packed type liked even less than Minute Maid. I don't have a way of getting the drinks either and I've been told it's available in other cities, but just not where I live and thus not discontinued.

1.3.2 Memorable events 144 Gatorade bottles - where to put them all?

On one day, during 2005 I think, and for sure, before July 4 (see my blog for a more precise date), there was a major sale for Gatorade. I got a whole stash of 144 drinks. When I got home, I had a hard time figuring out where to put them all as they simply couldn't all fit on my adjacent shelves. Thanksgiving dinner and "poison" offered by my parents

By looking at the subject, you may be confused, a lot. Why would my parents serve poison? Well, in effect, it's not actually real "poison". Any alcoholic beverage I consider as "poison", due to the many times I've been told not to have it (and later on, the many negative effects it has). Why they asked that, I don't know. Instead, I chose to have orange juice instead of the "poison". Even to today, I still wonder why they did that. Even though I'm now of legal age, if I was asked this again, due to my motive being -870, primarily due to the numerous negative effects, I'd otherwise always refuse the offer and even $2500 isn't enough to counter it.

1.4 Drinks at school and other public places

1.4.1 Brief history Preschool/kindergarten and milk

During my preschool and/or kindergarten year (not exactly sure when), I recall having to drink a single one-cup carton of milk at a certain time nearly every day. A memorable event with this is covered in section below. Elementary school and milk/juice

During my elementary school years, I always had milk available, but occasionally juice if the somewhat dreaded lunch menu had it. On Fridays, chocolate milk was available and, if I had 25, I could get an extra. At the end of the school year or as random rewards during the year, I'd often get a bonus chocolate milk and I even recall going into the kitchen/basement area to get one.

From the points system my special classroom had (see the school part of this document for a detailed explanation of it), if I got 1500 points, I could trade them for a soda as a reward. Middle and high school

Grades 7 through 9 were otherwise the same as my elementary years in terms of drinks, but there are some differences. Although milk is available, I often had juices or just plain water instead. Ordinary water from drinking fountains was my most common form of liquid, unlike my elementary school years.

Since I went to school at 3:45 to 4:45 PM during grades 10 through 12, due to a much different system, I otherwise almost never had any drinks. The main drink was whatever I brought with me, usually Powerade or something. Public places

When at public places such as a fast food restaurant, I often got a soda, until January of 2004 when I suddenly stopped having sodas altogether. After which, I went with juice (apple or orange) or just plain water.

1.4.2 Memorable events

I only recall one event. During my preschool and/or kindergarten year (not sure which), each student in the class, at some time (10:00 AM?) was given a one-cup carton of milk. The blue carton was the main one (2% lowfat). I didn't like it so I asked if I could have something else. Chocolate (brown carton) was likely an obvious choice, but it wasn't allowed. Because I've always had the red milk at home (homogenized (sp.?)), I asked for that. They wouldn't let me have it for some reason, so I went with the only other option - skim, the pink one. They accepted that one and I got it from then on. I often drank it.

2 The present

2.1 Food

As of Nov 25, 2006, I eat pizzas primarily. Once every 2 months, I have something else, but since it's not filling causing me to eat a second time during the day, one major motive-dropper, I otherwise have pizza every day. This doesn't include snacks. The reason for pizzas only is quite clear when you look at the differences in motive. Both Hamburger Helper and pizzas are sort of the same in compatibility, with pizzas liked 1.4 times better, not much on 180. It's not the compatibility that's the issue, it's the affectors. Pizzas require just 3 dishes - the pizza cooker tray (for the pizzazz oven; but there's only one available), a large plate (of which there are 12 of), and a spatula (of which there are 10 of, but less commonly used). Hamburger Helper takes 5 dishes, of which listed in the second paragraph of section above. Unlike with pizzas, HH almost always requires milk and if the milk is beyond the sell by date, it is considered as "unavailable". Unlike with the dishes where they could be washed if my parents were available, the milk cannot be replaced unless a trip is taken to the grocery store. Because of the greater chance of having to get dishes washed, it deters me from having it. The milk is the biggest issue since, if not available, it simply can't just be washed, it means a 16-mile round trip to get to the grocery store and back. Without milk, I otherwise only have one flavor available - lasagna, of which is 12 times worse than pizzas in compatibility, so substantial of a difference, there's otherwise no chance I'll have it and would rather have pizza. Yet, since HH is not all that filling (I'd need more than a double batch to fix this), takes 50% longer to cook and eat than pizzas by volume, and cannot be degreased, the motive for having it is further reduced. Compared to pizzas at 140, HH has a small 10 for the motive and by applying the "theory of repeated use", something being researched (as of Nov 25, 2006), I could go for about 6 months without it, provided the motive doesn't change for both.

Although I like grilled-cheese sandwiches, the fact that it takes me an hour just to butter 8 slices of bread (yes, that's right, an hour), easily deters me, and the compatibility with pizza is 2 1/2 times higher as well. It takes fewer dishes than pizzas, but the fact of the high fat and calorie values deters me (and although degreasing could work, by the time I get done, the sandwiches would be cold and would defeat the purpose of buttering. Motive for grilled cheese is a small 1.9, and if I had HH every day, it'd be 4 weeks before I have this and thus extremely unlikely.

Snacks generally involve crackers (as of Nov 25, 2006), those with reduced fat and other things. If I'm asked if I want a chocolate bar (plain, the type I liked when I was a child), a donut (often the powered or sugar ones), or anything like that, I refuse it. I avoid candy, and many other things I once liked as a child and went crazy on (as long as it didn't have peanut butter, caramel, and other such things, things I've never liked as a child).

Unlike my far past, I avoid almost any food. Things like pineapples and kiwis look scary adding a strong negative affector. Meat is often disgusting-looking, very high in fat, and if not fully cooked, could cause dangerous diseases. These are the 3 major reasons why I don't eat meat.

2.2 Drink

As of today (Nov 25, 2006), Minute Maid Light Lemonade is my primary source of water. I'd get Tropicana's sugar free lemonade, but since the company doesn't bother carrying it in any local store, I'm unable to. When in public places, I avoid sodas and ask for juices. If no juice is available, it's plain water.

Unlike most, I hate cold drinks. The reason is simply that I hate cold. I drink my drinks at room temperature. Plus, by having it at room temperature, I can drink an entire 12-ounce can in about 10 to 15 seconds whereas, if it's cold, it takes on the order of a minute to drink. The only cold drink I like to any degree is a slushie from Dairy Queen, but it's often 2 or 3 per year that I get.

3 The future

I don't see any changes to my methods, other than finding better-tasting pizzas, I don't see any changes occuring in the next 3 or 4 years to what I can tell. Things may change some much later in the future, but have yet to be seen.

4.1 About me home - General overview and background
4.1-1 What this is
4.1-2 My current life
4.1-3 The future
4.2 Dream journal - My dreams I get while sleeping - contains over 500 dreams and grows rapidly
4.2-1 Introduction
4.2-2 Special notes
4.2-3 Dream stat descriptions
4.2-4 Dream statistics
4.2-5 The categories
4.3 Favorites - What I like and dislike most
4.4 Imaginary friends - Learn what my imaginary friends were like and their special abilities
4.4-1 History
4.4-2 In depth descriptions
4.4-3 The future
4.5 Video games - My history with video games and the many bad things they caused
4.5-1 The beginning
4.5-2 Too much video game playing
4.5-3 Making my own games
4.5-4 The future
4.6 School - Learn what school was like for me, how the classes went, and other events related to school
4.6-1 Elementary school
4.6-2 Middle school
4.6-3 High school
4.6-4 Filling my need for education
4.6-5 My education future
4.7 Special events - Learn about how YMCA camp, tours, and other special events went for me
4.7-1 Triangle YMCA camp
4.7-2 Touring my home state with my friend
4.7-3 Shakespearian play
4.7-4 The state fair
4.7-5 The antique car club
4.7-6 Trip into Canada
4.8 Math skills - I can work wonders with numbers and perform calculations in my head at a blazing fast speed
4.8-1 Well beyond most everyone else
4.8-2 I became unforunate
4.8-3 Super fast mental math
4.8-4 If object gets numbers, I get a formula
4.8-5 The future
4.9 Special abilities - The special capabilities I have outside mathematics
4.9-1 General
4.9-2 Hypercount
4.9-3 High-speed, high-accuracy mental math
4.9-4 High-res vision
4.10 Developed systems - Status System, Spell System and other systems I've developed
4.10-1 My Status System
4.10-2 My Spell System
4.10-3 Color system
4.11 Stories - The birth of my story-writing efforts
4.11-1 The "Wonderful Adventure" days
4.11-2 The "Rise of Atlantis" days
4.11-3 One other story
4.11-4 No more story writing
4.11-5 My sources of ideas
4.11-6 The future (general)
4.12 Online activities - The history of my website and the usage of online forums
4.12-1 Online forums
4.12-2 My website
4.13 Music - My history with music - learn the origins to why I listen to songs at different speeds for thousands of loops at a time
4.13-1 History
4.13-2 The present
4.13-3 The future
4.13-4 Music FAQs
4.14 Major fears - My list of fears, problems, and obsessions, both past and present
4.14-1 Introduction
4.14-2 Current fears
4.14-3 Old fears that have been overcome
4.14-4 Current problems
4.14-5 Old problems that have been overcome
4.14-6 Current obsessions
4.14-7 Old obsessions
4.15 Major issues - Major issues I have in my life at the moment
4.15-1 Fears, problems, and obsessions
4.15-2 Sleep-wake cycle
4.15-3 No transportation
4.15-4 Showers are rare
4.15-5 My annoying nose
4.15-6 Limited choice of foods
4.15-7 Getting a job
4.16 TV and movies - How I am with watching TV and movies, both past and present
4.16-1 History
4.16-2 The present
4.16-3 The future
4.16-4 FAQ
4.17 Food and drink - My history with food and drink, including past meals I made, as well as the present and future
4.17-1 History
4.17-2 The present
4.17-3 The future
4.18 Travel and vacations - Past vacations and travel, as well as the current case of 6+ years without a vacation, including places of interest
4.18-1 History
4.18-2 The present
4.18-3 The future
4.18-4 FAQ
4.19 My senses - Things involving my 5 main senses - strong, high-res vision, but very weak smell to name some
4.19- [document yet to be created]
4.20 Doctors and meds - My past involving doctor visits and meds to fixing my issues as well as the present
4.20- [document yet to be created]
4.21 Hobbies - My hobbies, including things I was involved with in the past not in any other category
4.21-1 History
4.21-2 Computer
4.21-3 Sports
4.21-4 Collecting
4.21-5 Television
4.21-6 The present
4.21-7 The future
4.22 Game design - My history of game design as well as the present and possible future
4.22-1 History
4.22-2 The present
4.22-3 The future
4.23 Noncomputer games - Backgrounds on various noncomputer games, such as throwing cards to play Hit-a-bump and other things, including past games not listed on my website, as well as general evolvements and what caused me to create them.
4.23- [document yet to be created]
4.24 Other memorable events - General events I recall unusually well, but not anything special
4.24- [document yet to be created]
4.25 Other things - Dates, marriage, having kids, friends, religion, holidays, and various other things
4.25- [document yet to be created]
4.26 Myself in the year 2050 - How I envision myself and a day in the year 2050
4.26- [document yet to be created]
4.27 My greatest wishes - Activities I would love to do