A replicated animated scene from one of my top favorite mud dreams.

What are your mud dreams?

These dreams are rather weird to most. As far as I can tell, the earliest of my mud dreams was back in the year 2000 or possibly 1999. While I watching a show on TV during around 1998 or 1999 or something, I was seeing a bunch of humans standing in waist-deep mud handing sandbags between each other. Later on, when I wrote "The Story of the Wonderful Adventure", the second episode, it featured a huge flood of mud just like this. In my very first version of "Rise of Atlantis" (now known as "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters"), during the Mount Everest part, there was a bit of mud walking as well. I think from here on is when I started having frequent mud dreams. It was the unusually high amount of mud dreams that I was getting that caused my dream journal to be born and it has grown enormously since then.

Noteworthy dreams in this category:
1-1: This is my top favorite of all my mud dreams. I get a lot of mind game events featuring this place with it's very simple-looking scene (highly monotonic), easily reproduced in scenes for games.
1-12: This dream is one of the most boring of all my dreams.
1-13: This is another one of my highest favorite mud dreams, also featured often in my mind game. 1-15: This dream has occurred more than once.
1-17: This is a dream that is a near-repeat of another.
1-18: This dream is another one of my highest favorites.
1-23: May belong in the "weird" category.
1-33: This dream is the most well-recalled within this category and one with a very good story.
1-36: This dream had the Mythbusters going in mud and just 3 days later, I saw a show with a strikingly similar sinking behavior as the dream showed.

Dream 1-1: The endless mud lake

Occurred around 2000!; general - 8!; nature - 9.7!!!; story - 5??; scenery - 6?; fun - 6; scary - 0; weird - 3; imagery - 15% in tact; dream - 6% in tact

There were four humans walking around pointlessly in a huge lake of mud at a constant depth. Picture a bridge going out about three miles with posts going into a pool of dark brown gooey mud sometimes with very small waves. Picture some small waves and someone's head and entire neck showing and the rest gone. Those that are taller have some of their tops of their bodies sticking out [like the most distant guy in the picture above]. That's just one example. An idea of this view without the bridge and the house is given in the picture at the top. Though this dream has been almost completely forgotten, I recreated this story in my mind game and you can read about it here.

Recalled scenes:
1. The interior of the house showing a few beds, a kitchen. Details, however, are somewhat vague.
2. Four humans were walking along in the mud that surrounded the house. A bridge is faintly visible (because you're viewing the thinnest sides head on). A house is also visible. Details are, like above, vague and the animated image at the top resembles almost exactly what this recalled scene is like.

Dream 1-2: Factory worker swimming in mud 'til sunset

Occurred in 2001; general - X; nature - X; story - X; scenery - X; fun - X; scary - 0???; weird - 4??; imagery - 3% in tact!!; dream - 1.5% in tact!!

A factory was in this dream with mud below. I saw someone exit the factory and go play in the pool of mud which was as deep as the top of their shoulders and playing in it for even four hours! It was only sundown that caused him to get out.

Dream 1-3: A watery mud lake

Occurred from 1999 to 2001; general - X; nature - 3???; story - X; scenery - X; fun - X; scary - X; weird - X; imagery - 0.5% in tact!!!; dream - 2% in tact!!

Someone in this dream saw a lake. This lake was mud water [thin mud, but still dark brown] and this guy ran to it and jumped in. He played in that very muddy lake for as long as sunrise to sunset with occasional breaks of eating and going to the bathroom.

Dream 1-4: Stupidity about playing in quicksand

Occurred unknown; general - 4??; nature - 2!???; story - X; scenery - X; fun - 3???; scary - 1???; weird - 1???; imagery - 3% in tact!!; dream - 4% in tact!

Someone who saw an open patch of land with a sign saying "danger: quicksand". The guy just jumped right in and sank to a spot in which about four inches below the top of their shoulders and above were showing and the rest of the body was submerged in it. He then just waded around for no appearant reason staying at the same depth.

Dream 1-5: I walked 7 miles in mud after plane crash

Occurred in 1999 or 2000!; general - 5???; nature - 6???; story - 4??; scenery - 2!???; fun - 5??; scary - 3??; weird - 2???; imagery - 18% in tact; dream - 9% in tact

I've had a dream in which I was in. It was when I was flying in a small airplane and something went terribly wrong and had to bail out. I landed on a small island that was surrounded by very wavy mud water. There were areas of regular water and it was a 3 13/60 mile walk to the other side of the land. Since I was stranded and had no food but only water, I went in and it was up to my neck for the 3 13/60 miles (mind game estimate) until I got to the other end. Even a rainstorm came by with 25 mph winds [which made the waves high enough that the tops were as high as my lower chin!]. I had no idea where I was going and I ended up walking over seven miles and spent nearly two hours in it. I wonder if these strange muddy dreams I've been having lately could it symbolize a flood in my area? I actually wouldn't mind going in mud or mud water as long as it was warm enough.

If you were on an island surrounded by thin, smooth mud [sand particles are very tiny], would you ever go in or wait for a rescue? Assume the maximum depth that it reaches is as high as your middle neck without waves and that no storms come in. The depth never changes for the 3 13/60 miles.

Recalled scenes:
1. I'm inside a small airplane and the engine doesn't sound right then eventually stalls.
2. I land on an island surrounded by a huge pool of mud. (vague)
3. I'm in the mud with the waves very high and a rainstorm occurring.

Dream 1-6: Car chase getting stuck in quicksand

Occurred in 2001 or 2002; general - 7??; nature - 3??; story - X; scenery - 5???; fun - 7??; scary - 1??; weird - 1??; imagery - 6% in tact!; dream - 7% in tact

I was on a motorcycle in this dream. I was driving around near my house and after some time, cars that resembled cop cars came behind but were far from cops. Even the humans inside those weren't cops [or maybe they were undercover]. I think that that night or the night before or so I was watching a long series of car chases on TV. When the advertisements came up, I played a unique car chase in my mind game, one I made up on my own. The car chases in my mind game are far different than those on TV. I believe that it was this that may have caused this dream. After being chased for a short time, I ditched the motorcycle in a pool of quicksand including myself and sunk to the bottom of it neck deep. I don't really know what happened.

Dream 1-7: The muddy sidewalk

Occurred in 1999! and again in 2002; general - 5??; nature - 4?; story - 5?; scenery - 6??; fun - 4???; scary - 2??; weird - 5?; imagery - 6% in tact!; dream - 6% in tact

This dream has occurred at least twice. One occurance I think, was in 1999 and a second occurance in 2002. In both cases of this dream's occurances, I was with a group, about 20 members in this group. This group was with me apparently on a trip. To get an idea on what the area looks like, picture an area of about 1/4 of a square mile or a square that is a 1/2 a mile on each side. The group stuck close to me most of the time. As the dream's story went on, I was walking on a side ledge in this dream. There wasn't much here, just a small pice of dirt road at a 4:1 slope ratio. As this dream progressed, at the corner, the group, with myself, turned and walked out into deeper and deeper mud until it got to 4 feet deep. The whole group walked in the mud including myself. I don't remember much of what happened in this dream, however, especially past this point, if anything happened.

Dream 1-8: Muddy entrances to a lake

Occurred on Mar 28, 2004; general - 8!?; nature - 8.8!?; story - X; scenery - 5?; fun - X; scary - 0??; weird - 1?; imagery - 30% in tact; dream - 8% in tact

In this dream, unlike many other mud dreams, this one had a lot of standard water, but with the same kind of thing happening in my mud dreams. Picture the scene of a lake, a nice peaceful lake. Now imagine a few cumulous clouds [the kind I like most] and that there's hardly any wind. In this dream, I had those special abilities, most used was the 90-foot jumps. From about 2000 feet above the ground, this is what the view looks like:

an approximated map of the lake I saw given what info I have

There are two key areas to note. The first is the east inlet [the place where the brown is nearly surrounded by water, a peninsula as it's better called], and the second is the island. By looking at the scaling of the map, this lake is about 1800 feet across [westernmost to easternmost points and this horizontal distance] by about 1400 feet high [northernmost to southernmost points and this vertical [by the map] distance]. This one is also a first: it features some old "friends" that I used to have. While riding in a small van, often called a "bus", on the way back home, there was this one driver whom I knew quite well. Though my certainty on her name is about 30%, fairly low, I believe that her name was Kathy [or Cathy]. Every time I mentioned something about blue water, she'd very often say "drop it", almost without fail. This dream featured something relating to her.

Recalled scenes:
1. A panorama of the scenery from about 90 feet above the ground (this is how I made the map, it's only approximated and the accuracy weakens on the left side of the map).
2. I'm in about two feet of mud with Kathy watching what I was doing.

Dream 1-9: Deep mud as roads

Occurred in Mar 2004; general - 9!!; nature - 8!; story - 8!; scenery - 7; fun - 8!; scary - 1; weird - 2; imagery - 75% in tact; dream - 65% in tact

Occurred in Mar 2004; general - 9!!; story - 8!; fun - 8!; scary - 1; weird - 2; 65% in tact

This one features a flooded city of mud about 4 feet deep. If you stepped off the sidewalks, you'd fall right into the mud. In this dream, gliding was a big specialty for the special abilities. To cross between buildings, you had to glide across, otherwise, jump in the mud and start walking to the other side. A ways into the dream, there was supposedly a tournament going on, a wrestling tournament. I didn't go to it as I have practically no interest in it. In this dream, while most went to the wrestling tournament, I jumped around looking around the mud-flooded city. I soon returned and found one of my old classmates there. I jumped up and landed on top of the two-story building. I jumped off again and went inside. There were some stairs going up to the second floor and a pool of mud below them. I heard the small crowd above cheering, but it wasn't of much concern. Then, at some point in the dream, I just glid right over the mud then dropped right into it. Of course, I walked around in it a bit, jumped about 10 feet high, glid over to the building with the tournament and jumped in that pool. That pool was mostly water and was a bit chilly. I got out of it immediately, ran across the area and jumped into the warmer pool and started walking around in it. I don't remember much what happened. There was a pool of mud, however, about 12 feet deep.

Dream 1-10: Quicksand carpets

Occurred in Nov 2003; general - 5; nature - 5??; story - 5???; scenery - 7?; fun - 5; scary - 3; weird - 6!; imagery - 25% in tact; dream - 9% in tact

This dream dealt with a store made of quicksand carpets. Though I don't remember much about it, I know of a few things for sure. The store was a department store unlike anything I've seen in my home town. It had two stories. The low floor is the only one seen in this dream. In this dream, you have a raised main path that you use to get between department stores. If you were to ever step off the main path, you'd step into a pool of quicksand roughly 4 feet deep and of varying colors. I can remember colors like E020A0, 2060C0, and, I think, E0B000. And, as with any other mud dream, the one in the dream that's of focus is the one that goes into it and walks around in it.

Recalled scenes:
1. (short animated) I'm in the main hallway looking for good stores. I soon find a place resembling store with a lot of old-style merchandise. I enter but as soon as I do, I begin sinking. I quickly get out.
2. I'm speaking with a store clerk in the main hallway next to an area with the bluish carpet.
3. (short animated) I jump into the clothing store's quicksand carpet, which was yellow, and I walk around in it looking at the clothing.

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